Mighty Bear Clan Song
Sarti Reot

The Jedi Younglings from each clan are encouraged to come up with a battle cry or meditation chant, but youngling Sarti Reot felt both didn't really cross the range of what she thought being a youngling meant to her. Thus, this song!

Our classes are hard;
The subjects are tough.
Weve studied and studied.
But its NEVER enough!

Basic and Aurebesh
and Vocab. and Math.
Each subject and project
a step on our path.

Meditation and thought;
Lightsabres thrust forth.
Each subject we study
honor does the Force.

The homework and quizzes;
each exam and test.
Our masters know and expect
we do no less than our best.

The Jedi, they guide us
Each step, in and out.
Mighty Bear Clan Younglings!
were all proud to shout:

Small, but do it all, can we?
Yes, we most certainly can!
Hear us, "We are the Bear Clan;
the mighty mighty MIGHTY Bear Clan!"

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