Wookiee Hut Movie Reviews presents:
Lilo and Stitch
Review by Rosie

Voices: Daveigh Chase, Chris Sanders, Tia Carrere, Kevin McDonald

Directed by: Chris Sanders and Dean Dublois

Rating: Imperial Star Destroyer

A genetically engineered critter who should never have been created escapes from his creator and would-be jailers. They are aliens -- this story starts out in outer space, albeit in our galaxy. The critter, designated "Number 626," is determined to be too violent and dangerous to be allowed to roam free, so he is sentenced by the Galactic Court to be imprisoned. Naturally, he escapes, leaving mayhem in his wake. He is pursued through space and crash-lands on earth in Hawaii. Agents of the Galactic Court follow to reapprehend him -- making great efforts so as not to come to the attention of earth authorities.

Meanwhile, Lilo, a five year old orphan girl being raised by her older sister, is having some trouble. When she doesn't get her way, she tends to throw temper tantrums on a grand scale. Other children make fun of her and run away when she tries to be friendly, which further incites her rage. These fits are so bad that they come to the notice of Social Department workers, who tell older sister Nani that if one more incident is reported, Lilo will be taken away.

The little blue alien critter, having disguised himself as a dog, gets himself caught by the local dog catcher and terrorizes the other inmates at the pound. In a last ditch effort to make themselves into a more normal little family, Nani and Lilo go to the local Humane Society to adopt a puppy. The highly intelligent critter captivates Lilo. She chooses him for adoption, and they take him home. Those are the basics of the story.

This is a tale of how misfits and castoffs can complement each other and how they can end up making each other's lives better. They all end up learning that family means "Nobody is left behind or forgotten." Two humans and an alien end up creating a very, very unusual family, but it works.

Disney does family entertainment perfectly. Lilo and Stitch is great entertainment for kids and adults, especially those who love Elvis, "polynesian" culture, or even just those who like to make funny voices for entertainment. Go and see it and enjoy!