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Other Fanfic, Crossover Fanfic, and Poetry Stuff!

Poetry: Rhyme, Verse or Prose

In this section, find songs, filk, rhymes, non-rhymes and rhythms. Some belong to stories, some stand fast on their own. Get to the beat!

Proof, by Iella
Rated PG

Time Walkin', by Iella
Rated PG

Locating Page, by Iella
Rated PG

Drabbles: Ewok & Typewriter by Thrawn McEwok
Rated PG
  1. Interplay
  2. The Reduced George Lucas Company Presents: The Galactic Civil War in 500 Words!

The GFFA Grammies: Pretty Fly For A Jedi, by Iella

The GFFA Grammies: Jag's Rump, by Iella

Pilot Song (For Wedge), by Iella
Rated PG

You Said You Love Me, by Diana
Rated PG

Dreaming in Shades of Grey, by Iella
Rated PG

Changèd: Siri Tachi, by Diana
Rated PG

Aubade, by Iella
Rated PG

T'was the Day After Christmas, by Rosie
Rated G

Our Hero, by Iella
Rated G

Mrs. Anakin, by Diana
Rated PG

Meltdown, by Iella
Rated PG

His Smile, by Iella
Rated PG

A Still, Small Voice, by Iella
Rated PG

Technicolor Hummer, by PlazaQueen
Rated G

GFFA Hums by Iella, Diana, Runt
Rated PG
Palpatine, by Iella
Rated PG

BactaBoy, by Wraith6
Rated PG

Sand and Time: Signs, by Iella
Rated G

Nearly Lost It, by Iella
Rated PG

GFFA Idol, a parody, by Iella
Rated PG

Seussian Tech Support Responses by UnAttributed Fans of Dr. Seuss
Rated G

Soldier by Iella
Rated PG

Kill Han by Iella

Merry Christmas, Baron Fel by Csillag

Just Bruise It by Iella

Still Up There by Iella

Ode to the Crockpot by Rosie

At the Oasis: Desert Pearl by Iella

Georgy Boy by Csillag

A Poetic Theorem of the Jedi Tahiri by Iella

Shadow and Light by Diana, MaceVindaloo

Heartache: The Young and the Senseless by Iella

My Baby, My Son by Iella

After the Storm (for Kyp) by Iella

Holiday Homage to Lord of the Rings: 12 Days of Christmas by Gabbydriel & Diana

Lt. Kettch's Holiday Carols by Rosie and her Elves

I Dream of Her by Diana DeRiggs
Rated G, poem from I Dream of Her, and I Hope She Dreams of Me...

Crossover Fanfic: Mix Star Wars with Something Else

ATTENTION! -- Note the
Ratings for each story before embarking!

Harry Potter and the Star Wars Relation by Kelly M. Grosskreutz
Rated PG
  1. Episode 1: The Tangled Past
  2. Episode 2: The Moment of Truth
  3. Episode 3: The Decision
  4. Episode 4: The Return of Snape

Other Fanfic: Non-Star Wars Fan Stories

ATTENTION! -- Note the
Ratings for each story before embarking!

The Romulan Guest by Bethany Handcuff
Star Trek, Rated NC-17 / Slash

Set Her Free by Diana
Harry Potter & ... book 7+, Rated R

As Long As She Lives by Diana
Harry Potter & ... book 7, Rated PG

Perfect Dress by Hermi2, McGonagirl
Harry Potter & ... book 6½, Rated PG

Enthraller Avatar by PandaCat, GilArda, Mourya

Living Doll by Hermi2, McGonagirl
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, Rated PG

The Shadows that Remain -- A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic by Shadow Chaser
Lord of the Rings, Rated PG-13

Gundam SEED: Entropy Rising by Shadow Chaser
Gundam SEED Alternate Univers, Rated PG-13
  • Introduction / Background
  • Characters
  • History

  • Story
    1. Phase One — An End to the Peace
    2. Phase Two — Returning to the Pain
    3. Phase Three — Forced Protection
    4. Phase Four — Scouting
    5. Phase Five — Assassination
    6. Phase Six — Revealing the Past, Present, and Possible Future
    7. Phase Seven — Decisions to Make
    8. Phase Eight — Returning to the Battlefield
    9. Phase Nine — Indecisive Thoughts
    10. Phase Ten — Crossing Paths, the Babylon
    11. Phase Eleven — Joined Forces
    12. Phase Twelve — Return to the Battlefield II
    13. Phase Thirteen — Brothers and Sisters in Arms
    14. Phase Fourteen — Anna ni Issho Datta no ni
    15. Phase Fifteen — Space, Where Dreams Fly
    16. Phase Sixteen — Colony Mendel
    17. Phase Seventeen — Infiltration
    18. Phase Eighteen — Weaving Tangled Webs
    19. Phase Nineteen — Truth of Birth
    20. Phase Twenty — Epilogue — Dawn's Carriage, Peace
  • Author's Final Word

    Stay, Immaculata by Diana deRiggs
    Hellsing, Rated R / Slash

    The Killing Joke by Kelly M. Grosskreutz
    Harry Potter, Rated PG

    The Late Night Meeting by Kelly M. Grosskreutz
    Harry Potter, Rated PG

    The Lure of Words by Jennaev
    X Files, Rated NC-17

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