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eric and orlando not as blondsStarring: Brad Pitt, Peter O'Toole, Brian Cox, Eric Bana, Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom

Director: Wolfgang Peterson

Rating: Victory Star Destroyer

The hype for this movie has been extensive. I wondered if it was because it was going to suck, or people were eagerly awaiting an instant classic. Like Crush Groove, only time will tell ...

peter rocks!The story is obviously not a new one, but Peterson did take some "poetic" licence with what some think as the more accurate account of the battle. As usual, Brad is a demi-god but with good reason this time... He playes Achillies. Peter O'toole is the King of Troy. Brian Cox, who usually plays the warped evil power-hungry secret black-ops guy like in Chain Reaction or X-Men 2, but takes a step out of his type casting to bring life to an evil power-hungry King of Greece Agamemnon. If it aint broke... On the other hand, Orlando Bloom portrays the sniveling whelp Prince Paris. A part he plays *way* too well... The sets seem a little contrived, and rely a lot on computer animation, as does the armada, but mostly look good despite this. The fight and battle scenes are wonderfully done.

brad being hotbrad being hot again

But both Brad and Orlando are hotter as blonds. Too bad they aren't here.

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