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December 25, 2005
Happy Christmas to one and all, regardless of your religion or beliefs! Christmas is a big and wonderful enough holiday so you can take from it what you will, and it's still valid and fun ... that is, unless you're Draco Malfoy and you're forced to attend a private Christmas party with those three famous (and annoying) Gryffindors! It's A (Mostly) Merry Christmas Card and the Hut has absconded with PandaCat's "Other Art" (listed in Art & Stuff) for our own holiday card! Hope you enjoy it. And whether you are a guest of honor at a party or not, you probably want something traditional and yummy to eat, and these Reindeer Horns are not only a twist on an old favorite (complete with step by step diagram), but it turns out that Leia got it from her Aunt Celly, who got it from Leia's (genetic) mother ... Despite Padmé's inabilities in the kitchen, it's a Hut Cuisine recipe. And in the GFFA, their Christmas equivalent is Life Day: A Healing Time, but be careful — this "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things entry is Rated PG-13, so make sure you're "mature" enough to read this before you click on that link. And if you're Hobbie, make sure you put that caf pot back into the caf maker properly or you'll end up with embarassing burns and have to wear a wookiee suit!! If he really wanted to scream, he should have gone to a place like Cedar Point, which is the infamous home of 16 important roller coasters! It's the place to get over the height / speed / dip / roll / flying phobias you may be harboring. It's way safer than pretending a gag gift is from a rival — it could backfire on you! That's what Ron found out, so that Harry was prompted to snarl at him, Happy Christmas ... Not! We hope your Christmas prospects are much happier than Ron's! (And don't forget to check out the Hut Blog — with its grumpy postings, you'll likely feel better about your grumpies!)

December 18, 2005
Some of us did wonder why Mara Jade ended up saying "yes" to Luke Skywalker, and how long should such a promise last between the hero of the New Republic and the Imperial assassin? And how would she feel about any successor ...? Thrawn McEwok knows, better than anyone, we think! The Personal Level might be referring to a level of emotion; or perhaps a meeting place? It's Rated PG, though perhaps one needs quite a lot of maturity to even understand Mara! It's "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Thing. We have two "Reviews" in that section of Wookiee Hut today, also about maturity ... The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was a tale beloved by some of us, while for others, this movie redeemed the somewhat ponderous controversies surrounding the tale of the four Penvesie children (did you notice that Penvesie is like an anagram of penseive???), who were sent to live in the country for their safety. It's likely Bruce Wayne never felt any form of safety in his life, even though he is the heir of "stately Wayne manor." Batman Begins is a great DVD, and has enough GFFA references to satisfy the prequel lovers among us. Speaking of which, the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is awfully GFFA too, if only for the voice actor(s) for Aslan (and duh, for the story, obviously)! Too much GFFA for you? Do a confundus spell on a dragon and fall into the Harry Potter universe by checking out PandaCat's ongoing depictions of dragons, this time, the Chinese Fireball, "Ooooh!" as Bartolomus Crouch might opine. It's "Other Art" in Art & Stuff, and a "Wee Wookiees" entry, too. If one needs some enrichment and soothing to one's constitution in preparation to fighting dragons or kidnapping Hobbits or after a Rohirrim battle, try Velvety Soup for Lurtz which is said to be the source of Lurtz's great size and relative intelligence among Uruk'hai. It's actually a delicious soup, and a recipe that incited one of us to eat half a gallon of the stuff in one sitting!

December 12, 2005
Last week, Thrawn's tale of love found (thought lost) allows Anakin to look around to see what he'd missed. Though it would seem that Han is the happiest in Finding Happiness. Part 2: Clearance clears the air, minds, emotions ... it's fine-quality Rated PG Stories & Thing fare for heroes of the GFFA. Speaking of which, everyone know who the REAL hero of the GFFA is: Our Hero, meaning yours and mine, is none other than R2D2! Iella's Poetry Hum / Filk chides you for not knowing that! It's Stories & Things, too! If you didn't know that, then you deserve to be fed to the Swedish Shortsnout, the dragon picked out of the sack by the ever-so-cute Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, though we doubt you would have fared better than he did. He did get a bit charred by this beast, depicted as "Other Art" in Art & Stuff. The heat is considerably less intense in most Thai places, as reported and reviewed by these "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. Despite their picturesque names, Tasty Thai and Thai Pot pale in comparison to the previously reported Sripraphai, but if you don't want to schlep ... well, we say you should schlep. Better to be Cedric and take your chances with a dragon, so there!

December 4, 2005
You know that Anakin Solo dying was just not the way it should have been ... how could he become one with the Force and his ever-so-annoying siblings live? Thank goodness for fanfic, where we can weave all manner of fantasy AU gossamer! And Thrawn McEwok's one of the best in that biz, but you know that. Finding Happiness debuts with Part 1: Reality Bites, a Rated PG Stories & Thing wish for a reality that's not simpler, but at least more desirable. And speaking of reality, we at the Hut have been discussing how the movie-based rating system is a bit "vague" and mutable ... and some stories should be Rated R even if they aren't terribly sexual or violent, simply because of a certain level of "reality" ... case in point is Diana's Hard Woman, featuring Leia's ruminations on her marriage and the conditions that might have surrounded her conception. Don't worry, it's not one of the long, philosophical ones, but it's "loaded" nontheless — enjoy! And no matter your location or denomination or tendency, you would have enjoyed the very seasonal Festival of Trees, and bid on a work of thematic art. At the very least, you can pose in front of the Star Wars tree with Vader and other 501st cronies! This "Field Trip Report" is, like the "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things, and all of the entries are great ramp-ups to Christmas, whether about gratitude, family, or Christmas tauntauns! Also, doing nice things for one another, like when Mal stepped in to defend Inara's honor and got stabbed for his attempt. So Inara milked some cows for him and made Inara Masala using some of the fresh cream from milking the herd. And also making wishes for things you can't have, like Jayne Cobb's wish for Inara. No, he'll never have her, so he used her left-over ingredients from the Masala to make Mac' n' Masala, his more plebian dish using the same spicings. It's as close as he'll likely get!, eh? These are both "Recipes" in Hut Cuisine. It's time to enjoy the prep, we know we are!

November 27, 2005
In a way, the Yuuzhan Vong were a perfect enemy — completely foreign and alien, generally recognizable (either through their non-presence in the Force, or visually), many interesting prejudices. In a way, it was too bad they were killed off and transported ... and thank goodness for Alternative Universe fanfic! Thrawn regards the remaining Solo child as "experiment" of the Vong, noting that A Jeedai Is For Life, Not Just For Life Day, a Stories & Thing "GFFA Fanfic" about the love of Nom Anor for a very special slave. Can you imagine Obi-wan's reaction to such treatment? He might have merely gotten hungry, even if the situation were such that he could only declare My Goose is Cooked!. It's not a bad thing to hear, if one can make a tortilla roll out of the cooked goose. There are photos of how to slice the breastmeat, too, in this "Recipe" in Hut Cuisine. Perhaps it had been cooked by a voxyn, or maybe a dragon, such as this Welsh Green which made its appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last week, though this dragon is "Wee Wookiee" and "Other Art" in Art & Stuff. Well, it hadn't really shown up, just as Sripraphai is not the Thai restaurant you might be used to ... no, it's more the THAI restaurant (all capitals!) of many an ex-pat's dream, often more perfect than love, more memorable than Thanksgiving ... even though many of our Thanksgivings were excellent (at least those of us in America this year, insane shopping season notwithstandig!). And if life gives you eggplant, have the object of your desire serve up Veela-Fried Aubergines. It's said to be what those witch-creatures do to a man's brain. A not-too-different torture from what the Vong might do to one's body, eh? Both the restaurant review and the recipe are in Hut Cuisine, and now onwards toward Christmas!

November 20, 2005
Ep3's key word seems to be "seduction," where Anakin is "seduced by the dark side of the Force." It occured to some at the Hut that seduction, though often of the dark side, is not always a matter of the Force, but sometimes of things more enduring and powerful. So why not model an Ep3-based filk on it? The attempt is called Mrs. Anakin, and is "Poetry Stuff" written a bit from Padmé's POV; she is the "older woman" in this case, as was Mrs. Robinson's case, too. All in all, she might have preferred to go to a movie; seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire might have made her wonder if all galaxies are so dark and foreboding as hers! The "Review" is a team effort, a post-mortem after opening day (and the concensus is, "Cedric is HOT!"). Speaking of openings, a fieldtrip to the T:Style Kick-off Event has the implied subtitle of "a very surreal picnic." It turns out this format is a popular way for people who think of themselves as "upper crust" (whether they are or not!) to raise funds and awareness of events or things. Read up, so you know how to strategize. This "Field Report," as well as the "Review" and the "Poetry" are all in Stories & Things. In the Goblet of Fire, there seem to be many "fill-in" opportunities for tales, like how Viktor Krum ended up asking Hermione Granger out (in contrast to the difficulties Harry and Ron had even getting a girl separated from her "posse"). It was simple, really ... "no" was simply not even an acceptable answer to the unasked question, and it helped that they shared a Golden Coin Purse on the lakeshore one morning. It's fanfic, but contained within Hut Cuisine as a "Mains: Eggs" Recipe! It's a direct approach, but Krum is nothing compared to the master of direct manipulation, Palpatine: Killer Queen, in this illustration of a filk from a few weeks back — Iella's Palpatine. Wonder if Obi-wan ever figured out the source of those aches and pains? It's "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff, and now we can't get the song out of our heads ...

November 13, 2005
Gavin had fallen for a very special Bothan, but he discovers that she's not above elevating herself or her race via a seemingly harmless untruth ... Gavin questions the provenance of Bothaw's Coconut-Pecan Filled Chocolate Cake — is that first word a misspelling of "Bothan"? This Hut Cuisine recipe raises problematic questions, but they are perhaps small potatoes compared to the Meltdown that Han and Leia suffer when they discover how "kid-ish" the grandchildren of Darth Vader really are! It's illustrated with a funny scribble, too, called Flaming 'Droid!, which evolves into a relatively genteel cussin' term in the Solo family. Iella's "Poetry Stuff" is actually a rap-filk in Stories & Things, and Diana's scribble is in Art & Stuff. After such an event in the Solo household, they might have gone out for pizza or family-style fare at a place like Sbarro, which seems to be placed all over the galaxy, and that's not necessarily a bad thing at all, once in a while. Or perhaps they were thinking of sending the kids off to boarding school after all ... and if not for the Jedi Academy, they might have opted for Hogwart's. Surely, one of the three might have ended up in the house of Harry Potter, and thus would have experienced Blood of Gryffindor Soup, which is actually a side-by-side presentation of Blood Red Courage Soup and Golden Perseverence Soup — a special rite of passage for all new Gryffindors, and good soups, whether together or separately. These "Soups" recipes and the "Noshery Review" are in Hut Cuisine. And remember, your 'droid is NOT a good cooker!

November 7, 2005
Tycho is at last damaged 'enough' to warrant being shipped to Akri'tar. He meets his first ally, an alien willing to sacrifice her very soul to follow her hunches about this important-seeming prisoner in Chapter 12 of ShadowChaser's X-Wing: Lusankya. Remember, it's Rated R for harsh torture and situations ... but some of us like that sort of thing, eh? And if you think a Mara/Luke "GFFA Fanfic" called So Predictable is lighthearted fun ... let's just say you'd be "different"! It's Rated PG-13 response to a TFN fanfic challenge, and we're fortunate and happy to have it here! These "GFFA Fanfics" are in Stories & Things, and both wicked in their own way! :) In contrast, this week's "Noshery Reviews" are not wicked at all. Indy's Family Restaurant is a pleasant eatery patronized by old people dressed in their church finery, soldiers running away from the mess hall for a meal, family units of many sorts (even a Mennonite family). They have specials daily, what more can one want of an eatery? Again, in contrast, there are eateries where everything is wanting, like the Dick Clark's AB Grill; okay, it's located on the passenger-only side of the security check gate, and it reminds us the awfulness of airport "cuisine." Despite this, it, like Indy's, is listed in Hut Cuisine, go check 'em out, so you know better. But if you make a mistake, know that you many need to bake to get out of the doghouse; Tycho cheated a bit here and there, but the effect of an Easy Coconut Layer Cake for Begging Forgiveness is worth the risk of being found out! It's a "Dessert" in Hut Cuisine. Sometimes life is about taking a risk, whether the result is a bad feed or being shot by the lover of your wife. Well, no, it's not quite like that, but wouldn't it be fun it if was?

October 30, 2005
What do you think of when you hear the term, Sexual Politics? You'd be right if you thought of the Rated PG "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things ... and don't late the innocuous rating fool you. What's not written can be as powerful as what is ... (And if you thought something else ... um, you wouldn't necessarily be wrong ...) Go have one of the nice, refreshing Serenity Brews on offer and calm down. It's a "Potables & Beverages" in Hut Cuisine Recipes. Being boat-bound, you won't need fresh milk, or even fresh coffee, and yes, you'll miss it when you can have the fresh stuff instead. Though not fresh, it'd be good with the fresh and happy offerings at The Original Happy Fresh Tortillas Grill Tex Mexican Food which presents this fusion American cuisine with another twist, like they do in the Firefly 'verse. Wei! they might say for this "Noshery Review," but they'd say it with another intonation if they had to watch Earthsea, which ended up being compared (unfavorably) to Krull in this rather terse "Movie Review" in Stories & Things. Time to hide, and best to do that in a cozy (if garish) hat your mother might have made for you. Remember that great hat from Firefly's "The Message"? Now you can make one, because Maw Cobb's Hand-done Hat for Her Boy Jayne gives you photos and descriptions for that hat Mrs. Cobb made for Jayne. He apparently wants to make some, too, and so she did the courtesy of showing us all how! It's a "DIY" listing in Art & Stuff, and you really can DIY!

October 23, 2005
Today, the Lord of the Rings dominates the Hutt's postings, but we're not without a little GFFA tale — PandaCat reveals the dark nature of sibling rivalry and shows Anakin's depiction of his siblings: Imp & bob. It's a "Wee Wookiees" submission, in GFFA Art. The only way you wouldn't understand Anakin's angst is if you're an only child ... maybe like Frodo Baggins as he wandered the breadth of Middle Earth. In creating that world, director Peter Jackson insisted that his home turf of New Zealand is Middle Earth. But Te Papa Tongarewa has allowed the props and tools that created the foreground of that world to leave the country, and it's on its final USA stop in Indianapolis, IN. The Hutties went, and kicked off the weekend with a New Zealand Wine Dinner, presenting wines created in New Zealand alongside some ingredients produced there. Then right after the cheese course, they went to the Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy Exhibition and played with the interactive displays, ogled the costume and props displays, and were kind of naughty ... but they made up for it by paying for another ticket and going again the next day! In between, they saw the rest of the Indiana State Museum, etc., including the canal behind it and got many a history lesson, too. All of these "Field Reports" are lodged permanently in Stories & Things, unlike the traveling exhibition, which is "complete" for the first time since it was in New Zealand. The show goes on till January 3, so get there soon, before it goes home for good! And if you want a bit more of the canal and need a snack or a meal, try out the Canal Café & Terrace. This "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine emphasizes that the food is made fresh and the expansive terrace out back is one of the nicest ways to take a break from culture and Middle Earth. Enjoy it all, and don't tell anyone about the naughtiness ...

October 17, 2005
Wes Janson finds himself in a bind when a paramour overhears him describing her "assets" to Hobbie Klivian. Hobbie sort of comes to the rescue by telling her that Wes had said he'd serve her a Smashing Hash & A Lovely Set of Grits, rather than what she thought Wes had actually said ... This is actually a recipe "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine, and we bet you can figure out what he actually did say ... he might have preferred to find himself in buccolic Gatlinburg, TN even though the hotel might be disappointing. It's the starting point of what will hopefully be an ongoing "Field Report" for this rather all-American vacation spot, in Stories & Things. Also in that section in "Reviews" are observations of the One Man Star Wars off-Broadway production in NYC! Charlie Ross has hit the big time, theatre-wise, and his show has been extended till New Year's, so be sure to catch the show if you get to the Big Apple before then! If, instead, you find yourself in the demographic center of the country (Indianapolis, IN, for those of you who aren't hep with the latest census and marketing info), you should go to the Indiana State Museum and check out the preserved institution called the L.S. Ayres Tearoom, which every little girl who grew up near there remembers very, very fondly. Preserving such a place is a great idea within a museum, especially when it's still a working restaurant. Check out this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. And if you're in Indy with a hankering for steak but find yourself not quite flush with cash, try Steak and Shake, which doesn't actually server steak, but steakburgers, which are actually pretty darn tasty. They do have yummy shakes, though, and you can even get two flavors in one glass, which makes it a worthy place!

October 9, 2005
It's been a while since we've had a "Wee Wookiees" story, and there's a new one called Father Mine, between that most famous of father-son confrontational individuals from the Star Wars universe. This Rated G tale's Introduction is written by 10-year-old SW_Boy. Let's hope he starts sending in the rest of the chapters soon! In contrast to his Lucasfilm-esque story, Diana spins the backstory of the woman once called Kirney Slane. She plies her trade in the Heartbreak Bar & Grill; it's Rated R. The inspiration for that "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things is a wonderful seafood shack called Lobster Inn, and though it might have been used for good-byes (rather than hellos), it doesn't mean it's a bad place. This Hut Cuisine "Noshery Review" declares it the best shellfish place, ever! It's too bad Simon Tam couldn't cook his sister's favorite nursery dish, but he did find a place that did. Too bad she had figured out the recipe for Maj Gomboc: Chicken Liver Dumplings in Chicken Soup ages ago — he should have just asked! There are many questions Simon has about what the Alliance (the bad guys) did to River, and much was elucidated in Serenity, which was based on the almost-cult-like Firefly. The "Review" is largely spoiler-free, and you should go and watch the film in the theaters, for good reason!

October 3, 2005
ThrawnMcEwok's Once A Warrior detailed — in excruciatingly descriptive prose — the whereabouts about Anakin Solo after Myrkyr. If you recall the last chapter of that tale, Anakin decides to join the world of the "living" ... and the introduction to Warrior Born shows he's in a dark place indeed! Iella investigates the well-brewed angst between the daughter of Han Solo and the son of Soontir Fel (the men were classmates at Carida, you'll recall ...). How far will you go to manipulate — or respond — to love? His Smile can melt your heart ... or shatter it. Both these quality Stories & Things — the first is "GFFA Fanfic" and the other is "Poetry Stuff" — are Rated PG, never fear! The "Review" of that much loved but canceled television series Firefly is not really required viewing to get Serenity, the movie based on that series. Review of that to come ... a short warning — you will regret not seeing it, so get thee to a movie theater! It's the type of admonition a well-meaning and dorky uncle might give you, but in this case, the Organa-Solo kids organize a great Welcome for Uncle Tycho! when he married the woman they consider their aunt: Dame Winter, Leia's lifelong companion-at-arms. It's inspired by dishes — the only things he has to remind him of his mother ... see the "set piece" for the fanfic links, in Hut Cuisine. Of course, if they didn't want to cook, they could have run off to Clamman for a take-home clambake that will impress the neighbors and make you sigh at the wonderousness that is ultra-fresh seafood. Tycho would've been impressed at the affection the three Solos had for his wife, and it must've felt like "instant family" for the orphaned Rogue!

September 25, 2005
Erisi isn't done commiting abominations against her own race, nuh-uh, now that she's been fingered as the moll of Rogue Squadron. Lady on a Box Part 6: Fear & Loyalty depicts the insanity which has become her life under the thumb of Director Isard, herself losing her moorings on reality. Remember that this "GFFA Fanfic" is basically Rated NC-17 / Squick (occasionally less so, and often more) and is located in Stories & Things. It's been described as "really scary," so enjoy it if you're into that sort of psychosexual torture ... Otherwise, check out what's going on at Hogwart's. Hermione's muggle studies papers have turned up the realities of the sugar trade, and Hagrid provides her with a delicious example of this. You'll love the crunchy topping on Turbinado Zucchini or Carrot Bread, plus its a bonus way to help get rid of the summer's harvest bounty. In fact, vegetables galore are in the markets, and you'd best grab them up to make pickles and soups and salads, before winter sets in. Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom take advantage of Luna's "friends" in the "Set Piece" called Cool as a Cuke which has great vegetable soups, a salad, a pickle, and sauce recipes, all featuring cucumbers. The turbinado sugar loaf recipe and the set piece are in Hut Cuisine. If the transformation of vegetables into "food" is not dramatic enough for you, try the ultimate epic historical drama, the fall and rise of Judah Ben-Hur, which is rated "Death Star" — one of the few movies to deserve this assessment by the normally picky Hutties! This "DVD / Movie Review" is in Stories & Things. But if the flaws in the telling of the story bother you, get a grip on yourself and try to figure out what "Malay cuisine" is in the here and now. A "Noshery Review" of Nyonya doesn't quite successfully define what it is, but it does try. Which is often the important thing, in food, movies, and in life.

September 18, 2005
Would you ever consider a guy like Luke Skywalker to be the kind to be tempted into partaking in things with others ... things normally reserved for sharing with his wife Mara Jade? We didn't say he DID, we said tempted ... and what would keep him from not Hunting the Moment? Not just the thought of what Mara might think in this Rated PG "GFFA Fanfic" Stories & Things dalliance? Well, if your mother was as beautiful as Luke's mother, one could be accused of being attractive, too ... though perhaps just about anyone would look fetching in McCall's Padmé's PJ Pattern, whether pregnant or not! It's a lovely dress, and to think, you can make it yourself! Nia Klivian, the AU daughter of one of our favorite Rogues is learning to make things, imbued with meanings she doesn't understand. But the Circuitous Symbol holds the key to her legacy. Creating either the dress or the leaded glass, listed in Art & Stuff, is a good way to make people around her happy. Though A Still, Small Voice illustrates brilliantly how a small voice is beautiful as long as it sounds ... and when it's gone, it's gone. This "Poetry Stuff" is good stuff indeed, in Stories & Things. And the concept of extinction holds true not only for plants and people and animals, but for stuff like businesses. One always fears that a wonderful restaurant might be killed by its sheer celebrity, but Les Halles is holding the admirers at arm's length, even when they become picky and order omelettes made without any fat ... the food is good, with or without Chef Bourdain's presence! Pics galore in this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine! (They don't serve bugs, by the way.)

September 10, 2005
It's a bit over a week since Dragon*Con and sorry for last week's delay ... even the con's website states long naps are needed! Well, at least we've been goaded into writing reports so that we can explain where we were — we stayed on-site at Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotels, which was described by Ray Bradbury as "pure science fiction," the greatest endorsement a Sci-Fi con hotel can get, eh? Well, he might not have been talking about the elevators! As for what we were doing, we decided we were into cosplay, and we learned a lot. The extensive list of "what we wished we knew back then" is assembled in Cosplay Tips & Tricks for everything from what it is to how to do it. These are "Field Reports" and "Essays & Rants" in Stories & Things. Yeah, it seems obsessive, but cosplay and going to cons in lieu of "real" vacations is turning into a 'hut tradition! An already established tradition is to go to restaurants and start photographing the food! Some of the non-huttites we dine with think we're not quite stable, but they do like the photos as reminders of what we ate. It's actually a good way to log your nights out. Even if its a buffet breakfast, like at Allie's American Grill which, though a bit pricy, turned out to be a good money saver on a day-to-day basis. And when at a con, going to Trader Vic's seems the very rightest thing to do, with it's fantasy of Polynesian food (a misunderstood genre americanus!) Hot meals can be a luxury when running around a con, but we made sure to imbibe a couple of times at The Marquis Steakhouse with its many good side dishes. But if we couldn't imbibe because of time or money, we were more than happy with Atrium Express, with its particularly good roast beef sandwich and its well-stocked ice cream bars! Unless you'd like something more "adult" in which case, we hung out at the Grandstand Lounge for the de rigeur pianobar posing ... These are all "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine, and they are a reward in themselves, over and above the fact that we were at a "cross-genre" con ... and it was fun! We hope you enjoy the reports. We'll have a few "costume" pieces up in the coming weeks, too.

September 5, 2005
This week's posting postponed due to attendance at DragonCon. Reports coming soon! In the meantime, catch up on last week's and previous weeks' postings!!

August 28, 2005
"Kunrakin" finally manages to explain his absence to "Tahirina" ... so what's next? Why, it's the final chapter (12) of Once A Warrior, where you get to see where the heart of this warrior beats strongest. This whole tale can be found in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. His mother's "mother's" heart likewise beat strongly for her adopted daughter, and the memory of her love lives on in this recipe for Queen's Condiment, a sort of relish of "healing" plants to make infirmary fare infinitely more palatable. It's a Hut Cuisine "Recipe," listed as both a Sauce and a Condiment. We bet the royal transport — as well as the transport Kunra's lover arrived in — would have been something like the resplendent Technicolor Hummer, inspired by a local production of Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat and a drive-by siting by the Humvee dealership! It's pure filk, and thus listed in "Poetry Stuff" in Stories & Things. In his mother's closets, the warrior would have seen some outfits that might have been made using Simplicity Star Wars Patterns — the sharp-eyed PadawanRose sent us a notification for the seamsters and costumers among us! Now we have no excuse not to go to that Hallowe'en party as Tion Medon ... well, except for the weight we'd have to lose and the height we'd need to masquerade as the Utapau official! That means don't eat so much, we suppose ... so instead of the buffet, try hitting an à la carte place. Though if the food is good, like it is as Baluchi's, you might overimbibe, so stay for the rockin' music at dinnertime, too. You might expend a few calories/ kilojoules, at least! It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine, with pictures taken without a flash. :)

August 21, 2005
The return of Iella's Many Happy Returns is a reminder that any grim situation can be made all the more grim by seemingly unimportant things ... Chapter 37 seems to be going the way of our heroes, but as we say, things just seem to happen ... that's kind of what Tahiri might be expecting "Kunrakin" to say, but his explanation as to why he didn't return to her isn't what she expected. Of course, Once A Warrior, always a warrior, regardless of the "package" — Part 11 details succinctly how the warrior spent his time away. Both of these ongoing "GFFA Fanfics" are in Stories & Things; they're wrapping up, so get cracking if you haven't read the previous chapters (or it's been a while). You don't want not knowing how Anakin and Tahiri got to this point, or you might be like Peter Pettigrew, always looking over his shoulder for a certain Kneazle! A "Wee Wookiee" Art & Stuff submission illustrates this fear palpably in Kneazle vs. Animagus, an otherwise charming illustration of two normally rather repugnant looking creatures from the Harry Potter universe. The Two Fat Saxon Witches might be described that way, but their cooking is sublime — former Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge asks them to create an hors d'oeuvre when he is forced to vacate his position, and he can't escape their Potstickers Political, spiced with their own not-so-subliminal commentary! It's listed in "Appetizers" in Hut Cuisine, and includes step by step instructions in how to form the potstickers (or ravioli) as well as instructions how to cook them, with serving suggestions. Too stressful for you? Try the food at Noodles 28 (on 29th), where they serve a much more easily digestible blend Vietnamese and Chinese food, sans the politics. It is a nicely decorated place with excellent food, as stated in "Noshery Reviews," also in Hut Cuisine. Whether your not-so-carefully laid-out plans are about to unravel or you're being chased by a mysterious kneazle, consume 'Hut fare happily!

August 15, 2005
Meeting your fiancé's family is stressful no matter how friendly everyone is, but if you're marrying the oldest in a family of seven red-haired children, you'd better have something special about you. Fleur Delacoeur is one-quarter Veela, but that cuts no slack with her future mother-in-law until she shows interest in helping create the evening meal for the Weasleys. They call it Buffet Mexicaine, complete with illustrations of the food originally inspired by the PlazaQueen's Noshery Review for Qdoba Mexican Grill. The food is basic, but everyone likes it — did you think Fleur got the Weasleys to love her all at once? Read the "Set Piece" tale in Hut Cuisine. Coran Horn could do with some lessons in trust; once again, he is shocked that his little girl is growing toward womanhood, in Burning Kilojoules. And he's going to be a jerk about it, but that's okay — Wes and Hobbie will come to Jysella's rescue! It's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things and though it's the story of the love of a father for his soon-to-run-away daughter, you know Wes and Hobbie will be fun, albeit in an inappropriate way ... Just wait till he catches her at Corfu, which is nicknamed "the burnt seafood hut" by the reviewers, who nevertheless find it to be a kind of good down and gritty date place, redolent with Greek-ness. They are much better than the more traditional American-style seafood shack called Blue Fin, where nothing seemed to be good: service, food, seating ... how can one get so much wrong? Elsewhere, there was no climate control on a night so hot that the "humidex" rated the temperature at over 100°F / 38°C, but the food, service, and company were spot-on perfect at the Silverleaf Tavern. Corran would probably feel worse seeing his daughter with a paramour in the swanky hot venue than he might at the cheaper place? You decide, read these "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. Daughters just can't win against the expectations of their dads, eh?

August 8, 2005
You remember that Bugs Bunny / Martin the Martian encounter, where the latter went to a gumball-style dispenser reading, "Instant Martians, just add water." In Thrawn McEwok's Once A Warrior, he explains the almost-instant process of shaping a Yuuzhan Vong ... just add pain! Part 10 mixes and slashes, till Anakin Solo recedes to a bad memory ... This "GFFA Fanfic" will keep you on the "Embrace of Pain," listed in Stories & Things. Then again, it could be gas ... but you won't suffer from that sort of pain at Qdoba Mexican Grill, which receives a 'thumbs up' for freshness and for being muy delicioso ... mooey mooey! For those of us looking for more authentic fare from the original Spanish speaking country, try the Basquaise Pintxos, which actually means something similar to "tapas" or "dim sum" in the local dialect. These "Noshery Reviews" can be found in Hut Cuisine. In an sort of pan-cultural presentation, the Firefly 'verse provides alternatives to meat in a society which values food very highly indeed. Protein All Colors of the Rainbow is the Hut Cuisine "Set Piece" offering many dishes based on the ensemble cast and situations of the long-ago canceled TV series Firefly. On the other side and time of the universe, Bathtime for the Crown Princess; the princess inherits her title from both sides of her family. Toddler Padmé is the daughter of Tusken Raider princess Tahiri and the granddaughter of Princess Leia. And she's a Jedi on both sides, doing battle with Darth Pitten! We're serious, take a peek at this "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. Based on the AU At the Oasis, it shows precocious tykes live all through the universe. Whether reborn as Yuuzhan Vong or in an AU, check them all out!

July 31, 2005
A reader sent a note, basically asking, "Where is the rest of Many Happy Returns?" and Iella responded with a brand new Chapter 36 where Dajira and others have to face up to their responsibilities ... and she promises more! So all you readers who want more, write to the authors and to the Admin 'Droid, and your "GFFA Fanfic" wishes will come true! Check out Iella's ongoing tale in Stories & Things. After all, everyone has an opinion, and Hutties limne theirs regarding Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling's book #6 in the Hogwart's-based series. You know how when you're at school the bottom level stuff is all the rote and memorization stuff, and finally when you read the upper classes it all starts to come together? Yeah, you had better been reading and thinking all along to get the most out of this one! If you haven't, enjoy the re-reading, and enjoy meeting characters like Ron's owl again; he's small in stature but big in ego, as demonstrated in Pigwidgin, Be Proud!, a "Wee Wookiees" Art & Stuff set of drawings. The "Book Review" is in Stories & Things, and while you're refreshing yourself in the Potter universe, it helps to occasionally go back and add photos or rewrite bits of our "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine, too, like we did for Carolina BBQ House, that wondrous buffet that charges you extra for "beverages." It also helps to dig up the photos from last winter and finish up the reviews from then; never keep an opinion about a place to yourself! Argue it out in Hut Cuisine, and at Priya, the reviewers were at odds about how they felt about this Indian restaurant installed in a former bank building. Well, at least we all feel pretty much the same about the straight-named Waffle House ... though already someone has written in with a difference in opinion. Hey, we're happy to post rants and differences of opinion! So not only should you complain about stories which need to be written up and done, but you should complain about what we complain about! Got it???

July 24, 2005
You're dead ... and you think someone's come too late to rescue you, but it turns out the one who separated your soul from your flesh is the GOOD guy ... Literally the closest possible shave is what Anakin experiences, as described by Thrawn's Once A Warrior, Part 9 makes one wonder who's side ANYONE is on ... much less who's skin one is in! It's an ongoing and superbly written "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, which is also an apt description for the latest of Iella's GFFA Hums #4: Pride Before the Fall, which puts the name "Mitth'raw'nuruodo" to a popular little ditty from a few years back. It's "Poetry Stuff" but also classified as "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. In accordance with the "Hum," one can imagine Coruscant being a place where one takes tea (Obi-wan's accent is described as "clipped Coruscanti," after all). In another universe, the social quaff of choice appears to be Butterbeer, and so we post a very easy recipe in honor of the issue of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this past week — expect a review soon! And while we are hopping universes, hop to a place in Tennessee which is considered a tourist trap of sorts, but it's worth being trapped to go to a nostalgic, long-lived restaurant called Pancake Pantry, where not only memories made, but preserved perfectly, and served with cherries or strawberries or chocolate! Yummy, it's a "Noshery Review," and it, along with the "Potables & Beverages" recipe are in Hut Cuisine. And if you're wondering about the types of memories Mitth'raw'nuruodo might have, consider how he likely remembers the Emperor: Group Portrait, by Thrawn demonstrates perfectly what Thrawn meant by learning about a culture through its art ... while Back in Time for Tea demonstrates what he wished might have been. It's all very goofy and fun, like many Hur things, even if one has to learn who one's real friends are the hard way ...

July 18, 2005
Thrawn McEwok has entered the spiraling world of gorey descriptions as Anakin Solo is shaped ... Rated R covers such descriptions, meaning if you're one of those people who suffer nightmares, best to read Once A Warrior in broad daylight! Part 8 will make you wonder how far one can go and still be sort of considered ALIVE ... strap yourselves in, because it's the first of several such parts of the great story of Anakin Solo's fate post-Myrkyr, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. Come to think of it, some of that goopy stuff one of us ate at The Living Room Café does have that sort of raw look ... it was only redeemed because some cute cops in kilts walked by was we attempted to imbibe! It's otherwise a thumbs-down "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine (hey, it happens!), but it's balanced by the definite "must go" date-place called The Elephant, where one imbibes in Thai food as a Frenchman might see it (not in elephant!). And if that's too visceral a description (first Vong shaping, then Vongesque cooking!), heed Master Yoda's admonition that TVP Real Food It Is ... that stands for "textured vegetable protein" and despite its rather explicit name, this ingredient does indeed make the best TVP Chili and TVP "Meat" Loaf, and includes Tips on TVP Prep. This "Set Piece" is also in Hut Cuisine. But if you prefer your 'Hut entries less food-like, how about Diana's scribbles for Iella's GFFA Hums #3, Enlarged? You saw them last week, but these are bigger :) and it's "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. Despite the end of the movie saga, every little aspect of the GFFA lives on in the 'Hut!

July 10, 2005
The irrepressible Iella is at it again! She's written three more GFFA Hums, this time about trouble a-brewin': Wedding Plans | Grand Theft Speeder | Malevolent Master Maul — trouble for Prince Isolder, Simon Greystoke, and Darth Maul, but all wonders and happiness for us! And it's become a sort of tradition for Diana to do some scribbles for her along the way, so be sure to check out this "Poetry Stuff" in Stories & Things! For art of another sort, new contributor PadawanRose sent in a photo of her younglings wearing costumes she made herself! Oh, to have such a mother who would grant that The Senator & the Jedi, Come to Life!. She did most of the research and work herself, it looks great, and the models seem to love the garb, too! It really is "GFFA Art," and we hope more costumes will be listed in Art & Things someday! Though one should watch out how many of Gramma Loran's Pierogies one eats. Guinastasia opines that it's too easy to eat too many of them, as well as the leftover potato filling, too ... and within it is a simple, yummy Mashed Potato recipe ... Face has to be careful how many he eats, or he'll never fit into his costumes! Same goes for eating at Prune, which is a great grill place (despite its name), whether for winter or summer, says this "Noshery Review," and both foodie submissions are in Hut Cuisine. Ate too much anyway? Might be worth laughing it off — try this horredy (horror comedy ... but is it supposed to be??) called Seed of Chucky. Voices are provided by LOTR alumnus, too! Enough reason to read the "Movie Review" in Stories & Things. (And remember, moderation in all things, or as Face points out, you'll be a horredy when you try to get into that corset ...) Thank you to all the new submitters this week! What would the 'hut be without you??

July 3, 2005
Don't you hate when you get a song into your head and it won't go away? Sometimes the only cure is to sing along till the words warp in your brain ... we suspect something like that happened to Iella, and thus Palpatine, a filk based on Queen's Killer Queen. We bet Freddy Mercury would have made a FINE playmate for the Sith! Confused yet? Well, just as Complications ended with Part 6: Three's a Crowd, the surprise ending leads to a new tale — Confusions ... but it really is a separate story ... though Part 1: Once Upon A Time will live up to its series title, no matter how clear you on where one story starts ... while the other ends ... The filk is "Poetry Stuff" and the new tale is "GFFA Fanfic," both in Stories & Things. All that mind whirling stuff hurting you? Well, get in line, like they did at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party, where the best championship 'cue from around the country showed up in the concrete jungle of New York City. It was definitely worth waiting in line, even though one had to pick and choose which lines. Of course, with all the people there, it was possible to get lost and end up in the wrong place. Like some Hutties did when they stepped into what should have been an old fashioned Italian pastry shop, De Robertis Pasticceria and Caffe. "Disappointment" is the term one uses when expectations are not met ... it applies to many pastry places where the food just isn't up to snuff. So it's good to have a guaranteed good place, like Noodles on 28 where service is abrupt but the food is decent and inexpensive and exactly what you expected. Not da bomb, but just right sometimes. The "Field Report" is in Stories & Things, and the "Noshery Reviews" are in Hut Cuisine. Hey, in the image up above ... is that a rebel alliance tattoo???

June 26, 2005
You have enough Complications with your boyfriend's "soul" trapped within you (he's dead, by the way!) and then you start running into his family and their lovers ... some of whom are bent on seduction, or maybe attack? Part 6: Three's a Crowd has a title that may say it TOO well! And we're warning you ... the PG-13 rating is kind of liberal ... especially the mind-goggling ending to this multi-part tale! All 6 chapters are all listed in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, should you need to read backwards! In case you need a trip back in time, too often we think too hard, when all we have to do is drive a few hours to get back to some perceived time-that-was ... and take a Classic Midwest Summer Weekend where we can go to a waterpark, food stands, a genuine drive-in sock-hoppy restaurant called H & B's Hop, and a genuine drive-in movie theater, smack in the middle of a Heartland cornfield. Truly, this "Field Report" can take you back in time, if not in absolute space. for that, you can watch television ... though not just ANY television. You know, thank goodness for DVDs because there is so much gos seh on TV that it's possible to miss the good stuff simply because you're avoiding the dreck that's prevalent. If so, then get the DVD 14-episode set for Firefly, where you get to learn some neat Mandarin words and get to fall in love with a TV show that you should have watched. The "Review" makes this infatuation rather clear, but do go watch the show! Love will make you do odd things, like ... even cook for someone you care about when you're not exactly knowledgeable about the hows or whys of the process. But it makes the effort all the more touching when it works out, don't you think? That's how Anakin feels when his wife makes Padmé's "Barbecue" Chicken, and do note the quotemarks. Though it actually does taste good, we're sure Anakin would have loved it no matter if it tastes like banthas probably smell! But it doesn't, it's really really good, and it's a "Recipe" in Hut Cuisine, and it really is rather adorable (and not at all complicated) in its way!

June 20, 2005
Okay, okay ... so we've waited forever for AlianInvader's I Can Wait Forever, but we warn you, Part 10 is the last one for a while, so make it last! (Be sure you write to her an implore "MORE!" ... fanfic authors live for that, and they do respond!) And isn't it just like her to leave Jaina (and us!) in the lurch?? Enjoy this racy marginally PG-rated "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. And some of you might consider the character of JarJar Binks to be marginal, too ... but some of us are actually intrigued by this being enough to delve into what he would cook for company. And wouldn't you know it? He made Gooberfish Head Soup for the assembled political hoi-polloi of Naboo ... but the Senator herself declared it good! Honest! It's classified as both a "Seafood Main Dish" and a "Soup" in Hut Cuisine recipes. It's not as odd as one might think; the Chinese do not waste any part of an animal in their culinary tradition either, and the food is often delicious and cheap for it, too! Witness Golden Sea, the place to go to when you don't know what to eat, but it'd better be good! And if you get there earlier in the day, it's Golden Sea for Dimsum. (Actually, the guy we questioned only spoke Cantonese, and we couldn't decide if dimsum was only served on weekends, or all week?) These "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine define food so good you might swoon ... like a certain Rogue does as his exit-maneuver on many a sortis ... BactaBoy is the appropriate nickname for the man who would spent so many hours in the drink, as it were ... and it's a poem with rhyming couplets, should you be into that sort of thing. And even if you aren't, it's still a good poem by Wraith6, who ordinarily is the resident painter on the 'Hut. He says he was inspired by Iella's GFFA Hums! Well heck, who wouldn't be??

June 12, 2005
ShadowChaser delves into a classic Stackpole SW novel and fills in some gaps in the narrative upon the revelations in Ep3! Star Wars: Paths of the Jedi — Valin Halcyon brings the Camaasi gift of memory sharing to what we knew had to have happened. Go read it; it'll likely be a series! Like that long-suffering Erisi Dlarit series, Lady On A Box; it's normally NC-17, but Part 5: Probe Consideration is curiously rated "PG" ... makes you wonder what storm might be a-brewin'! Visit "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things for these and other fine-quality fanfic. And remember the recipes of Hut Cuisine have some pretty dandy stories too — like the tricks one can do with a prosthetic, in Waffles = Toasted Human Hand, and it puts several waffle recipes and many "tips and tricks" all in one place, for your breakfasting or practical joking pleasure! It's a "Set Piece," featuring Obi-wan and his errant first pupil. It could have been worse, for instead of punishing Anakin with waffle-making duties, he might have forced him to eat mediocre food in a so-so place, like Shore, which was surprising considering its paternity ... well, can't judge a man by his father, eh? (Where have we heard that before??) Enjoy this "Noshery Review." You CAN, however, sometimes judge a GFFA denizen by the hums they recite as they go along doing what they do ... You do remember Iella's excellent GFFA Hums? There are two so far with more promised (we hope!!!). We were all chatting late one night when it came out that Iella thought it'd be great to see some scribbles or doodles or anything illustrating the "hums" ... and so it came to pass! Diana and Runt have been twiddling with pen and paper and happily announce that they are ready to view: GFFA Hums and GFFA Hums 2! So these poems will be listed in Art & Stuff, as well as in the other categories. We hope you enjoy them, and if you feel compelled to hum or scribble something of your own, be sure to send it on over to the Hut! (And how many times have you see Ep3 so far??)

June 6, 2005
Waking up is often a scary thing in the GFFA. It's ongoing series fanfic day here it seems, and it's all scary and GOOD! ThrawnMcEwok's tale of waking up with your dead lover's soul in your body takes on an interesting twist when it's obvious you aren't quite in charge with your body anymore. Complications: Part 5 delves deeper and more disturbingly into the probabilities. And ShadowChaser's X-Wing: Lusankya finds Tycho not quite woken up when he's given orders to live .. but Chapter 11 punches him hard when he is awake! Its Rated R for graphic descriptions of horrible violence and torture. And last fortnight's Star Wars: Consequences actually is the third in a series called Ruminations. Read the other two parts: Star Wars: NJO — Feelings and Star Wars: NJO — Thoughts, which are short writings on the inner thoughts of various characters ... they are more studies in a sense, but worth reading! Well, then again, all "GFFA Fanfic" suitable for listing in Stories & Things are required reading, don't you think?? And the stories within Hut Cuisine recipes are also studies of sorts, but they do make sense of the recipes within ... look over Twins’ Fish — High, Low and In Between where a fishing trip combined with the GFFA produced three distinctive fish recipes that could have come from the Skywalker twins themselves! And in our universe, they did, of course! Think that's incongruous? How about beatnik southern French style bistro in Hollywood? Sounds like a movie setting, but the restaurant is called California Canteen, and the name doesn't seem to fit the setting either ... but the food was a nice change from the normal offerings of tinseltown. The "Noshery Review" and "Set Piece" are both in Hut Cuisine. And what if you woke up one day and saw a felbeast flying above you ... and on its back was the Witch King himself, but wearing something you'd never seen before ... would you panic? WraithVI believes Samwise Gamgee overcame his temerity and became the hero here, as he was throughout the LOTR tale, and didn't run away. Instead, he produced an Eyewitness Sketch of the Witch King in Armor. Check out this eerily beautiful set of drawings in "Other Art," Art & Stuff!

May 29, 2005
We're still seeing Ep3 in theaters and have noticed that the tale improves on repeated viewings. Proof: fanfic! Obi-wan continues to be a favorite topic, and Diana claims to have had this one in her head for quite a while now, but it took Beru's accepting Luke at the end of the film to finally finish it up. Being as close as he was to the Chosen One, Obi-wan considers himself a Third Parent to the twins. Wonder what made him give Luke up to Beru and Owen? Just as well he did, or there'd be no Anakin Solo and thus no Kunra! ThrawnMcEwok continues to give a workshop description of "shaping 101" in his series Once A Warrior, and Part 7 is still a PG-13 doozy, and both "GFFA Fanfic" are listed in Stories & Things. When Obi-wan went into exile on Tatooine, he had to learn how to make a living, how to gather food, how to find peace within himself with his memories. Some of his memories resulted in recipes that were in themselves tradable goods. They're logged in the "Set Piece" called Tatooine Memories Chicken Salads and they all have ingredients in common, but the locales and situations resulted in different techniques to create the different dishes. And before the Clone Wars had started, Anakin had made a bit of a blooper on Utapau by eating some worms that looked like noodles, forcing Obi-wan to step in and explain about Negotiable Soup Noodles. This "Soup" is also in Hut Cuisine, as is a "Noshery Review" for Olives, and Italian fusiony sort of restaurant that is very LA, rather than NYC. Wonder what the GFFA equivalents for those two towns might be? We know that the Jedi might be a less fun, less exhuberant version of Team America: World Police, a "Movie/DVD Review" which actually rates a Death Star evaluation! It's in Stories and Things, and let's face it, when we think of Ep3, we want to yell "F*** Yeah!" at every turn, too!

May 23, 2005
We couldn't help ourselves ... some of the Huttites were bursting to write fanfic and all sorts upon seeing Ep3! ShadowChaser started fitfully till Obi-wan managed to channel through her to tell of Star Wars: Consequences at what was to become his life's work. It's a short, strong piece, and see if you remember who Siri Tachi was ... and MaceVindaloo and Diana see Anakin as a younger, more innocent padawan, more Ep2-like in An Urgent Matter; perhaps letting him get away with these little things didn't bode well? Both are "GFFA Fanfic" listed in Stories & Things, and see if it doesn't make you burst out a story of your own! If not a story, how about a recipe? CEO of the Commerce Guild, Shu Mai (yes, George actually named her that) craved only Gossam Red Pork, and so she kept her aide Cat Miin with her (yes, that's really her name, too!) It's a "Mains: Meats" entry in Hut Cuisine. Shu might have preferred to be anywhere else than Mustafar ... maybe even with Rosie watching the Clive Cussler based Sahara. Thankfully, it's a good adaptation of Cussler's adventure work, despite some problems. It's a "Movie Review" in Stories & Things. At least the stars are hunky! And if they imbibe in Subway sandwiches, they'd likely stay hunky ... or at least slim down like Jared or Fat Bastard did! It's actually what some Hutties ate en route to C3, which feels like a long time ago ... and Indy did seem like a different galaxy to some of us! The "Noshery Review" in held in Hut Cuisine, of course. But ... beware ... it is the path to the dark side! (No wonder Anakin went nuts from the Yoda and Obi-wan lectures!) Oh, and by now, you should have seen Ep3 a half dozen times, if only to track the lightsabre battles!!

May 16, 2005
The mania builds! Okay, so with Internet and phone ordering, there aren't the line-ups for tickets there once was, but if you are participating in a line, occupy yourself with an appropriate (or in-!) GFFA Hums: Ep2, the second set of pre-occupied songs denizens of the GFFA might sing under their breath. They're very catchy and you'll never see nursery rhymes the same way ever again ... Or ruminate over a weather report sort of poem concerning a certain crazy old wizard ... he knows that it's just all a matter of Sand and Time: Signs, before the big storm is a-comin' ... both of these are "Poetry Stuff" in Stories & Things, and when you read them, you will agree that Iella is more than simply a genius — she's a GFFA-ite! And if the suspense is killing you, but you aren't going to read the novel, you could get a teeny bit spoiled instead by reading ShadowChaser's review for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith novel. And oh yes, it has spoilers ... but let's face it, we do know what will happen as we tumble headlong into Ep4 ... even the grocery stores are getting into it, with Starwarsries, the new fruit that likely is being sold as a bundle with Nabooberries ... the "Review" is in Stories & Things while the filked photo is in "GFFA Art." It's all very complicated sometimes ... do you believe that AOL news actually had the headline, "Is Amidala good or evil, see our chart to keep track." WTF??? Okay, to let's take a deep breath and get away from hard-core GFFA for the moment ... and instead look at a hard-core problem for Tahiri and Anakin in ThrawnMcEwok's Complications. Part 4: A New Day introduces other problems ... other than waking up and finding your dead boyfriend's soul is embedded in your body, of course! This PG-13 tale is "GFFA Fanfic" and located in Stories & Things. As for being embedded in another body, try wearing the costume for a person that doesn't exist ... but is oh-so-fun to pretend they do! Some GFFA A.U. teens try to be what they aren't and meet up, wondering Interspecies Meeting: Who is What? — it's "GFFA Art" and "GFFA Fanfic" ... or at least, GFFA Fanfic to come! In contrast, ShadowChaser knows who and what hse is, and has a wondrous and uplifted time at Anime Boston 2005, sacrificing good grades and final exams to get her costume ready in time! She took a lot of pics too, so you can see the Anime Chess Game (does Alucard beat Asuka??) and the great costumes therein! It's a "Field Report" in Stories & Things, and good fun! (Meaning C3 ain't the only game in town! But you all go and see Ep3, and send in your comments, y'hear?!?

May 8, 2005
The lineups outside of theaters have started in a more serious manner, now that Ep3 is not far ... for those of you going to premiers in support of worthy charities, good on ya! For the rest of us ... we imbibe in fanfic! Like the inside-the-head suppositions Diana makes regarding Vader and his Sweet Dream, or the interface-between-the-body-and-the-body description of Vader's grandson's shaping in ThrawnMcEwok's Once A Warrior. Chapter 6 is PG-13, verging on R for rather explicit description of how one becomes shaped ... so be warned! Both of these "GFFA Fanfic" are located in Stories & Things. In a shaping of another form, go and watch The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and you will be very pleasantly surprised, even if you're an absolute fan of Douglas Adams's original books, like reviewer Ees is. He DID finish 85% of the screenplay before he died, after all. The parts that were done by others ... well, do read the review and "Be Afraid"! It's a "Movie Review" in Stories & Things. Speaking of finishing, WraithVI is not yet "done" with Bad Boyz, his cartoon strip, and No. 4 is in even more questionable taste than the previous three ... This "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff is still Rated R, after all! Too much for you? Take a break and go to Spain ... or rather, a midwestern take on Spain at a nice, artsy place called Sangria Tapas Café; you could be excused for thinking this takes advantage of what Americans know about Spain, but it started as an educational field trip for school! It's a "Noshery Review" since Rosie and PlazaQueen got a lot to eat and talk about; check for it in Hut Cuisine. And when you get home, power up the DVD and the TV, for the Episode 3 Soundtrack is here, and it includes a second disc — a DVD containing 16 "music videos" from all six films! What are you waiting for, go get it now! Or at least find out what Hut authors have to say about it. It's our first "Soundtrack Review," and also the first review with a provisional rating ... can't really tell how well it does till the move actually comes out, right??

May 1, 2005
Can't believe that C3 was last week ... it feels like ages ago, and still ages to go till Ep3 is out in theaters! Well, ages for SW dorks like us, y'see. But you know that! We've been hard at work slapping together reports and photos from the Celebration3 Con in Indy; the Admin 'droid has been busy flogging us into action, so we can bring you this C3 edition of WookieeHut! We hope you enjoy it! Of course, there is the four-day event itself, and LFL is likely to not do it again in this form, being that they see these things as movie-launch publicity ... so enjoy the report! While they were in Indianapolis, the Hutties decided to splurge on a nice hotel and opted to stay in the newly renovated Hilton Downtown, and we are really glad we did! For one, it was near the convention center, and for another, they had excellent breakfasts at 120 West Market, the hotel restaurant. A good breakfast is vital when enduring the long lines and huge crowds (over 30,000, more than Anakin's midichlorian count!), and also for keeping your strength when laughing your guts sore while watching Star Wars Stage Shows: Star Wars Musical Edition | One-Man Star Wars | Star Wars in 30 Minutes. These were stage productions available to con-goers, and so popular that venues bigger than many Broadway theaters were packed full, with lines waiting to get in! It was wholly worth seeing these musical comedy parodies, and any of them would have been worth the price of admission to the con on it's own! But there was much more, including the LFL C3 Archive Exhibit — it had a few props and costumes from all the episodes on display, but it was stunning ... and showed that Hayden Christensen is not as short as people have been trashtalking! The Wookiees, by the way, are apparently Maori ... We didn't get a chance to gain entry into the C3 store, but the C3 Exhibitor's Hall housed the offerings of myriad vendors who sold everything from books to old toys to new computer games and Legos, as well as "utility kilts" ... We didn't really eat anything bought at the Con itself ... bottled water went for $2.50 apiece, for crying out loud! So we mis-spent our money elsewhere: at C2, we'd discovered the delights of Ruth's Chris Steak House — yeah, we know it's a chain, but it's an excellent chain with great food. Just be prepared to pay more, so you don't pass out on your comrades! Actually, Indy seemed to only have chain restaurants; not that that was bad, as evidenced by Rock Bottom Brewery, which managed to draw us in with cardboard stand-ups of Chewbacca and Vader in the window, and TGI Friday's proved that it's as effective as fast-food joints anywhere at offering inexpensive meals in a frat-boy type of environment, anywhere in the world. But we did find something so local that we couldn't pin down what they were called, and settled for Portable Smoker Pushcart, which sold wonderful, authentic barbecue ... too bad we can't find them again! But at least they are logged as a "Noshery Review" on Hut Cuisine, for posterity's sake! The "Field Reports" and the Stageshow "Review" are located in Stories & Things. It was a fun ride, and we're hoping to keep riding that high till May 19!!! (18 more days to go ... er, or 17 if you are going to the midnight showing on the 18th ...)

April 25, 2005
When the GFFA characters spend idle moments, they often hum little songs to themselves. Poetess Supreme Iella has made a whole meal out of little mental snacks in GFFA Hums, featuring the ruminations of Luke Skywalker (Teneniel Djo); Jag Fel (Jaina Solo); Anakin Solo (Tahiri Veila); R2D2 (C3PO); and Hobbie Klivian (himself)! We spent time snickering and guffawing and her little tiddly poms, listed as "Poetry Stuff" in Stories & Things. Speaking of tiddly poms, Kunra and Tahiri have shared a (romantic?) meal and now the questioning begins ... be sure you're caught up, up to Part 5 of Once A Warrior, because it'll get heavy after this! Come to think of it, when Thrawn McEwok tells a tale, it does get full of Complications, especially for Tahiri's main squeeze ... er, he WAS her main squeeze ... er ... best to read Part 3: Equals and Opposites of that mind-bending tale to get inside Tahiri's head, nearly a decade after Anakin died. In the meantime, his sister uses the four-letter "L" word with Kyp ... and AlianInvader probes this take on the very edges of PG ... it's a short and "sweet" Part 9 of I Can Wait Forever ... think Kyp really can wait "forever"?? Hey, fine quality "GFFA Fanfic" can leave you breathless, as in all of the tales today! (Note: Thank you to all those who were not at C3 and who coded and wrote so that Wookieehut would not be without a posting this week. And such wondrous storytelling it is ... makes us not want to write a C3 Field Report just we we can extort more wondrous fic from you!! As for those of you who made it to C3 ... remember what you learned, help you it can!)

April 17, 2005
Someday, the men of the GFFA (and of THIS world, for that matter) will learn that actions done in apparent secret will undergo scrutiny by those who care the most for them. Kyp Durron did try to be nice and do something good ... so what's this accusing tone he's suffering from Jaina?? Part 8 of I Can Wait Forever ends uncomfortably for poor Kyp, in more than one way, and Part 4 of Once A Warrior will force Anakin to remember things, for Tahiri's sake ... even if they hurt. A lot! These "GFFA Fanfic" are ongoing multi-parters in Stories & Things. Bet the boys would love a flash of Italian chef Giada's De Laurentiis's big, bright smile, or even an autographed book. Check out the pretty woman with the famous grandad in "Field Reports" in Stories & Things. Well, maybe the men (and women) would have liked the Italianesque food at Olive Garden, at least? It's a family Italian-American place, thought hardly romantic (since there are no reservations and long waiting lines). For romance, something reminiscent of old trains and clandestine meetings, like at Pershing Square might be more apropos? These are "Noshery Reviews," lodged in Hut Cuisine. BY THE WAY ... Star Wars Celebration3 starts this coming week, so the Hut may have to suffer an abbreviated posting for next week ... but we promise field reports and pics after we get back! (See you there???)

April 10, 2005
Sometimes fathers don't know best, and will hurt or upset those around them, often without meaning to ... Like when Han decided that he was the only one hurting after Chewbacca had died ... when he comes to, he realizes how close he had come when he Nearly Lost It — all of it ... the poem is limned by Iella and illustrated with details of paintings done by Wraith6, called Sun High and Milennium Falsehood?. And Wedge Antilles discovers that being a father is much more difficult and fraught with peril than being wanted by the Empire, or being a hero of the New Republic! He describes outings with his daughters in metaphorical ways, like one event euphemistically called The "Camping Trip" ... be sure you aren't eating or drinking for this one ... This "GFFA Fanfic" is in Stories & Things, as is the "Poetry Stuff" about Han. And if your stomach is a bit "off" and you need to ingest more-easily digestible foods, try the "Vegetarian Main Dish" that Ron Weasley likes, called Tofu in Spinach Gravy which is actually MUCH better than you'd suppose. Look for yourself, in Hut Cuisine (it's VERY good!). Though an obvious spoof horror comedy blend like Shaun of the Dead might elicit groans of disbelief or guffaws at the sheer "genius" of this sort-of fan movie with many references to other movies (including the line "Get behind me! Get behind me!" from ANH and none other than the voice of Darth Maul!) ... it's a silly "Movie Review" but good fun in a lame sort of way, in Stories & Things. As for lame, stay away from the Bad Boyz ... these miscreant stormtroopers are beginning to live up to their R-rating ... remember that just because it's a comic/cartoon, it doesn't mean it's for kids! Click at your own risk, it's "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. And we hope you've all been choosing between dark chocolate M&M's (Darth Mix), and milk chocolate (Jedi Mix)! No, we're not kidding ... tell Dad that he can save a bit of money by buying BOTH ...

April 3, 2005
The Bad Boyz have received word that things are changing for them, but there IS a SPOILER there for Ep3, so think a bit and make an important decision before clicking! Kyp could have used that advice if he had been amenable to using it ... instead, he's now the favorite source of gossip. Then again, maybe he LIKES being a boytoy-idiot?? I Can Wait Forever: Part 7 shows JUST what girls are capable of ... both are "GFFA" entries, WraithIV's comic is "FanArt" in Art & Stuff while AlianInvader's story is "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Things change for character Corky Romano when the "family" calls him to honor their father. You'll enjoy it especially if you're a Chris Katann fan; check it out in "Reviews," Stories & Things. But if you love your father, you will NOT take him to Original Tommy's unless you want him to believe you're trying to kill him! See why the food at this burger chain is a big no-no, in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine. It might be better to show your love and affection by making a rich dish which can actually be quite inexpensive if you plan ahead, like Mara Jade does when she makes Lobster & Leek Labioli, with salvaged lobster and surplus leeks. It's a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. Taking someone out to dinner or cooking something less arduous and more expensive is something anyone can do ... see what we mean. There are step by step photos, too!

March 28, 2005
AlianInvader probes the very vaporous edges of flaring tempers, and this time it isn't Kyp OR Jaina about to lose it ... I Can Wait Forever: Part 6 shows not only how much a man can care for a young girl, but how he'll trick another man to get his way. And yet, it isn't what you think! This next chapter is listed as "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. If you'd received that scolding, you might abscond away to White Castle where the likes of Harold & Kumar can be found at the temple of "the perfect food" ... and sometimes, a burger IS perfect! See what MaceVindaloo thinks in this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. But let's be honest, other times you need a real home-cooked meal. It's good for the soul, the waistline, time management, and the wallet. Lack the inclination to do such a thing? Then do it as a kit-set project, like various Hutties did at Dream Dinners, where they do the chopping, washing, clean-up ... and you take home the meals and collect kudos! It's not a recipe, but a "Field Report" in Stories & Things, since the Hutties were doing re-con for their own selfish foodie purposes! If Ron had done some research, he might not now wish to eat his words, or he won't get any of Hermione's Crumby Cherry Pie ... what any man wants — honest! — see for yourself in Hut Cuisine, where it's stores in "Desserts & Puddings." Yes, even those who have "other interests," like the 'troopers in Bad Boyz. It's our first serial "GFFA Art" submission, and also our first Rated R Art & Stuff, so click cautiously! Well ... this week's comic isn't too raunchy, but you never know what's in the mind of Hutties, eh?

March 20, 2005
A party can be a dangerous thing when you are at odds with the object of your affection ... imagine having to make nice with everyone watching! Get ye to I Can Wait Forever: Part 5, at least to find out what Jaina is wearing, and how it affects Kyp and all the guys of Rogue Squadron! There are ways that Complications can be even more complex. Bad enough your ex shows up, and in Part Two: Echoes & Reflections, the question is no longer how, nor why ... but what is the new reality?? Things are indeed complicated, and how else would you want a Thrawn McEwok tale?? The latter "GFFA Fanfic" is Rated PG-13, the former is barely Rated PG, and both are in Stories & Things. Things are so prickly in those two tales, yet they tell stories of endurance ... like a lobster! Sturdy, enudring, prickly! So even a visit to Red Lobster even elicits GFFA thoughts, but it's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine, where the writers are observing the Christian traditions of Lent. During WWII, Americans did not consider anything but beef to be "meat," per se ... and often they still do that. So chicken would be an acceptable Lenten dish for those folks, and you could do worse than have an easy to prepare, flexible (make it rustic or fancy, instructions included!), tasty, hot Proper Protocol Potted Poulet, as created by C3PO — it seems that in Hut Cuisine, protocol 'droids are excellent slow-cooker cooks. But maybe you crave meat in all its Americano glory — which means burgers! But contrary to popular thought, a burger is more than just the meat, as evidenced in In 'n Out Burger, which is apparently one of the best. Maybe the Yuuzhan Vong or the Rogues would think to serve these at their soirées?? Would make for a tasty meal at the fireworks in those tales, for sure!

March 13, 2005
Let's say you assume you're just doing your job as a holo-presenter of wild animals, but your assistants are not only lovely, but after your butt in a big way? Then you'd get the AU debacle called, At the Oasis: The Legend of the Abominable Roon Mudman, which Iella wrote in response to Thrawn McEwok's "mudfight challenge." The McEwok has in the meantime been doing some "inner space" exploration, and he's started another one of his excellent multi-parters. This one is called Complications, and Part One: Awakening is aptly and kind of creepily titled ... It's Rated PG-13 ... for now! Both excellent stories are pure "GFFA Fanfic" and are listed in Stories & Things. Iella's tale comes with a coda and recipes, developed by MaceVindaloo. After a mudfight, one would have great need for Bad Karma Warmers, a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine containing an easy recipe for an exotic soup and a follow-up easy-to-fix lasagne. Can't go wrong there, eh? Though if you take a left at the wrong star, you'd be excused for thinking you had traveled back in time as well as space if you end up in LAX's Encounter. But it's actually a restaurant, and Hut Cuisine carries this "Noshery Review" so that you'll finally know what that oddly shaped structure is, plopped in the middle of the LA Int'l airport. The food is not so hot ... better to stay in Boston on the east coast and attend the small, cozy, and very wonderful Boskone42, with gueststar Orson Scott Card! ShadowChaser shadows and chases him and is ultimate rewarded — well done! Read her "Field Report" in Stories & Things and remember that smaller cons will let you see and do a bit more, avoid famous author handlers, and make you happy! A fine lesson for life, if ever there was one!

March 6, 2005
The great thing about a big fight is the begging for forgiveness and the "making up" that follows — if you're doing it right, that is! It seems the Kyp is finally starting to get a few clues; he even has Jaina talking about how many sets of twins are in her future ... despite this, Part Four of I Can Wait Forever manages to stay in the Rated PG-range of fanfic, but don't say you won't get all ... clammy. Certainly, Part Two: Rising of Natures investigates ... if a being is no longer flesh and blood, when you remove their armor, is it ... armorous? Both AlianInvader and ThrawnMcEwok show how to keep a story Rated PG yet hurt you with its eroticism ... douse yourself with a bucket of cold pseudo-reality with the filkmaster Iella's parody called GFFA Idol, complete with Simon and Yoda as judges and commercials one would encounter on the holovid while you sip on blue milk! All of these are some of the finest examples of "GFFA Fanfic" anywhere, and all are safely Rated PG and listed in Stories & Things. You'll enjoy them, oh yes you will! In this earth-bound life, making up usually starts with going out to dinner, but one should be careful of one's choices. If you are unsure of the offended person's predilections, better to place it safe at a seafood place like City Crab, despite the double-entendre of its name. It's "safe" because they offer almost a Hellenic diner's range of dishes, so if your hurt sweetie is not into oysters on the halfshell, he or she or it can have a more Chewbaccan steak or something instead. But it won't appeal to those who REALLY love seafood, and for those you might know better, we assume you've offended them worse, and going only to a place like fresh. will give you a chance at healing wounds. Mind you, if you know the person adores seafood at its best and its one of the things you adore about him/her/it, you are in pretty deep ... and we all know of seafood's ... ahem ... "other" properties ... so go for the best, depending on how you feel about that person! Otherwise, you'll end up like Kyp ... or Anakin ... or Jacen ...

February 28, 2005
If one is challenged to write a fic involving GFFA and mudwrestling, leave it to Thrawn McEwok to come with a multiparter with a VERY intriguing opening chapter! Natures is subtitled, A Green-Eyed Jedi Mud-Fight Challenge ’Fic, and Part One is called The Rampart Falls and it's juicy! But don't worry, it's Rated PG and thus safe for those who like to follow the rules ... though there is definitely implied naughtiness! Like in AlianInvader's I Can Wait Forever. Part Three makes you want Tycho to rough up those who might hurt someone he considers "one of his own." Oh, pleeeeease, may the authoress see fit to have Tycho lash out! But it's still Rated PG though you might be panting a bit ... unlike Diana deRiggs's My Master which is deeply and thoroughly Rated X and squicky. Does it make you feel better that a married couple is involved in this tale of lust and ... love? These are "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things, and they're all solid! And if you feel all GFFA's out, you can read ShadowChaser's review of Shadow Quartet — Shadow of the Giant, the final book in the quartet by Orson Scott Card, and it's a winner! How winning? Hey, how about that guy looking for his children, which had been implanted in separate mothers??? It's a "Book Review" in Stories & Things! But you can get right back into the GFFA, of course, and enjoy a hearty meal that only children can make — the "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine is called Compulsory Young Jedi Soups. Every child needs to learn to feed themselves ... otherwise, how else to grow stronger and older and solve the problems of the galaxy? Or write fanfic in many different flavors and hues? Indeed, stay healthy and enjoy the fare! But do be careful to observe those ratings, eh?

February 21, 2005
Jaina Solo is a formidable force, especially as she's hot and in love and thinking she was a fool to throw away everything she had for ... Kyp?? I Can Wait Forever's Part Two outlines how much a fool a man — or woman — can be, even if he's older than you (aren't they ALWAYS??). And new author Guinastasia shows that even a sensitive, nice guy like Face can be "like a virgin" when it comes to sex ... the "PWP" NC-17 tale is called Why Did I Wait So Long? and it makes you wonder just WHO is asking the question? Both are "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Let it inspire you, just as the poetry style of Dr. Seuss can inspire tech support to become ... "Poetry Stuff"! You've probably seen it before, floating around the www, but it's worth logging: Seussian Tech Support Responses is now part of the 'Hut, enjoy it in Stories & Things! Also there to lighten the mid-winter blues is a "Field Report" of tropical-inspired Castaway Bay, which allows you to spend extra time in your bathing suit rather than traveling too far. Even better, the restaurant, called Mango Mike's is right on the premises, so you don't have to break the illusion of an idyll on a warm, wet, noisy beachy resort. The "Noshery Review" is in Hut Cuisine, the report in Stories & Things. So whether you keep warm and wet with hot love or a virtual resort, enjoy yourself and remember we're all watching (and reading)!

February 15, 2005
You know how we have our favorite characters and we write about them a lot, then suddenly there is a new favorite and suddenly there seems to be a big burst of stories about her and him. Love her or hate her, Jaina Solo is everyone's wetdream ... no matter what species! Wookiee Nookiee seems a custom-written piece for the Hut, entitled as it is ... and its a VERY racy NC-17 ... so all you nice, clean-minded and younger folks stay away from that hot link! You'll combust otherwise — or go blind! If you want something no less romantic or potentially angsty, AlianInvader's I Can Wait Forever pits a surprisingly sympathizable Kyp with the Vong Goddess herself in Part One of the tale. You know it's good, and filled with the type of love every man fears and every girl desires. Mind you, every "man" would fear Wookiee Nookiee too ... but if you're a Huttite, you know you will enjoy! Happy Valentine's to you all. What? Want more love? There is a great love story by a pre-Austin, pre-Shrek Mike Myers, the wonderfully funny romantic murder comedy called So I Married An Axe Murderer. We all thought maybe the title was too stupid, but once you see the movie, it's rather impossible to suggest another title for it. It's very funny, and if you forgot about Valentine's Day, or put your foot in it, we suggest renting this to watch before or after groveling for forgiveness! All three of these are in Stories & Things, either in "GFFA Fanfic" or "Reviews" and we're sure you can figure out which is which. Making a special meal might help, too. The recipes for this week are perfect for a lover's day -- a rich, smooth, creamy Wild Merry's Wild Mushroom Bisque are about love for a lifestyle you may never see again (all you potential bachelors who can't live without the woman of your dreams, take note!), while Duck Fingers are about the love of one Jedi for the galaxy, and what he's willing to sacrifice to save it. Obiwan loves it enough even to deny knowledge of the truth to young Luke Skywalker, who wants nothing more than the truth. Like love, you can't always get what you want ... but like the recipes in Hut Cuisine, the dish you're wish is often lovable on its own! By the way, sorry we are a couple of days late posting. We were "busy" with Valentine's plans, too ... no, you don't want to know ...

February 6, 2005
A bit of a prelude to Valentine's Day, we have two "GFFA Fanfic" entries, both involving Jaina Solo as the objet d'affection! Soldier is a poem by the incomparable bard Iella, and as much as some of us Hutties think Jaina is a brat, makes you kind of sympathize with Jagged's obsession. And if you like your obsessions on the angsty side, jump right into AlianInvader's I Can Wait Forever. To get you started, there is the Prologue (man to man talk between Kyp Duron and ... Han!) and the Air Supply song that inspired the fic, I Can Wait Forever (song), for reference. Both are superb and will help you get into the melodramatic mood you'll need for V-Day, listed in Stories & Things. For those who care about such things, today is Superbowl Sunday, where American gridiron fanatics consume enormous amounts of snacks ... to us, a "superbowl" contains soup or stew ... and we have two humdinger recipes! If you're a beef stew type of aficionado and find yourself pressed for time, try Beef Stew Under Pressure, but if you lean more toward "Tuscan" style soups with sausages and bacon, you'll love Hearty Farmhouse Soup, which can feed a whole army of Chiss, much less a couple of piddly football teams! Both are in Hut Cuisine — make one now while it's cold in the northern reaches of this planet! But don't bother with the movie King Arthur unless you are the type who can ignore legends and tales and expectations. Then it ain't a bad film; funny, didn't someone say that about Troy a couple of weeks back? Seems that not even a semi-naked Keira Knightly could save the flick; well, she's not Brad Pitt, but who is? (We bet Jaina is hoping either Kyp or Jagged is! By the way, Kiera Knightly played Sabé in Ep1 ... and book illustrators have been showing Jaina looking rather like Padmé ... which means, ergo, that Ms. Knightly could certainly play visual stand-in for Jaina, eh?? Imagine that leather thing as Rogue Squadron strapping instead ...) So read some poetry and angst-fic and tales with recipes attached instead, and enjoy pre-lover's day or snacking-couch-potato day!

January 31, 2005
Ever wonder why we do the things we do? I mean, what is it that Mara Jade saw in Luke Skywalker that she'd say "yes" to marriage? Like anything, it has to do with the past ... and an epiphany in the present; that moment of clarity is described by Mara in Lithium Flower — by the way, the title is both a name and a drug. In a different way, Leia becomes addicted too — to public service, and it all started with the palace servants, as recorded in Noblesse Oblige: Princess Leia's Gift Bags. Both these "GFFA Fanfic" are listed in Stories & Things. Speaking of stories, recently listed authors JadedHeretic and Thrawn McEwok have won in their categories at theforce.net's popularity contest: JadedHeretic as best new author, and Thrawn as best writer! Hoorah for them! Enjoy their offerings, also listed in Stories & Things. Congratulations to both of you! Come for a celebratory breakfast, where Aragorn's Pancakes for the King of Men is the manly feature when the boys wander off on ersatz hunting expeditions. It's actually a good and convenient, healthy recipe for wholegrain and nut pancakes, listed in Hut Cuisine. Of course, in our age, we have Elvis the King ... and in the film Bubba Ho-tep, we find out why people keep thinking they may have seen him alive ... because like in Mara's tale, it takes more than a drug addiction and high-living to kill off the King! It's a surprisingly excellent film, and the hokey premise is very well portrayed. Check out the "Movie Review" in Stories & Things. And we bet one of Elvis's favorite sandwiches is not a butter-fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, but something classic like barbecued pulled pork, as served in an inauspicious almost-backwoods airport in one of the original 13 American colonies, and called The Smokehouse. Another review, but in Hut Cuisine. Kings do eat after all, and pretty women get married, and girls can be sassy and compassionate ... and WookieeHut will let you know about them and their hows and whys!

January 23, 2005
Once in a while, a dare will get your creative juices flowing and the result is something that makes you nervous ... and yet there is no denying that the story written is good! JadedHeretic took on a challenge and produced the NC-17 tale called Heresy. The author may not feel comfortable with it, but it's the type of great storytelling the 'Hut was created to house. And just who issued this challenge? Thrawn McEwok, of course! He wrote Reflections to answer his own challenge, you'll recall. He excels at NJO-based "missing moments" and some of those mere moments turn into full-fledged pure fanfic of the best sort. Case in point is Once A Warrior, Part III, which goes a long way toward explaining the revelation of what happened to Anakin after Myrkyr. These are all listed "GFFA Fanfic" of Stories & Things, for your reading pleasure, and believe us, you'll want to read the NJO now! Sometimes it's worth getting into a story because of one character who opened your eyes to the possibilities of the tale, even if you might not have appreciated the tale itself. That's how reviewers feel about the Troy DVD which seems to have been mistitled. Watch it for Brad Pitt, but not for any authenticity ... but read the "Review" in Stories & Things. And if you want authentic ... is that photo Leo DiCaprio? No! It's a growing-up Jake Lloyd, and we'll bet that's what Anakin Solo looks like before he merged with the Force. Where did the photo come from? From the Vanity Fair Magazine Cover, photos by the great Annie Liebovitz of the cast and crew and behind-the-scene wizards! Though not at all a "submission to the Hut" we still classify it as "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. Go buy the magazine — we must possess our own copies! At the very least, one needs to emulate the effort of the Harry Potter world's chef extraordinaire Ollie Jimius as he discovers a way to make a big unwieldy turkey roast into a Low Maintenance Bird, in "Poultry & Birds" in Hut Cuisine. Whether your ideal "bird" is older, your "ex", a hunky guy on a beach, CG and behind-the-sceners, or a roast, keep warm and enjoy this week's postings!

January 16, 2005
When certain persons die, do they necessarily get a choice of just heaven or hell, or whatever the equivalent is in the GFFA? Or is reincarnation actually an option, or is it more like ... recycling?? Thrawn's multipart tale Once A Warrior takes the story from Kunra's POV in Part I over to Part II, the other person's viewpoint. The identity of the other person was not clear to all of us in the first part, but part II should clarify who and where they are. More will come, so get caught up in this great "GFFA Fanfic" lodged in Stories & Things. And what was Anakin like as a child? Like his namesake, precocious, for sure ... and also lonely. What can the galaxy expect from a child who makes his own friends? The first of many of Anakin's Not-So-Imaginary Friends was a composite of things he found around the asteroid, and the database work his nanny was doing while she thought he slept. It's a "Wee Wookiees" effort, also listed in "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. And as he grows up, he might end up getting the munchies for a variety of reasons. A talented kid who just wants to be "normal" could end up like the very funny Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. But if he went the other way and tried to fulfill his destiny, he could do worse than have the likes of a super-saga like The Lord of the Rings Extended DVDs / Director's Cut Editions, complete with commentary, documentaries, galleries. These "Reviews" are in Stories & Things — very different kinds of fun, and it's good to discover entertainment that is much more than we initially expected! If one were to watch the LOTR DVDs all in one go, then best to be equipped with munchies of some kind, whether burgers or snacks; but you really should get out now and again and see real people, like the ones at Oasis Family Restaurant where they might take an interest in who you are and what you're doing, but mostly they'll feed you right. Re-energized, get back on that couch and watch some more LOTR DVD ... or Harold & Kumar and laugh those pounds away!

January 10, 2005
Sorry we're a bit late this week ... lots to finish up, lots to catch up, behind on everything, especially weesa havin no moolah to trade! That's what happens to Jysella Horn, too ... she gets a gift of money with strings attached, and finds out the value of a credit! The coming of age tale Held Accountable, which was inspired by a long spreadsheet homework assignment ThePlazaQueen had to do. We're glad she did for this Rated G "GFFA Fanfic" story is long, guilt-ridden, but ultimately satisfying. Check it out in Stories & Things. In another sort of "happily ever after," Gilderoy Lockhart initially locks horns with newcomer Jeremius Pincus, a fellow author in War of Words — Lockhart vs. Pincus: A Booksigning Event & Debate where they vye for bookbuyers and pit one outrageous vs. factual story after another in the form of recipes, of all things! You'll want to see this rather odd "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine, at least to find out who the heck Jeremius Pincus is! We bet he might have been called some unkind nicknames in his youth, like the namesake of Wimp's Southern-style Bakery. Whatever the reason his grandmother called him "Wimp," he does make divine but enormous family-sized cakes! Bring your family and your appetite with you when you go here. You'll also need your appetite — though not a full wallet — if you are lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere and you are lucky enough to stumble into Carolina BBQ House, which is not a house, a barbecue joint, nor in either of the Carolinas. They are especially known for fried seafood ... go figure! These "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine will make your mouth water and make you crave the down-home stuff. Watch the waistline, it might be healthier for you to simply read about these places, and let the intrepid Hutties brave tubbiness and satiety! (Hey, it's not all bad ...) though when you fall in love, you might want to be at your best, but what if you are guaranteed to not remember falling in love, or the guy who claims to be your boyfriend? You'd think it was a creative way to get rid of a psycho boyfriend, but in this case, it's 50 First Dates, a fun date movie you really should see with a date, whether the boyfriend-girlfriend kind or people who will agree to disagree with you. It's a "Movie Review" in Stories & Things and we laughed our butts off watching it — which then gives us more leave to go and review more restaurants. Why don't you join us sometime?

January 2, 2005
Happy New Year! Go ahead and forget auld acquaintance, but don't forget to check out the 'Hut! We are posting weekly — more or less — and the stuff is pretty good, if we do say so ourselves! Try Once A Warrior, which makes you think you know what's going on, then surprise! It's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, and from what we gather, there will be more parts to this ThrawnMcEwok tale soon! The ongoing Shadows That Remain finally achieves victory with the awakening of yet another Middle Earth denizen — a very important one, at that. Chapter 35: Rebirth is an "Other Fic" in Stories & Things; kick some flaming Balrog butt, ya'll! Kick Georgia Diner while you're at it. Don't go there despite it's 24-hour open convenience. They don't deserve your patronage; it's worth heading westward, ho!, and setting back a spell in the staghead-festooned parlor of Schuler's. They're nice and the food is quite homey but the place is known for it's niceness and decency — traits which deserve to be applauded in a callous age. Both are "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine, and remember that one must give kudos where they are do, but also warn of severe negatives, too. So read the reviews before you go and avoid any unpleasantness. Which is what Frodo does when he sees the inevitable writing on the wall that he will need to leave the Shire; indeed, leave Middle Earth! He decides to have a party and makes the greatest of French Christmas cakes, but he calls his Bûche d'Adieu, which is heavily photographed and presented as a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. It's one recipe, but you need to prepare all the parts on a schedule for the final assembly — like a military effort, or in an effort to come home after a long and curious absence. Or in Frodo's case, when saying Good-Bye, as we do to a prolific 2004, and we look forward to 2005 for more fic, recipes, reviews, reports, drawings ... anything and everything!