Wookiee Hut Movie Reviews presents:
Cats & Dogs
Review by Rosie

Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Michael Clarke Duncan, and (the vocal talents of ... ) Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Tobey Maguire, Sean Hayes

Director: Larry Guterman

Rating: Speederbike

What is the secret to world domination? Inducing a world-wide violent allergy to dogs, of course. At least that is the nefarious plot the evil Mr. Tinkles, a fluffy white Persian cat, attempts to implement.

Throughout history there has been an ongoing, but unseen battle between cats and dogs; cats seeking world domination and dogs secretly helping their human companions. The battle reaches another crisis point as Professor Brody (Goldblum) comes ever closer to developing a vaccine against dog dander. Mr. Tinkles (Hayes) cannot allow this to happen and arranges for his secret protector, a bloodhound acting as the family pet, to be dognapped by his henchcats, thus leaving the Brody home open to infiltration.

A plan is quickly formulated to place another dog agent into the home, but it goes awry and a puppy with no secret agent training is chosen as the new family pet. It isnít long before the other neighborhood dogs, who are the backup team, realize the mistake thatís been made. They have no choice but to bring the puppy, Lou (Maguire), into the operation. Gadgets, chases, animal antics, and puns follow, and the outcome is inevitable.

As a gesture to the adults who must accompany younger children to see this film, homages have been paid to Mission Impossible, the James Bond spy films, Men in Black, and even The Matrix. Recognizing the homages is entertaining and the puns are slightly amusing, but they donít sustain the film for adult audience members. Children seem to enjoy the animal antics though and donít care about leaden acting. See it with a munchkin if you must, but otherwise donít bother.