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That story you wrote about Han Solo way back in first grade ... Princess Leia's first "real" kiss ... Wes Janson's second wife and her skill with a blaster ... Ysanne Isard's predilection for soft cream-filled chocolate ... the true treasure guarded by the most fearsome of dragons ... the poem of love murmurred between pilots on the dawn of a new battle ...

All of these are stories which deserve to see the light of starlight, and they're posted here on Wookiee Hut! (See
the submissions guidelines if you'd like to see your stories published here, among such grand company!)

Each story is rated using a system based on the traditional American Motion Picture Industry standards:
  • G -- For General Audiences, nothing to fear here, appropriate for Wee Wookiees!
  • PG -- For Older Audiences, suggestive content
  • PG-13 -- No one under 13 admitted, mild sexual or violent content, nudity allowed. Mostly off-hand.
  • R -- Mature Audiences, full nudity, sex, violence, general adult good times.
  • NC-17 -- Immature Audiences, soft porn or explicit violence, no one under 17 allowed.
  • X -- Really Immature Audiences, hard stuff, descriptions of sex, dismemberment, etc. MooeyMooey explicit!
In addition, the following vocabulary is defined:
  • Squick -- squeemish sex, eliciting an "eek!" or "eeeuw!" response. Example: Corran with Bror and Bib Fortuna.
  • Slash -- same-sex pairings
Properly warned is properly armed! If you don't think the story is for you, DON'T READ IT!

If a story has been inappropriately rated, forgive us, and
please let us know.

WookieeHut Submissions Guidelines
  • Finished Pieces only. Parts of an longer story are acceptable, but must be finished within themselves (i.e. -- subject to no further 'tweaking' or subsequent revisions).

  • All submissions must include a Story Rating, complying with the one Wookiee Hut uses.

  • Please proofread all stories for grammar, spelling and compliance with continuity. If its riddled with errors of any sort, we will ask you to revise it and resubmit, or we will impose our editorial might on it.

  • If an illustration is needed for the story, it should be included with the submission.

  • If the story is part of a challenge or an episodic from elsewhere, please note this upon submission, with URL if applicable. Similarly, if something influenced this story which needs to be credited, please note this as well.

  • All stories, etc. will be formatted to match Wookiee Hut's "look and feel." If you wish to link your submission here to an archive, please give us the URL of the archived story.

  • Your OWN material. If you are submitting part of a story or a whole story that was written by someone else, please ask them to submit the story themselves. In multi-author efforts, please ensure you have permission of all parties to post the material before submitting. Please have each author contact the Wookiee individually to confirm their consent.

  • If you or any of the authors do not want to be accessible by e-mail to the general audience, or would like to use a nom-de-plume, please let us know your preferences.

  • Email as a TEXT or HTML attachment to Expect a reply within a week. If you don't hear from him, please check to see that he received it.

This site has no affiliation with any company or organization, and is a fan site. This is for fun. Neither profit nor harm are intended.