Wookiee Hut Movie Reviews presents:
Chasing Amy
Review by Kelly Grosskreutz

Starring: Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee, Dwight Ewell, Jason Mewes, and Kevin Smith

Director: Kevin Smith

Rating: Victory Star Destroyer

Chasing Amy can easily be summed up as "Guy meets and falls in love with lesbian." This is all very true but, as with any Kevin Smith film, there is always more going on then is apparent at first.

Banky and Holden (Lee and Affleck) are co-creators of a comic series called Bluntman and Chronic. They run into a beautiful woman, Alyssa (Adams), at a comic book convention. She and Holden hit it off, and he wants to pursue a relationship with her. There's only one problem, as he quickly finds out. Alyssa is gay.

This movie shows just how much Smith has grown as a scriptwriter. Known for writing movies where the jokes (clean and dirty) fly a mile a minute, this movie, although humorous in plenty of spots, does not center around it. Instead, it is a beautiful portrayal of the effects a relationship can have on not only the two people involved in it, but also on their close friends.

This story seems to be so true and honest, a few qualities that seem to be lacking from many other recent romantic comedies. Without giving away too many spoilers, I felt that the feelings experienced and exhibited by Holden, Alyssa, and Banky were very genuine, and feelings that many couples and their close friends might feel to one degree or another. Affleck, Adams, and Lee all put in truly spectacular performances, and I believe Adams even won some sort of an award for hers.

I have seen this film twice, and most of this became apparent to me on the second viewing. I had problems getting past things like discussions on the minutiae of lesbian sex on the first viewing, and missed the deeper stuff. The second viewing, however, floored me. With further viewings of this movie, I expect my opinion of this movie to go higher, meaning that the rating I gave it might actually deserve to be higher than it is.

If you are a Jay and Silent Bob fan, however, don't expect to see too much of them in this movie. Well, okay, so in one form or another, you see them the entire movie, but they themselves are in only one scene. This scene is a very memorable scene, though, and one that won't be soon forgotten.

I strongly recommend this movie. I'm usually not a person who's into romantic comedies, but this one had enough twists and enough sincerity to keep my interest. Go out and see it today!

Reviewed February 25, 2001 by Kelly M. Grosskreutz.