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Review by Diana, MaceVindaloo

Director: Trey Parker

Writers: Trey Parker, Matt Stone

Producers: Matt Stone, Trey Parker

Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Dian Bachar, Ron Jeremy, Michael Dean Jacobs, Robyn Lynne, Maser Maki, Andy Kemlar, Toddy Walters

Rating: Victory Star Destroyer (packs a wallop!)

This is the second of Trey Parker's movies, and he's already decided that he's going to star in stuff he writes, and he's going to cast friends and colleagues with him. And he's going to write a send-up about some dearly held Americanism ... in this case, he's ripping at the porn film industry, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, dorks with Ph.D.s, martial arts, Asians who play Black, Los Angeles in general, comic book style heroes. But it's not as disrespectful as you might think. It's also a homage to all those things, too ... you know, a normal Trey Parker film!

Joe Young is on the final week of his required 2-year mission for the Mormon church, when he and his fellow elder knock on the door of a luxurious home and find a porn film being made. They get threatened by thugs; the fellow elder runs away, but Joe stands his ground and tae kwan do's the opposition. The director of the film is so impressed that he offers the young Mormon $20,000 to play the leading man, Orgazmo. It's a dilemma for the righteous man, who is engaged to a woman in Utah who hopes to get married at the Temple. That takes money, of course.

He gets a concession from the unscrupulous director — Joe will not perform the actual sexual act. Instead, a stunt cock will be used ... He finds out that he has a sidekick, a man called ChodaBoy, who in real life is a martial arts expert (in something called "hamster style") and who invents remarkable props on the side (he has doctorates in Physics and Engineering from MIT, you see). One such invention is the Orgazmo Raygun, and another is the Cock Rocket ...

There are thugs who beat up a sushi-guy who calls himself G-Fresh, many porn actors who play cameos (one wonders if this was a way for Parker to get in good with pornsters? Or was he offering them real work in a real movie?), a naked mariachi band, and ChodaDog, who wears a helmet similar to ChodaBoy's. The milk-fed fiancé also makes an appearance in the middle of Joe's filming of the sequel to the spectacularly successful "Orgazmo" porn flick, which is called the surprise crossover success of the year.

The story is a good one, showing all the hallmarks we've come to love about Trey Parker's subsequent efforts, including South Park and Team America, with the exception that he used actors in this film. He does a great job of being both the leading man and the director. He even dubs the voice of the big scary stripper called T-Rex, and makes her sound an awful lot like Eric Cartman.

The screenplay and editing is actually tight, with very few extraneous or dumb/unnecessary scenes throughout. The production was obviously done cheaply, yet it was all believable and dorky at the same time. You find yourself rooting for the Mormon boy as he finds a way to stay on the good side of the Heavenly Father (every time ChodaBoy exclaims, "Jesus!" Young promptly asks, "Where?" and looks around) and come out on top, as it were. Even though in the making of Orgazmo, the movie within the movie, he is often flat on his back. When told to fondle the breast of an actress who is dry-humping him, he says he can't ... but ChodaBoy comes to the rescue and points out that the boobs ain't real. Such is the slippery path to boob-fondling for those whoa re trying to do right!

The website features the trailers which further rip and pay homage to Star Wars, and especially vent their frustration at the "special editions." In fact, the DVD is offered as an unrated special edition, too. There is not only the commentary, but the "drunken commentary" and the "wild commentary." The former is easy to figure out. The latter was "phoned in" from locations throughout Los Angeles. The theatrical release versus the uncut version — only a two-minute difference ... but if you're offering DVD features, heck, put 'em both in! You'll end up seeing this movie at least 8 times ...

Trey Parker's career reminds us of other filmmakers who love comics and enjoy having their posse in their flicks, and even dabble in animation. Like Kevin Smith or Adam Sandler. It seems that's not a bad thing to aspire to, and we're happy that those guys have a happy life, and yet make us way happy, too.

You won't like this film or the cool but dumbass special features unless you're a Trey Parker fan, which also means you're a Star Wars fan, of course. Mind you, we make people watch it and they end up enjoying it despite themselves. Okay, you'll be embarrassed, but like G-Fresh, you be chillin' for this movie!

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