Wookiee Hut Movie Reviews presents:
Fight Club
Review by HappyShinyBugBoy

Starring: Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham-Carter, Meatloaf

Director: David Fincher

Rating: Super Star Destroyer

Just finished watching "Fight Club." Loved it. The Ed Norton voiceover narration in the first 30 minutes is a masterpiece of pop nihilism and REALLY clever. So many memorable throwaway one-liners as he's explicating his life, job, and the nothingness of it all ... hilarious, current, and dark beyond belief, as he's taking part in all the disease support groups just to connect with someone and overcome his insomnia. He's brilliant in that role.

I didn't realize what the whole premise of the film was. Brad Pitt was amazing (could his body be any more sculpted & perfect?), as was Helena Bonham-Carter -- finally a non-Victorian role for her -- good to see her out of period costume.

The strong, deliberately homoerotic subtext kind of threw me when Norton and Pitt met, but it was quickly dispensed with, as their relationship mounted in a headlong rush toward the breathtaking, cathartic violence of the buildings collapsing, World Trade Center-style, at the end of the film. Wow. The camera-work (special FX?) where they go from super-close-up micro-views of things to very far away, in ultra-fast-motion, and vice-versa, is a technique that's been adopted recently by the TV series CSI/Crime Scene Investigation, which is a big hit on CBS ... now I know where they got it!