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Finding stuff on this site ain't like dustin' crops, boy! You might fly right into a planet or bounce too close to a supernova, and that would end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?

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In 2003/2004, we added a "search" function, courtesy of PICOSEARCH, who not only have a cute name, but a nice, free search engine program. Because it's free, their generated pages will carry their sponsors' advertisements. Why did we opt for free? Because we don't charge anything to browse or join Wookieehut, of course!

We think the search box is easy and intuitive to use, but just in case you're new at this (or have always been confused by the term "Boolean"!), here are some instructions from

(adapted from
  • How To Search
    Type words into the entry box that you want to search for, then click [FIND IT].

  • Any Word
    Just type one or more words to find any of the words. The choice [ANY word] is the default (in the pulldown menu).

  • All Words
    Type more than one word and select [ALL words] to find all of the words you typed within the document you're seeking.
    Or you can use Booleans (see below).

  • Exact Phrase: "..."
    You can search for exact phrases by surrounding them in double quotes. Or you can just type the words and select [EXACT phrase]. Punctuation does count, and must be the same to be found between words, for example:

    Janson, Wes

  • Boolean Operators: + -
    Use + in front of each word or a quoted phrase that you require.
    Use - in front of each word that you want to exclude.

  • Boolean Expressions: AND OR NOT ( )
    Use AND, OR, NOT, (, and ) to form a Boolean expression. AND requires, OR allows, NOT excludes.
    Use double quotes to protect the words "and", "or", or "not" in a phrase.

  • Capitalization doesn't matter -- but spelling does.
    The ranked results will come from a total match on the words and phrases which you supply, so try to think of several specific terms for your topic and spell them correctly. It may help to include important plurals and derived words too, for example:

    Wedge Antilles wedge's XWing X-Wing xwings Rogue Squadron rogues

  • Extensions and partials
    This engine, however, will look for "extensions," or parts of particular word, meaning that if you type:


    it will return a list of documents containing: tap, tapped, tapping, on-tap, tap caf, taps

  • Fewer terms
    If you can't find what you're looking for, try using fewer terms, for a broader search. For example, if the above example returned not enough results or too few, try shortening the selection to:

    Wedge Rogue
Summary of Examples:

Query Finds/Locates Documents Containing
stock market 'stock' or 'market' or both
"stock market" the phrase 'stock market'
+stock +Market 'stock' and 'market'
+stock +Markets -market 'stock' and 'markets' but not 'market'
+president -"United States" 'president' but not 'United States'
(stock OR market) AND NOT president 'stock' or 'market', and without 'president'

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