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Tatooine Ghost

Book Review by Wraith6

Author: Troy Denning

Rating: Star Destroyer

Were you all frustrated with all the holes between the prequels? Were you hanging out to know the back-stories of what happened to Shmi after Anakin left with QuiGon? Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning delves into the "missing years." (However, I must admit that it took me a while to get over being pissed at Troy for the whole Anakin Solo unpleasantness ...)

Tatooine Ghost is a story about Han, Leia and Chewbacca (YAY!!!) traveling to the Outer Rim to recover a valuable Alderaanian treasure that was thought lost when the planet exploded. As our heros approach Tatooine, Leia experiences a Force-induced hallucination that troubles her deeply, but it's not nearly as troubling as the Star Destroyer that is orbiting the planet.

As things heat up under the twin suns, Leia's contact with the Force becomes stronger and leads her to discover her lost past and unknown family, including clues to help her avoid present dangers, future feelings, and enlightenment.

Tatooine Ghost is a good old "rough up the Imperials" book with good action and good background information on the Skywalker family. It also gives good insights into the changes the Imperials are forced to undergo in the post-Palpatine era. All in all, a good read.

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