Wookiee Movie Reviews presents:
Review by MaceVindaloo and Csillag

Director: Rob Lieberman

Starring: A whole lot of people I have not heard of before ... and Danny Glover

Rating: Broken down Speeder Bike

Earthsea is a movie that was produced by the Krull method of movie making. You Remember Krull ... the benchmark that all bad movies are compared? And Earthsea compares almost too well.

Earthsea is the product of the Sci-Fi channel from cable TV. I know Earthsea was a TV series but I have never seen it, so I am not sure if the show was the same "quality" as the movie. All I know is ... It was awful. Why Danny Glover thought this was a good idea, I don't know. I assume he needed a paycheck or owed someone a HUGE favor. Drugs may have played a factor ... I don't know. I hope it is, or I'd lose all respect for that man.

It was based on a classic series of books by Ursula K. LeGuin. It's really a shame that the movie didn't live up to the books' potential. Actually, it's really a shame the movie was made at all, since it makes the books look bad by association!

This movie seemed to steal from EVERYONE! I guess there is only so many ideas you can come up with in the realm or wizards, dragons and the like. That doesn't mean you should steal all the BAD ideas and roll them all into one movie.

If you see this movie playing on TV, run! If someone gives you the DVD, burn it, lest it pollute your DVD player. Then cross that person off your Christmas card list.

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