Sprained Heart
Sarti Reot, Diana, and Yarsem Rade

Dear Diary,

Master Windu ordered us to write about the first time we fell in love. He emphasized that it's not just a crush thing, but when we felt that we would put another person before ourselves. I was shocked, it was almost like he read my mind and my heart! I had fallen in love this very day, and I feel like nothing will be the same again.

I am six years old, and I sprained my ankle at the Padawan ceremony yesterday. The ceremony was so long and boring, I can't remember anything about it. I know I went through it not long ago, but it's boring even when it's for you and your clanmates.

However, I do remember the reception after. It was also very long and boring until Master Yoda whispered to us that we would be allowed to play tag. This was very difficult to do because I was in a long robe and my new shoes were so slick. We played tag until dinner.

Getting food took forever because we had to wait in the line to go up to the buffet. Solie Tracin, who is in the Mighty Bear Clan with me, was getting very tired and cranky. She ascended that morning in the ceremony. I was put in charge of her, and had to be her Padawan Master for the day. This is not always as easy as people think it is.

After dinner was over, we got to play more tag until Grand Master Yoda called for all of us to come back to the tables. I had to chase Solie around and around because she'd gotten excited and wasn't listening. As I was chasing her, I slipped and fell onto the floor. I started screaming because my ankle hurt so much!

Everyone came running toward me. Master Kenobi reached me first and tried to calm me down. When I finally calmed down, I tried to stand up, but I could not put any weight on my ankle so his Padawan picked me up and carried me up the many stairs to the dormitory. He held me so tenderly, and apologized for jolting me as he went up the stairs!

Everyone says that Padawan Skywalker is hot-headed and a big-shot, but he was really quiet and nice and seemed shy to me. He has already had so many successful missions. He and Master Kenobi never seem to fail in their missions. Padawan Skywalker also holds the record for the fastest building of a lightsabre ever, but also for the most lightsabres destroyed or lost.

Then next day, I still could not walk, and I was so surprised when Anakin Skywalker showed up at the door of the dormitory. He told me that Master Kenobi hoped that I was well, and gave him time to check up on me. I tried to stand up with his help, but to my shame, I still couldn't support my weight and tears flowed. I was so ashamed that I couldn't hold the pain in.

Padawan Skywalker wiped my eyes for me and carried me to the Healers' rooms. He answered all the questions and explained what had happened. Then he sat with me while I waited for them to call me. They put me in a little repulsorlift chair to take me back to the examination room. They tried putting a bacta patch on me, but I developed a huge rash and they found out I am allergic to bacta. Anakin told me not to worry, sometimes bacta can't heal everything, and there are other ways to feel better. I asked him what he meant and he smiled. My heart did a flipflop! He has a crooked smile, but it's so sweet and it looks so good on his face. He told me that lost limbs can't be cured, and death is not curable. And sometimes doing something made him feel better than just putting bacta on a cut. He told me scars are not always bad things. They show you are a survivor. He also told me that broken hearts can't be cured with bacta, either.

Did he read my mind? It's possible, since he's so strong with the Force. At that moment, I felt sick but dizzy and happy all at once! I think I had fallen in love with him the day before, but at that very moment, I was sure I was. Why? Because I knew I would do anything for him, like he was doing for me.

After some creams were rubbed on my skin, the rash went away and the Healer gave me an ankle brace that I am supposed to wear for a couple of weeks, but I didn't like it. It doesn't fit right, and it makes me itch. Anakin wrapped my ankle for me in a couple of elasticized bandages and I think I will never take them off. I have a feeling my ankle will never be the same again.

After he helped me back to the dormitory, I didn't see Anakin Skywalker again. I looked for him, but I heard he and Master Kenobi were called away to protect a Senator and were already off-planet. I think I sprained more than my ankle. My heart will probably never be the same either.

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