Wookiee Hut
Hut Policy


As you know, the Wedge Estrogen Brigade (W.E.B.) shut down quite a while ago. Diana deRiggs, who helped design and create the HTML for W.E.B., found an archived set of files on an old computer before she was going to scrap it and we begged her to release the files -- incomplete, but these October 2000 files are the closest we've found to the updates made by Allax on May 2001. Unfortunately, we have not been able to contact Allax, so don't have permission to post these files, which we are doing simply because Diana had worked on these particular ones, and she's a Huttite!

So we hope you'll understand and accept the following policy points:
  1. As we do not have direct permission to post these files from Allax or any of the content contributors, the files are passworded and are not accessible to the general public.

  2. Access will be granted (ID and password released) to those who apply and can justify their desire to visit this archived site.

  3. We request you don't share the login information; instead, encourage others to apply directly to Wookieehut if they want to see the old W.E.B. files.

  4. If we see unjustified numbers of hits to the WEB pages, we reserve the right to remove the files.

  5. Some files have gone missing, but the archive is simply a 'snapshot' archive of available files; nothing has been modified, so dead links and dead emails are still preserved. WookieeHut takes no responsibility for your clicking through on any links on the archived pages.

  6. If anyone who had posted on W.E.B. complains and requests their files be removed, we'll shut the link to the archived pages down. See previous point regarding any modification of these files.

  7. WookieeHut will change the password from time to time, as deemed "a good idea."

  8. When and if W.E.B. as created by Allax returns to live status, this link will be terminated and will be replaced with a link to the live site.
Sorry for all these rules and things, but we really don't have permission to post this site content. Thanks for understanding, and please Contact WookieeHut if you have questions, want to apply for access, etc.