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Shrek 2
Review by Rosie

Shrek2 Cast Starring: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Rupert Everett, Antonio Banderas

Director: Kelly Asbury and Conrad Vernon

Rating: Imperial Star Destroyer

I wasn't sure if the sequel could measure up to the original because so often they cannot capture lightning in a bottle twice. But Dreamworks and Mike Myers have done it. They took all of the best elements of the first movie: the characters, the fairy tale genre — turned on its ear, and the music, and created the perfect sequel.

Puss in BootsThe original members of the cast brought the audience back into the story, and the new ones fit perfectly — both in the actors cast to play the parts and their roles in the story. Regal Julie Andrews as Princess Fiona's mother comes with the credentials for that role having played the Queen Mother in The Princess Diaries. The uptight King with a secret or two of his own was played to perfection by John Cleese. Rupert Everett with the Farrah Fawcett hair toss is hilarious as Prince Charming — who just happens to be the Fairy Godmother's spoiled son who needs Mummy's magical assistance to achieve both of their selfish desires. And Antonio Banderas practically steals the show poking fun at his own best-known role playing Puss ... in Boots.

Shrek and Fiona's honeymoonI have always loved fairy tales. I grew up reading the Perrault and Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen tales as well as watching the Disney-fied films. This appreciation for the whole fantasy genre is what makes both Shrek movies such favorites. I laughed myself silly as the whole genre was turned on its ear in the first movie. I practically laughed myself out of my seat watching this sequel because the filmmakers not only continued to put a kink into the world of fairy tales; they also pulled no punches poking fun at Hollywood — a fantasy land if there ever was one! Not one icon of southern California was spared: giant letters on a hillside spelling out Far Far Away (the name of Fiona's home kingdom); a cobble-stoned version of Rodeo Drive, gated estates of the most famous citizens of fantasy land — with their names over the gates, no less; even a red carpet arrival sequence complete with the giant golden statues flanking the entrance to the palace and Joan Rivers doing fashion commentary.

Shrek2 CastBest of all, they didn't forget to actually have a story to tell. Fiona and Shrek and even her father the King all learn something and you know they will live happily ever after.

In case you couldn't tell by now — I LOVED this movie! It will be a favorite for many years to come and a definite addition to my DVD collection when it comes out. Enjoy!

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