Wookiee Hut DVD Reviews presents:
Batman Begins
Review by MaceVindaloo

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writing: Bob Kane, David Goyer, Christopher NOlan

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe, Morgan Freeman

Rating: Victory Star Destroyer (packs a wallop)

When I first saw the trailer for Batman Begins, I was intrigued but skeptical, because of all the recent comic book-based movies ... Many simply were, to be polite, not always good. As the name indicates, the movie looks back into how Batman came to be. Who could possibly play a man who finds a "diamond in the rough" mentor him, then get removed from the mix leaving others to finish the job? None other than Quigon Jinn, I mean Liam Neeson.

Aside from Liam doing the Jedi Master thing, which was not a bad thing in this movie — but it was "weird", this was the best Batman movie since the first one starring Kim Basinger, Jack Nicolson and that other guy… I didn't even bother watching the Batman movies which had followed. Besides, I had seen the trailers, and decided against partaking in that franchise. From what I'd heard about subsequen caped crusader flicks, it was a good call.

But this movie was a "starting over," so I figured it wasn't going to follow the efforts of all those other films. Being that I'm a movie junkie, I figured it was time to give it another chance to win me over. I have to say, I'm glad I did!

The story line in this movie seemed to hold more true to a lot of possibilities from the real world, but presented it in a collection that only Hollywood could combine. It gave it an air of, "If all of these possibilities occur, it could make this incarnation of Gotham and Batman a reality." Made it less farfetched and more real and enjoyable. Otherwise you end up with Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which was a good movie, by the way!) or any fairytale: enjoyable and trite.

Christian Bale was an excellent Batman, noble with reason, and also idiotic with reason. And Michael Caine as Alfred is the old standard in loyalty to a flawed superhero. Batman spends the movie making friends and enemies, all of which come to play at the climax. Noteworthy also are Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, two unexpected good guys.

Katie Holmes as the love interest was an interesting thing, as the part was apparently written for her. This is a new character as compared to the original comic book tale. This happened often, but this movie had more of the feel of the original comic than previous efforts, with the exception of the animated Phantasm series. Come to think of it, the writers were likely inspired by that, too.

Get the DVD, it's one of the best films you'll see this year.

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