Wookiee Hut Movie Reviews presents:
American Wedding
Review by Diana and Wraith6

Actors: Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, January Jones, Eugene Levy, Eric Allan Kramer

Producer: Chris Bender

Director: Jesse Dylan

Creator: Adam Herz

Rating: Imperial Star Destroyer (popular crowd pleaser)

This is the third and final segment in the American Pie franchise of movies, and in some ways, arguably the best, and the very worst. Critics all said it was gross, too much dick and shit humor, and every joke they couldn't get away with in the first two movies of the series. This is all true, but the result is a hilarious film that was edited to perfection and included many scenes that had us shrieking with horror, covering our eyes, and running out of the room. This is not a movie many of us could have watched in a publically accessible movie theater. We wouldn't have been able to express our delight or groaning disgust as openly as we might have wanted to, for one.

Sex is the premise of the first movie: four dorky high school friends are about to graduate and they are still virgins. They make a pact to lose the big "it" by prom night, and manage to find/bed appropriate and inappropriate dates. Sex is the premise of the second movie, when the guys come back from college still looking to recapture the heady days of their youths and end up expanding their knowledge of themselves. This third movie is somewhat about sex. Surprisingly, it's more about love and what one would do to get it. It was a surprise, the series of mishaps are less about being selfish and more about wanting to please someone else.

That's how the groom and his men end up in a gay bar looking for a famous designer's seamster to make the wedding dress in under two weeks for the bride. Or how pubic hair ends up all over the wedding cake (which is discarded into the dumpster, by the way -- so not as gross as it could have been). Or how the high school football team ends up arranging flowers on the day of the ceremony. Or how Stiffler literally eats shit.

The movie features Steven Stiffler as more insane, more horny, more rude than before. And yet he's matured and tries harder. He actually has feelings (though they are still controlled by his dick). It's a love story because even an asshole like him can say he's sorry, redeem himself, and get the girl. He steals the show.

The DVD comes in two versions: Rated R and Unrated. This is sort of a tradition for American Pie movies, in that there are some adolescent jokes that are just too gross or "inappropriate" for audiences (albeit rather realistically adolescent, but smoother than real life). They go for the R rating since that's their audience and money source. But the little things like extreme profanity (so very extreme that warning signs were posted around the location settings to warn passersby), subtle gay interaction, strippers dancing with dogs, etc. had to be removed to keep the rating from NC-17, I guess. Those dirty bits are the equivalent of the "directory's cut"? The "extras" include the bachelor party antics (strippers walking around naked with dorky crew looking geeked out yet uncomfortable), the problems of filming synthetically generated, hand-cut pubic hair, codifying "Stiffler-speak," as well as the usual outtakes and deleted scenes and commentary.

Okay, it's awfully immature stuff to admit to liking. But it's light and silly entertainment, and we get a bunch of one-liners we can use on people and situations. Like, "Oh my gosh, this is exciting -- it's like seeing monkeys use tools for the first time!" Or "This fucking sucks ... Did I just say that?" Okay, so go watch it instead of reading it here!

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