The Wookiee Hut News and Weather: 2004 Archive

December 26, 2004
Happy Winter Holidays, and we hope you are keeping warm, however you accomplish that! When you put people together, in love or otherwise, on the 'Hut you get some interesting heating results. But when they ARE in love, you get good tales which seem universal, like ThrawnMcEwok's Dusk, which started as fanfic challenge by the author, and it's now logged in Stories & Things as "GFFA Fanfic." Another sort of challenge is how to wage LOTR-style war in a more modern age, and ShadowChaser shows the mettle of the "light side" forces in Shadows That Remain: Chapter 34: Asssault. It's an "Other Fic" in Stories & things; there is a certain Hunt for Red October feel about the chapter, maybe it's the submarines and the fact that the battle rages in Europe? But if you needed a midnight munchie and went to the oddly named Euro Diner, you might wonder why you were eating here at all ... you might feel the same way about Red, Hot, and Blue Memphis Barbecue, though if you haven't been spoiled by the real thing or excellent reproductions, you'd likely be happy with the Memphis-style family eatery. Both are "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine And back to the thing about couples in love ... you know how volatile teens can be, especially when they're doing stuff they shouldn't be. Read the tale about how a kitchen mishap not only gave Rivendell a new signature dish, but bound the two youngsters who would rule Middle Earth in the age of men, all due to Prophetic Ginger Shortbread & Ginger Icing, classified as a "Snacks & Sweets" in Hut Cuisine. Sometimes love rules even if the food is so-so, and if the food is so-so, then you can admire your Barbie & Ken dolls dressed up like Elves and Rangers ...!

December 19, 2004
What do you get when you "fuse" magic with technology and add a smattering of gaming? You get the long-awaited next chapter of Shadow Chaser's Shadows That Remain, where a shield maiden takes to the air in a newly modified fighter! Chapter 33: Cirdan and Glorfindel feels almost familiar, as if the trap has been sprung ... which could be for a variety of reasons! In contrast, ThrawnMcEwok's Reflections: Feeling sees the events transpired between Mara Jade and Anakin Solo in a decidedly different light, and something that was unthinkable ... this was formerly the second half of the TFN posting called "Reminiscence," but it was reborn on the 'Hut as the middle movement of a three-part R/NC-17 rated "GFFA Fanfic." Shadow Chaser's next chapter is in "Other Fic," and both are listed under Stories & Things. When ruminating actions you don't (but should!) regret in either the GFFA or in LOTR-AU, you'll enjoy Antique Garage which could be as pretentious as it sounds, but the food is good, the atmosphere is sultry, and the scene is packed! It's a "Noshery Review" for a place on an up-and-coming quiet street in SoHo, listed in Hut Cuisine. Also in that section are two recipes in honor the release of the director's cut of the end of the LOTR cycle, set in the time long past the end of ROTK. Sam's daughter Elanor is grown up and has been offered a position in Queen Arwen's court. Seeing the chance of another adventure, the Gamgee family accompanies her, stopping along the way at towns Bilbo Baggins had written about in "There and Back Again." They encounter Laketown Blue Mallow Treats, a confection delicious enough to intrigue Elanor to try and recreate it for her beau, Faramir Took. She doesn't succeed, but she does create a new dish, dubbed Elanor's Serendipitous Mallowy Meringue Cake, no double-entendres intended! The blue treats are listed under "Snacks & Sweets" and the "cake" is a "Desserts & Puddings" entry, both in Hut Cuisine. Regardless of which chewy treat you prefer, enjoy these and all seasonal offerings in the ramp-up to Christmastide, no matter what your religion or race — human, hobbit, elf, or whatever!

December 12, 2004
Sometimes in the darkness of life, we do things we really shouldn't ... and sometimes we are glad we did it. Or maybe not! Depends, as Obiwan was fond of saying, on your point of view, and ThrawnMcEwok checks in on those points of view toward the crafting of an excellent multipart fanfic called Reflections. In the NJO, the Jedi learn the hard way why attachments are forbidden by the former order ... the first story of this triptych is called Reminiscing. This "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things not as harmless as one would think, and had been knifed from TFN — our kind of fanfic author! If the thought of some forbidden fruit makes you a bit under the weather, try one of Booster Terrik's potions. He's The Designated Soup Carrier for the GFFA — a sort of nurse-healer-cook-friend — and who doesn't need such a person in their lives, now and again? He even includes a Chocolate Chip & Walnut Cookie for After-Vapors, in case the soup cure doesn't quite "take" — this "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine takes illness of the mind and heart as seriously as that of the body. But if you're simply hungover, take a bit of the "hair of the dog that bit ya" as a cure, like the very filling and appealing Rivendell Highland Platter, created for Frodo and Sam after their escape from Mt. Doom. Tasty and thorough, and if you're still hungover, well ... try, try again! It's listed in "Appetizers" in Hut Cuisine. Also in that section is a "Noshery Review" for Duke's which offers southern comfort food and a trivia contest with prizes and beautiful waitresses — you know this will show up in a fanfic story for Wes and Hobbie someday! No guesses needed to figure out what those two miscreants would think of Steel Angel Kurumi and her sexy sisters. It's a Japanese animé series on DVD, and we bet you know people who are like each of the three main angels. It's bubbly and light and good fun, in contrast to some of the other Japanimation features we've reviewed in the past, for sure, but no less good for it. Listed in "Reviews," look for it in Stories & Things. You'll be glad you looked at all of the week's Hut offerings, och aye!

December 5, 2004
Woohoo, weather is getting chilly enough to get those comfy, toasty warm coats and scarves out. It hides enough skin to imbibe in something like Hobbie and Wes's One Potroasted Chili by Two Dads — yes, they are fathers! In the 'Hut, we proudly write and post AU stories with happy abandon, including Csillag's Hobbie's Saga, which depicts our miscreant pilots as good fathers — really! Even if you don't believe it, enjoy the "Soups" recipe in Hut Cuisine because it's really good! For non-AU, PG-compliant but twisty and excellent fanfic, turn to Thrawn McEwok's A Working Relationship between two mismatched yet oddly compatible Imperials. Of course, his stories are short, high-quality "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. As for compliance and PG-ness, the spirit is often willling, but the angst lives on ... for Luke has decided to ask for Mara's hand in marriage, but his dysfunctional family is having severe problems with it ... he seeks solace with an air-rappin' session with his best dude R2D2 as he grouses that he wants to Kill Han! This rap-filk is "Poetry Stuff" around here, logged in Stories & Things, and it inspired Diana to odd heights to depict it as twisty drawings, first as Pharm-boi Lukie, Yo! which shows what Luke really does in the privacy of his own room to blow off steam. Second shows Mara Jade, Depicted by Rapper-Dude R2 ... it's not exactly "photographic," but remember that R2 is completely capable of design and alteration (he did design and paint Anakin Skywalker's Anakin Skywalker's podracer in Episode I, after all. Let's say he's affected by his master's assertions ... these are both "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff; try not to giggle or groan when you see them, yo! (By the way, people seem to LIKE the icon image on the homepage and some even expressed dismay that they appear to go away forever once the homepage entry is replaced ... so by popular demand, the "icon image" associated with each posting has been transferred to the Latest Updates page, though not for all the past "latest" pages. Enjoy!]

November 28, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving, no matter what your take on this secular holiday. P.C. nonsense or not, it's a fun time and the only holiday apparently devoted to stuffing yourself till you're sick and just enjoying what you have. You'd think Jaina Solo should be more grateful and shouldn't be moping about the ones who aren't there ... it's far better to mope with the ones who are, eh? New fanfic contributer ThrawnMcEwok tells us that this tale was "locked out" by TFN ... we don't know why, but their loss is our gain! Read this great "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, based on a scary song, This Minute Now. There is a link to the mp3 of the song, and you'll soon know why you hadn't heard it before ... but the fanfic redeems the tune! Some things don't require redemption, but we're glad that improvements are done anyway. Halo is X-box's best-selling game, and Bungie has now come out with Halo 2: Limited Edition, and ShadowChaser sacrifices her education to give us a thorough review of the game, along with screenshots! This "Game Review" in Stories & Things, and Shadow says it rates "Death Star"! If any "real" Death Stars remain, the next generation has it covered — Paddy Solo (daughter of Anakin and Tahiri, in Iella's AU At the Oasis) is already honing her Jedi skills, with Paddy Solo's First Lightsabre ... one wonders WHO gave that to the infant? Check it out in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff. Well, some traditions — like wielding dangerous weapons at a young age — will never be squelched, and the people of Grafton, VA have had Pop's Drive In(n) to take their dates, kids, and grandkids to — it's raw Americana, not the stuff polished for mass consumption, though the food is decent and the masses do come. Find out more in the "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. Also in that section is a recipe for what used to be a pumpkin cheesecake, but due to neglect it turned into a "party dip" instead. It's so good that Neville Longbottom will even crawl on his knees to Professor Snape for the hidden potion formula for Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip to Die For! Little odd — it does make sense, but do check out this "Recipe" and give thanks that Wookiee Hut posts these without forcing you to risk death! Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 22, 2004
It really does feel like time to hibernate, and wouldn't it be nice to have a garment like Senator Amidala's Sleepgown? It's in "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. What a clever girl she is ... like Han Solo is clever when he's grounded on Hoth after Luke is attacked by the wampa. He takes care of Luke and teases Leia simultaneously with Scoundrel's Manly Dinner — kind of his version of being the boy in the schoolyard who shows how much he likes a certain girl by pulling her hair. Will Leia succomb? Check out this "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine for the innuendo-filled meal. For another type of manly meal, try St. Andrew's Restaurant, where the men wear skirts! It's a "Noshery Review," of course, but certain women might find it lovely to behold ... because it's not the kilt, but what's encased in it! In contrast, a "Field Report" listed in Stories & Things for The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is imposing both inside and out but seems to lack the beauty within, for all its good intentions. That's not to say that all mixed resulted have good intentions at their core ... we're not sure why Han strapped his first grandson into Leia's grandmother's vehicle of choice, but we're sure Tahiri will have a few choice things to say about Baby Solo in the Vintage Family Podracer: Tryst's First Podrace!. No, not really, because it's based on Iella's outstanding A.U., At the Oasis, where the bits that canon disappointed us with are banished! The photo is in "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff and Iella's series of tales and poems are in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, of course! Speaking of big babies, you do remember Grawp? He's the full-giant son of Hagrid's mother, and he's a big dumb brute, but Hagrid brings his back to Hogwart's to ... who knows what? But the first word he uttered was to ask for more soup, so Hagrid called this brew White Barscht for the odd utterance his only blood relative grunted when he was hungry! It's a "Soup" recipe in Hut Cuisine. It's a good, hearty soup in this rapidly cooling northern hemisphere weather, so make some up and get under those blankets and feast your eyes on the 'Hut ramblings!

November 14, 2004
The holiday season begins in earnest (not long to Thanksgiving!) and here at the 'Hut, we LOVE the hols, so much so that we've started early on the Christmas things. Let it get you in the mood, like Wes and Hobbie do when the get a chance to do something good. They tell Wedge that Charity Means Giving when their CO conveys doubts as to their intentions ... Enjoy this miscreant pilot "GFFA Fanfic" tale, in Stories & Things. It's based on the Auto 'Fresh 'n Hoser "GFFA Art" previously posted in Art & Stuff. Want something warmer and cozier than a Rogue Squadron charity event? See the movie depiction of the classic children's story, The Polar Express, which might remind you of other fantasy trains, and this one is equally well done. The reviewers thought it was excellent, rating it a Victory Star Destroyer! It's in "Reviews," in Stories & Things. And if you want to start thinking about assembling your gift baskets, why not include something unusual, like Major Fel's Chutney. It's a "Condiment" in Hut Cuisine, which the 181st loves so much that they took to creating a special label for the bottled brew for giftgiving — check it out in "GFFA Art," Art& Stuff: Major Fel's Chutney Label, by the 181st TIE Squadron. How did they get a jar of this precious condiment to their commander, who had been "captured" by the Alliance? Turr Phennir took a terrible risk in order to say Merry Christmas, Baron Fel which is actually a filk based on "Snoopy's Christmas," and makes it clear that Imperial documents clalming Phennir hated Fel were clearly erroneous. It's in "Poetry Stuff," in Stories & Things ... whether you hear the "Magical Sleigh Bell," or the "Christmas bells ringing 'cross the land," you have to remember to dream, hope, and seize the day! Make these holidays last a long time!

November 7, 2004
The weather is cooler for us in the northern hemisphere, and we're starting to like our food rather festive and warming, perhaps as a ramp-up to the holidays and gift-giving? Padmé has an announcement to make to Anakin, and he makes the mistake of looking this gift in the mouth, so to speak, in Diana and Iella's collaboration called Torn Lace & Scar Tissue ... Anakin should have just chilled and had a cookie, the galaxy would have been a very different place! This "GFFA Fanfic" is listed in Stories & Things. Or instead of cookies, try giving Spicy Honey Mustard: the cauldron-corroding condiment, which gets to the source of Percy Weasley's headaches about his cauldron thickness report failures, and features a cameo by the Two Fat Saxon Witches! Or make a cake, or if you find that too much effort, make a card explaining the recipe instead. If you remember the extraordinary Shalla Pfüd of peaches baked into a cake, you can now follow along with the illustrated recipe poster in "GFFA Art," Art& Stuff: Shalla Pfüd Recipe Poster. Or pull out all the stops and show off all the great down-home good-eats that every farmboy from Agamar swears are the best in the galaxy, especially Fod, Lod, and Dod, the apparent swains who were on the pull in Storinal. Just check out the set piece, it'll all come flooding back to you in Agamarian Feast & Ho-Down I tells the REAL story of how Face, Wedge, and Myn got past Storinal customs inspection. And while we're talking about the Wraiths, ever wonder why "Dinner Squadron" became legendary? Sure, they did allow the newly formed Wraiths to escape Folor base when Admiral Trigit arrived, but remember that a good meal is often remembered long after the battle is over. That meal was invented by Piggy when he was imprisoned in the floating coffin they'd concocted to infiltrate the Implacable. As Piggy thought about a dish which eventually became Lunatic's Stroganoff (or Lunastrog, for short!), he managed to single-handedly capture the corvette Night Caller instead! Go enjoy some good Wraith memories at Hut Cuisine, as well as the cooling season before the holidays becomes a frenzy!

October 31, 2004
Happy Halloween! The holiday which isn't a holiday ... yet is very important to those in all our various universes. The Hutties have managed to represent them all this week, with treats galore. In the GFFA, Iella displays her poetic prowess by filking a rap, and it's frickin' awesome! Check out Just Bruise It headed by Yuuzhan Vong rapper extraordinare, Onim'em. The rap-filk is considered in our world as "Poetry Stuff" in Stories & Things. In the world of Hogwart's, Hagrid is allowed a bit of magic when dealing with school property, though his odd sense of humor does pervade the spell. Rather than using a hydra-cum-canine like Fluffy, he creates the much creepier Mr. Smiley to guard his precious autumnal gourds, and you'd better believe it works! In Middle Earth, the Moon Over Lorien is said to be different from any other, forcing those who observe it to not realize how much time might go by ... Playing Basements & Humans doesn't belong definitively in any of the worlds, yet in all of them, including in our human one! All of these are in Art & Stuff, either "GFFA Art" or "Other Art." If you're hungry in this trick or treat season, try the milk of human kindness ... wait, that can leave a funny taste in your mouth sometimes ... Try Sweet & Sticky Ribs, which glued Luke's friendship to Biggs, just before the latter left for the Academy. That act likely started the chain of events which not only affected the GFFA, but all the other universes too, including our real one here. This recipe is listed as both a "Mains: Meats," and a "Sauce," in Hut Cuisine. The Hut is all full of treats this week, and remember to enjoy your Halloween!

October 25, 2004
We all know that the Force is an energy field that binds us ... but in truth, we're all bound by George Lucas and his vision of a Galaxy Far, Far Away ... whether it's tales of some idiots fighting a war in an alien box canyon, filmed while the moviemakers played their favorite X-box game, or an exhibition of props and equipment from a blockbuster movie filmed way down under, we have George to thank for it all. Yes, the props from Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Exhibition is in the US at last! Shadow Chaser warns you to bring something to tidy up after you've drooled all over yourself at the fabulous but pricy display. You're not allowt to take photos, so be sober and attentive! This "Field Report" — listed in Stories & Things — claims the show is worth the price of admission, unlike 'Salem's Lot, the TV miniseries that got nothing right — the very antithesis of the movies and shows we love so much (well, we won't talk about the SW Xmas Special ...) But at least it was on television and thus free. However, free doesn't necessarily mean it sucks, as proven by the gameplaying dorks who created Red vs. Blue, that sidesplitting comedy based on the game Halo ... actually, it's nothing like Halo other than they used the X-box game to create the animations instead of drawing the buggers. It makes it funnier, and funny "haha" or funny as in "crappy," these "Reviews" are listed under Stories & Things. But not funny to many on the GFFA are those who caused them great pain and fear. To purge their ghosts, our GFFA heros carve pumpkins on Halloween and depict those whom they fear the most. Who is scared of who? The Star Wars Spooktacular reveals all! The "GFFA Art" is listed in Art & Stuff. Enjoy being bound by the Force ... and ol' George!

October 17, 2004
It's a time of war, and your best friend dies as you struggle to get him out of the warzone alive, but he doesn't make it. A requiem is a song or a service for a dead person; it also means "peace." Face Loren recites this poetic requiem for the Superior Intellect himself, Ton Phanan — in Iella's Still Up There. It's illustrated with evocative and appropriate paintings by Wraith6, especially Sunset Over Halmad, depicting where Ton had died. A requiem is, after all, more for the living than for the dead. It's listed in "GFFA Fanfic" and "Poetry Stuff" in Stories and Things, and Wraith6's efforts are in Art & Stuff. Another "song" of friendship in another universe — indeed, an alternate universe — is Shadow Chaser's Gundam SEED: Entropy Rising. Whether the GFFA or "Other Fic," themes of friendship-in-adversity resonate for all of us. There is also the tale of how one Jedi Master so loved his own master that he took on a Padawan he couldn't control, and "evacuation" could be the theme of the master's life. JChen has created a new wallpaper JChen's Obiwan Kenobi Wallpaper While Evac'd!, dedicated to the man who gave his all in the name of friendship and the Force, and we hope memories of the Solari Sunset warmed him in his old age. Both are listed in "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. Friends also evolve from unlikely sources, and Tendra Calrissian finds herself face to face with her rescuers. Sight previously unseen, it's time to go after Lando!! Yes, Many Happy Returns, Chapter 35 makes sure that now all the pawns know what the stakes are ... "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, of course! And if all the rescuing and tension makes you hungry, remember friends like to sit and eat together. Even if the food is "iffy," the point is the ability to enjoy the company — it always seems to season the food in a positive way! Try the concoction made up onboard the NJO's Eclipse, colorfully called Rip & Bust Soup/Stew, which is categorized as both a "Soup" or "Mains: Stews" in Hut Cuisine. Whether living, dead, healing, dying ... "friends" are the core of any good ongoing story!

October 10, 2004
One wonders what makes a human being different from other things, especially different from something made by man, yet is not man ... specifically, are robots and androids sentient? In the GFFA, we suspect they are, and in fact, there are some manumitted 'droids. But really, how does one define humanity? Diana dives into the question and comes up with the deeply philosophical essay To Be or Not to Be. This "Essay & Rant" in Stories & Things might make your head spin, but with all the reviews and things concerning cyborgs, androids, etc., we suppose the birth of such an essay was inevitable. Lest you think "what does this have to do with the GFFA? or HP? Or anything?" have a look at the "Review" of I, Robot the summer movie purportedly based on Asimov's original stories (also in Stories & Things). If nothing else, such movies owe as much to George Lucas as to Asimov, or Janecek, for that matter, and that's reason enough to be a concern to us GFFA fans! Also of concern is getting dinner onto the table. You don't want to feed the family junk yet again, so what to do? With some advanced prep, you can be Saved by the Crockpot: Potroast or Beef Stew. The Hut Cuisine "Mains: Meats Recipe" has a rather different provenance — a poem written to celebrate the humble appliance called, appropriately, Ode to the Crockpot (in "Poetry Stuff"), which in turn was first published in the new WookieeHut Blog, where registered Hutties can post in any random manner, unfettered by the classifications of the Hut itself (and you get to bypass the evil EV9D9, our admin 'droid!). It's a section in Stories & Things, called "HutBlog." If you want to join in, be sure to send and email to the Admin 'droid (okay, you can't bypass her completely ... but once you do ...) Speaking of bypassing, you might want to eschew German food; undoubtedly there must be good German food somewhere, just as there is good English food here and there, or at least good English-style food. But as for the good German food, it's not at Rolf's German-American Restaurant. The "Noshery Review" listed in Hut Cuisine gives it a massive "thumbs-down" but we doubt even the lions at the Colisseum would want it. If you bring a date here, you might want to make sure you get a Bouquet of Flowers so she'll forget the food, though in the case of this story, Tycho will likely be too busy staring at the crockery to notice the food much ... this "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things was inspired by the previously posted "GFFA Art" in Art & StuffStolen From the Celchu Household?. We find it interesting that the 'Hut seems to have reached some sort of critical mass, where pieces posted before are inspiring other things, whether a recipe inpsiring a drawing, of a chance remark in a fanfic blossoming into something as involves as The Arixi Sisterhood Story Arc. Honestly, we think it's hella cool and we're frankly flattered and happy about it! If you're inspired, be sure to send it in to the 'Hut so we can post it here!

October 3, 2004
By now, you should have all had time to do the required viewing of the Star Wars DVD release of the original trilogy! If there are those who still don't know how they feel about this, you are welcome to take on the opinions of Wookiee Hut reviewers! Shadow Chaser suggested we each take one movie, and it was an easy division to decide who loved which movie best. She happens to be partial to Return of the Jedi, even with revisions to the original (which she saw on television, so she can compare and contrast, like a good college student). Csillag picked up her pen to ruminate on the first time she saw what was then simply called Star Wars in its original release in a theater, and pens her opinion on A New Hope, while MaceVindaloo believes The Empire Strikes Back is still the pick of the bunch. May the Force Be With You, because Diana was both fascinated and irritated by the Bonus Materials Disc, and you know how that can be ... you don't? Get reading then! They're all "Reviews" in Stories & Things. If this is too much GFFA for you, you are welcome to Alternate Universe LOTR-land — Chapter 32: Rohirrim (rated PG-13) of Shadows That Remain sees through the promise of King Theod of Paris's support for the armies fighting the awakening evil from before the Age of Man. Listed under "Other Fic" in Stories & Things, it'll being back memories of the Lord of the Rings fever, in case you need a break from Star Wars DVD mania. But if you prefer the GFFA, just not so much mainstream at the moment, stop for a "Snack & Sweet" at the Solo family's cliff dwelling on Tatooine — their daughter Padmé will always be happy to see you, for then her mother will make Peaches Ice Cream for "Company". The easy recipe — initially made from Paddy's play lunch — is limned in Hut Cuisine. If you don't come, she will be forced to invite her pets as guests, and once you've seen how she makes sure they sit still, you'll feel badly for Paddy's Tea Party "Guest", posted as "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. Sometimes, it's hard to believe how wondrous this child was when she was born to Anakin and Tahiri Solo in Iella's AU story At the Oasis — her mother wrote her first impressions of the angelic child, whom she referred to as her Desert Pearl, which is listed as "Poetry Stuff" in Stories & Things. All mothers agree, a child is a wonderful gift, even when they are taping their pets down to the furniture ... Whatever you are doing when you are having tea with a persistent young lady, enjoy the Original Trilogy movies, before George changes 'em again!

September 27, 2004
The Star Wars DVDs have been released, and $115M of first day sales, does ANH, ESB, and ROTJ qualify as new movies, since they aren't the "originals"? Csillag has filked a well-known song from "a long time ago" as a thank you lament to the creator ... called Georgy Boy, and we're all surprised we didn't sing this earlier! It's filed in "Poetry Stuff" in Stories & Things. Well, there are many regrets in one's life, but we're glad George decided to release the DVDs after all, as incomplete as they are ... despite his decision, we still love him. His regrets in other aspects of his life may be as large as the one Wes Janson experiences in Love and Marriage (rated PG-13). He actually doesn't show up at all in this tale, but you can be sure his friends enjoy talking about him and his mistake in this "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Then again, some mistakes can end up being quite wonderful, as Wedge Antilles's daughters discover when they get caught in the first messy step of making Simple, Salvaged, Secret Strawberry Ice Cream. They all get to lick the bowls, the beaters, and their spoons before Mom gets home! As for Han and Leia, they didn't make a mistake, not even in waiting so long to join in holy matrimony. And they knew they'd done it right when a couple of their closest friends provided them with a honeymoon hideaway and feast, outlined in Secret Honeymoon Picnic Basket. There are illustrated instructions on how to bone a whole chicken in one piece so that it could be stuffed and trussed and roasted for an impressive presentation. It's great, it's delicious, and a big undertaking. But at least they didn't do the work ... if they had, they might have opted for a meal at the spaceport instead, in disguise at B.B. King's BBQ, a sort of bar with pre-cooked food items, but that just segues into the airplane flight experience a bit sooner than if you hadn't, right? It's a "Nosher Review" in Hut Cuisine. The recipes and accompanying stories are in that section too. Thanks to everyone who finds Hut Cuisine an unusual novelty in the Star Wars fandom universe! Wasn't a mistake to wander off in that direction, eh?!

September 19, 2004
If you're the squeamish type, it's best not to read the next chapter of the VERY X-RATED, SLASHY Lady on a Box, where Erisi commits some awful sins, but then gets paid back in full, though not for the right reasons nor by the right people. It's horrible and someone will need therapy after this ... but if you can stomach it, the title Part 4: Vengeance and Violence isn't revealing enough! It's a Diana deRiggs "GFFA" tale of a very twisty sort, listed in Stories & Things. She's done a lot of writing this week, actually, and not all violence and sex, either. She reviews three efforts of this animated, highly philosophical universe: Ghost in the Shell (the original movie based on a manga of the same name), Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (the 26-episode, 2-season television series, only just starting to come available on DVD in the US), and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (the recently-released movie follow up to the original movie). They're all listed in the "Reviews" section of Stories & Things. She does wax philosophical and has threatened to write a more in-depth essay on the nature of life and humanness ... if you want to keep up with what's going on in that rather full mind, this is better than any blog she could be keeping! Speaking of bloggers, Shadow Chaser is in the process of revising her personal website. Check out the Allies & Links list to jump to her site, called Atlantis Mythos. And when you're doing all that jumping and stuff, don't you get hungry? The Jedi Council did, and rather than partying with the clones after the Battle of Geonosis, they look the butchered scraps from all the battle-kill cattle and made their own slow-cooked feast. Using the basic condiments in their utility belts, they came up with Salt & Pepper Beef Ribs — as good as nearly anything out of Texas, we think! This Hut Cuisine entry comes with step by step animated photos so you'll know how to rip off that troublesome membrane. Aside from understanding the nature of life and death, isn't that what you always wanted to know anyway?

September 12, 2004
Shadow Chaser takes part in a time-honored tradition in every institution of higher learning — procrastination! But it's to WookieeHut's benefit, with a new chapter of Shadow's That Remain, her LOTR-based futurism AU. Chapter 31 witnesses King Theod of Paris coming to realize his real place in history. In contrast, Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian participate in their own silly emotions and quests, though Wes nearly traded in his bachelor status in Lomin-Life For Chocolate Cake. What was so special about this cake? Wes learned to make it, and the recipe Life Altering "Black Forest" Chocolate Cake is limned. No photo of the final cake — Wes often eats it before the decorations and garnish can be placed! Check out the Stories & Things under "Other Fic" and "GFFA Fanfic" and the "Recipe" in Hut Cuisine. For a healthier, purer alternative to that rich, caloric cake, we'd go to the very Greek Uncle George's Taverna; the Olympic movement would do well to take note on many aspects noted in this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. It's too casual for many maybe, not the type of place where you'd wear pantihose. But if you have Wes and Hobbie's The Auto-'Fresher-'n-Hoser, getting washed and dressed in the mornig becomes ... envigorating! It's "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. It's a GFFA-rich day with an LOTR twist — and you know it's only 249 days to Revenge of the Sith, right???

September 5, 2004
If you've enjoyed the stories of Hobbie's Saga (and who among us hasn't?), there was a bit of a mystery regarding that settlement which Commander Varth ran across ... and if not for that event, there'd be no fanfic happily-ever-after for Hobbie! Diana and Csillag have teamed up to create the till-now missing part of the tale; Alderaan to Atrivis answers that question, as well as adding another chapter to the Arixi Directory and Family Tree II story arc. In addition to the medicines and rations stolen for their benefit, we bet the refugees would have enjoyed some pilfered fruit as beneficiaries of our Favorite Miscreants' Poached Peaches, no matter from which universe the jokers have come. Or perhaps they might have dreamt and fantasized about going to the most expensive seafood restaurant on a planet far, far away. It's called Le Bernardin and the report is submitted by the former Culinary Padawans, many of whom have become Culinary Jedi Knights! Be warned — if you do go, be prepared to part with a lot of credits. Might be better to experience the best comfort food Corellia has to offer; after all, given the accents of the Star Wars cast, we remember many discussions when we decided the "UK" is Corellia. Try the fish and chips at the very punny, very authentic A Salt & Battery -- it has the benefit of giving some Hutties a way to appease their need for these fried treats. In contrast, Australian Homemade Premium Ice Cream & Chocolates is puzzling, because nothing about it seems Australian other than some floor painting. Well, cocoa beans probably don't grow on Atrivis anyway! The "Noshery Reviews" and "Puddings & Desserts" recipe are in Hut Cuisine; the new "GFFA Fanfic" is in Stories & Things.

August 29, 2004
"Call it hell, call it heaven, it's a probable 12 to 7 ..." and we know that Anakin Skywalker definitely is in deep for a particular doll. He'll even find a way to get sprung early out of therapy after losing his arm to Dooku, just so he could "walk her home." Necklace for Padmé as Occupational Therapy turns out to be like the sunset on Naboo. In contrast, Sky Masterson falls in love as the sun rises in NYC, and we all loved Marlon Brando in his one singin' and dancin' role. It would have been better if he hadn't died the day after Day 6: International Men (and Women!) of Mystery!, which is when we watched Guys & Dolls. Kind of a different ending after a day of Ellis Island and the United Nations, but then again, it is somewhat "ethnic" in a NYC manner. The Intrepid Undercover Tourists' report is the final submission for their "What we did this summer" report for this season! They ate "American" on this day, too, from an Americanized Frenchie bistro with bad service at Chez Laurence to Dunkin' Donuts which is an Americanized version of Dutch "oil cakes" ... but we figure "dunkin'" is more appealing sounding. And finally, they went to a true-blue American eatery for a true-blue American food experience -- Blue Smoke is a New York style barbecue restaurant which serves authentic hickory-smoked 'cue in midtown. We swear it's so! It'll make you wanna sing, "Call it dumb, call it clever, oh but you can get odds forever," because it'd make us forego ramshackle 'cue pits out in the sticks!

August 23, 2004
The Intrepid Undercover Tourists are back this week, though they seem to be confused ... they triumphantly submitted their report for Day 7: Weesa Goin' Home! of their week-long adventure, but skipped over Day 6 ... try not to be too confused, because their final day not only has tips for dealing with crowded airports, but they ate well again. They managed to squeeze in one final deli stop at Ben's Best Deli, which was annointed by the New York Times for "best pastrami" at one time, AND they got unique souvenirs here, too. They picked up some other edible souvenirs at Andre's Hungarian Bakery and Knish Nosh, both proof that the great American melting pot is more a chunky stew, and that's a good thing! A souvenir of a more personal sort is given to his master by a devoted padawan. When the padawan is the master's son, perhaps it's even more special, especially when the gift proclaims, OOGAH! A Corellian Jedi! loudly and proudly! In contast, Seamus and Neville were trying to keep their magical experiments a secret, but ended up having to produce a recipe for Crème Brulée to avoid detention. At least their poster did not have to track down all the genetic and adopted relationships in the WookieeHut GFFA universe; it was a tough job, but it's done for now and The Arixi Famiily Tree II & Directory will guide you to all the pairings, adoptions, and begettings ... at least according to fanfic writers on the 'Hut! If you prefer stuff more visual and more canon, check on Allies & Links for a link to JChen's site called Alderaan: Memories of Peace -- she puts her hi-res wallpapers up there. As Valin Halcyon would say, "OOGAH!"

August 16, 2004
Don't you hate when you bring a gift you baked especially for the wonderful host, and it turns out to be inedible because they are wildly allergic to a key ingredient?? And yet it's worth risking certain discomfort and possible death to taste some if it's really, really good. But if you're a good, smart person, you modify the recipe and make it as good as the original! Hermione Granger creates a Nutless Frangipane Tarte, and to ensure she did a good job of it, she enlisted the help of The Two Fat Saxon Bakers -- they were scary to work with, but the results were sublime! Nearly as sublime as having a great wallpaper for your computer desktop ... what? you don't have one? Get ye to JChen's Bodacious Star Wars Wallpapers, which features many of our favorite second-generation and EU Jedi! And speaking of second generations, how about a fourth? The great-grandchild of Darth Vader is born ... okay, At the Oasis is AU, sorry to cause those palpitations! Named for her great-grandmother, Padmé Solo also resembles her great-grandfather ... not bad for a man with midichlorians as a father, eh? Speaking of family, did you ever wonder where some of the people in the GFFA came from? Diana deRiggs investigates one person's genetic heritage in the VERY X-RATED, ULTRA-SQUICKY, SLASHY "GFFA Fanfic" — in Stories & Things, of course — All in the Family. If you decide to take the risk and read it, you might need a good mental scrubbing even if you know you won't get that awful taste out of your mouth, like one would get if you imbibe in the Afghan food at Khyber Pass in a much-revived neighborhood in downtown New York City. What? What did you say? Where is the New York City Field Report?? The Intrepid Undercover Tourists have gone underground again, and who knows what will come of it? Be patient, it'll be good, we're sure! Though maybe it'd be better to be shown how to make No Apologies Crème Brulée so all those instructions about ribbons and nappant and curdling actually make sense? It's a poster and so is classified as "Other Art" in Art & Stuff — see if it works better than a written recipe for you! The "Recipe" and "Noshery Review" are listed in Hut Cuisine, and the "GFFA Art" and other "Other Art" are in Art & Stuff. And try to stay out of the way of hurricanes, y'hear?

August 8, 2004
"It is time!" intones the ads, and it's high time we got to see The Lion King: the Broadway Musical, so we moved heaven and earth and managed decent tickets on Broadway in New York City! It's part of the NYC Travel Journal, which was very full despite the late start on Day Five: West Side Story. We wonder how Legolas the Technomage would have thought of the report featuring the American Museum of Natural History, where his old friend Gimli resides as the reincarnated scientist -- that's from Shadow Chaser's Shadows That Remain. The illustration is in color, so now you know what an elf looks like when he moves to the big city! As for us traveling mortals, we could have done with a rescue ship on the way home from Broadway though, like the big one in Thunderbirds, the live-action movie version of the 1960's television "supermarionation" series! Maybe some Elvish Hollandaise could have made us forgotten our sore feet, just as it helped Elrond forgot the pain of losing his daughter to Aragorn, who made this recipe with his mother's very special Elvish Whisk. As it was, we made do with more modern fare and worshipped heros of a different type, like those on the walls of Carnegie Deli, and endured and overcame the effect of not-so-nice humans in the very stylish and opulent Tavern on the Green. We had tried to go to Johnny Rockets, hoping for a chocolate Coke or somesuch, but it wasn't to be. It was a bummer, but not nearly as big a bummer for Winter and Wedge when they get the bad news from none less than Admiral Akbar: X-Wing: Lusankya, Chapter Ten opens with Iella Wesseri and Winter trying to get drunk! It's "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. The "Noshery Reviews" and the "Recipe" are in Hut Cuisine, while the "Field Reports" and "Movie Review" are in Stories & Things, too. Whew! A lot going on the HutLand, be sure you keep up!

August 1, 2004
When Anakin came home, don't you think he should've contacted his old friends? Come Home, Anni! is told by Kitster Banai, who proxied as Shmi's son while Anakin was gone. Leia unknowingly proxied for her parents to create something for Luke's newborn son: For Ben Jhon Skywalker, from Aunt Leia and the Family, from the boy's paternal grandparents (get it?). Maybe she was inspired by Neboo the Pitten, drawn when she was very young. The "GFFA Fanfic" is in Stories & Things and the "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. The intrepid Undercover Tourists submit their beefiest NYC Travel Journal so far ... it's because they did a LOT on Day Four: Just Another Manic Monday, where they go all over midtown Manhattan, hitting military history, quintessential Art Deco, trendy toy obsessions, and a backstage tour. They also ate really well, whether at NYC Pushcarts, the swanky, noisy The Grand Central Oyster Bar, the incredible dinner-for-two bargains at Cucina & Co., or a seemingly dangerous midnight snack at the very safe T-Bone Diner. It was a big combined effort to produce the big report -- listed under "Field Reports" in Stories & Things -- and the "Noshery Reviews" which are listed in Hut Cuisine, so we hope you enjoy them a lot!

July 25, 2004
There is headway on Mantrusia! And may Wedge's premonitions prove less ominous than they seem. The Mantrusian Affair's Chapter 40 has the New Republic side mobilized and drinking a LOT of coffeine. Get a mug y'self and join them! Or perhaps you'd rather like some harder stuff? Try smoke inhalation via Many Happy Returns, Chapter 34, and maybe Jaytee's chance to prove himself a not-so-complete pratt ... we hope not! They're Iella's genuine "GFFA Fanfic," listed in Stories & Things. If you get hungry, try a bit of Burger & Fries Skillet Scramble made on-the-spot by Wes Janson for a special young lady. Or he could have taken her to Artist's Colony Inn & Restaurant though he'd likely need to ask her mother if that was okay first ... though if one dresses nicely, like for Day Three: "And on the seventh day He rested", she might acquiesce more easily. It's part of the Wookieehut's ongoing NYC Travel Diary, which is also presented in more complete form in the Table of Contents page. It was a day of dress-up and doing things like you might have dreamed them to be, like Princess Mia did when she imbibed in High Tea at The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel in the Princess Diaries. We imagine High Tea at Tycho's mother's home would be very formal, too, and served on some very special dishes. Tycho thinks they're worth acquiring, even if they might have been Stolen From the Celchu Household? We consider it "GFFA Art," in Art & Stuff ... But before that, we started the day at Fifth Avenue Deli for a less regal and very filling/peasanty experience for breakfast. They make great New York-style french toast! And after church, what can beat brunch at Café St. Bartholomew's -- the setting for this elegant café is on the church terrace, overlooking the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and tree-lined Park Avenue? Perhaps a horse-drawn hansom cab ride through Central Park? The intrepid Undercover Tourists capped off the day by watching the DVD of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and we enjoyed how it fit in with the more recent releases for Prisoner of Azkaban, enough to write another glowing review! (Wes Janson is sure to impress his special young lady with any of this, but she's happy with the scramble!) The "Noshery Reviews" and the "Recipe" are listed in Hut Cuisine, of course, and the "Field Report" and "Review" are in Stories & Things.

July 18, 2004
The oddest things happen when fanfic is written ... we start empathizing with hated, hateful characters, and suddenly we understand how a person can become evil from the same ingredients the rest of us started with ... The Rated NC-17 for violence and sexual content (of course) -- meaning don't click on the link! -- is Diana's look into "probable cause" for Erisi Dlarit: Lady On A Box, Part 3: Cool, Tall, Confident and Luscious. Watch out ... she's gaining confidence ... if only she'd taken a cooking class instead! Life and death would have been so different for so many. We highly recommend the I.C.E. Pizza Class: The Dough Also Rises -- a cheeky reference to the many balls of dough we made and carried around in New York City, for Day Two: Lessons & Exotica of the Wookieehut NYC Travel Diary. You can follow along as we post -- it takes longer to write the things than to do them! But we think the effort is worth it; after all, last year's Northeast Travelogue still stirs a lot of memories of fun and driving! Instead of driving though, we walk a lot, and in this manner, we walked right into am unexpected store and hollered, Holy Star Wars, Batman! It's a Lego Shrine to the GFFA! We didn't think there were any of these types of folks left! And when hungry or in need of refreshment, walking into a restaurant was as easy as stumbling off the street. On the Day 2 report, there are links to Uncle John's Diner, for good food and bad service (so the day got better); La Bella Ferrara for the most lucious iced fruit sorbets, perfect for a summer wedding, perhaps? For a less expected cool treat, try Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, though you might have to invite the yellow ice cream-loving dragon, too? For a great introduction to Chinese food, you can't do better than Sweet 'n Tarte Café -- the people are nice and the portions are small and the prices are, too. It's sunk half-underground, so you get an interesting view of feet walking by as you imbibe. Or you can go to the clown-car-esque Great N.Y. Noodletown and eat happily so that you are stuffed as much as the restaurant is packed with happy people. All of these restaurants are NYC experiences, just in a couple of neighborhoods. Hey, it was fun, and as the ad points out, "No one ever worked so hard that milk came out of their nose." So have fun, and let the milk fly! (Unless you are Erisi, of course ... then go to your room and stay there!)

July 11, 2004
It's over ... Ivy's story, Renewal (which leads up to Solo Command, by the way) has reached it's Conclusion. Decisions have been made, goodbyes have been said, and Luke is still searching for ... for ... well, you know. Be sure you visit "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things to say your goodbye to this fine story, and remember you can always re-visit it and re-read it. But don't think new stuff won't be posted, for the WookieeHut Undercover Travelers have submitted their NYC Travel Diary with Day One: The Courage of the Fearless Crew — yes, there is a reason for the Gilligan's Island reference! For one, they take a 3-hour tour and circumnavigate Manhattan island in a thunderstorm! It's a "Field Report" to be listed in Stories & Things as the reports and photos are sent in. For convenience, the field reports will be linked from a Undercover Travelers Table of Contents page. They stop and eat at several notable eateries, too, listed in Hut Cuisine's "Noshery Reviews": McDonald's for breakfast (Americana found everywhere, sort of); Junior's Deli for definitive NY-style cheesecake in the definitive NY train station; the rather famous Empire Diner where the elite meet to eat and greet! They did a LOT in one day, did they sleep?? Obviously, Iella doesn't sleep, having written a LOT of superlative fanfic — so much so, that theforce.net's Summer Awards were granted to her for poem Heartache: the Young and the Senseless, a love letter that only the maso-sadistic Yuuzhan Vong would write from the pits of their warrior hearts. Other works got into the final rounds of voting, including: Many Happy Returns (the adventures of Anakin, Tahiri and company when they shop for birthday gifts for one another); At the Oasis (an alternate universe story of Anakin and Tahiri and family); The Mantrusian Affair (Wedge and Luke go after the same girl for not the same reasons); After the Storm (for Kyp), the inside look into Kyp Duron and the turmoil within him. These award-worthy entries are listed in Stories & Things under either "Poetry" or "GFFA Fanfic." Travel through the 'Hut listings, or travel with them via their Travel Diary; either way, it's a fine trip! Glad you could join us!

July 5, 2004
It's Independence Day weekend in the U.S. of A. — sorry if we are offending non-Americanos, but those of here are so happy about anything that gives us an official day off of work and school! We have also been busy being tourists in NYC, and we are frantically writing reviews and stuff for all the things we did — come back soon to see them! We were so busy running around the Big Apple and watching fireworks, what a fun idea for a conf, eh?! The fireworks don't explode in final chapter (#24) of Ivy's Renewal but Leia has a secret and Luke has many regrets and Han has a big head. Nothing new, eh? There will be a "Conclusion" so all you Ivy fans be warned that there is one more chapter after this one! (When she gets back from Kashyyyk and Endor, let's bug her for more, eh?? Email her with your whine / request, okay??) It's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. It seems that Anakin Skywalker is tempting fate by gesturing to Dooku in Anakin Meets Dooku, Rated R Version. Though the author used pre-made toys, it's the idea that's important in this "GFFA Art," in Art & Stuff — Anakin is indeed a bit rude if you're offended by certain types of gestures. Then again, in some cultures, some gestures which appear rude are actually innocuous or even complimentary. We're not sure what that gesture might mean to those from Japan, but we know they go to Yagura to eat, and shop in peace among those who might understand them best (might not want to try Anakin's gesture, though ...) This "Noshery Review" is also a bit of social commentary, but we put it in Hut Cuisine anyway. And as yesterday was America's birthday, it was also Jysella's Birthday — she's the daughter of Corran Horn, and she got to spend some birthday time with her father. There was a bad accident, but it turned out to be a good day for nearly everyone after all, in this Rated G "GFFA Fanfic," listed in Stories & Things. Enjoy the weekend, and come back soon now, y'hear???

June 26, 2004
It's definitely summer, with humid, hot, sticky weather, and no compunction to cook on a day to day basis. And you don't have to, if you make leftovers the way our favorite pilots do, as limned in Making New Food Into Yummy Old Food. Wes and Hobbie LIKE old food, and so will you! If it's still too hot and sticky for such organized menu-planning then you need to grill outside, or at least partake of Weber Grill Restaurant fare, because they cook on mega-sized Weber kettle and gas grills right in the restaurant! We don't know how they keep the place from smelling like lawnmower gas and lawn clippings. Han smells like old Wookiee, but you know, that's not such a bad thing all the time ... in fact, it could save someone's life. Renewal, Chapter 23 does the explaining, and Luke is about to meet someone who actually knew his father. Stinks to high heaven, you say? That's what death smells like ... do you think Anakin and the Black Knights recognize the odor? Or is that just the garbage Tag forgot to put out ... Many Happy Returns, Chapter 33 makes sure everyone is all right, then runs pellmell into the thick of it again! And what happened to the guys??? They need a nap, we think, and hopefully, they managed to snare some of Tycho's Pillows for Rebel Heads, the project Isard forced on him while the Rogue pilot was imprisoned in Lusankya, gone awry! It's all the fault of the man who would be Darth Vader, of course ... but at one time, he was in love and would do anything for his new wife, even taking up pastry making. Instead of rings, he made her Transcended Perfection Wedding Tarte, a reminder that the greatest evil in the galaxy is the same man who harbored the greatest love for one woman. Too hot for the muggy summer? Make your own humidity -- and coolness!

June 20, 2004
It's summer holidays in the northern hemisphere, and that means a lot of visiting, hoorah! But if you are caught at an airport, it's good incentive to have a PDA or laptop with wireless access so you can catch up on your Wookieehut stuff! Ivy's Renewal is 26 chapters long, did you know that? We're on Chapter 22 now, and don't you HATE when he looks at your mail??? Okay, so you forgot to logout, but still ..! And Wedge Antilles has a private (and sticky) celebration on Endor after he runs into an old buddy, Grainne, a story from the former WEB by Antigone! Whether the boy is being a jerk or giving you the nicest experience ever, they are in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. While you're at the airport, get something to eat at a good place, like Wolfgang Puck Express -- his motto "Live, Love, Eat" could describe Wookieehut, don't you think?? Its got good pizza, read this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. Other chefs have equally strong credos: Bobby Flay has a new book out called Boy Gets Grill which sounds rather "Hutty" and Jacques Pépin's could be "Waste Nothing!" ... well we like to waste our time here of course, but we know what he means! That said, do NOT waste your time seeing Heavy Metal 2000, which was awful, awful, awful. But DO see the 26-episode Trigun, if only because Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood are fun/serious paradoxes (and plenty of fodder for fanfic someday, eh??). These "Field Reports" and "Reviews" are also in Stories & Things. The deaths there are scary, but not as frightening as the death suffered by Bertha Jorkins, who's mind was destroyed by "he who must not be named" ... but how did she die? Spinning Steak for a Shattered Sanity reveals that she was comforted in her final hours, by none other than the Two Fat Saxon Witches. It's a "Mains: Meats" in Hut Cuisine. Enjoy the cookout weather, too!

June 14, 2004
Ivy is still reportedly on Kashyyyk and Endor possibly searching out poutine ... but she left chapters of Renewal to console us in her absence, and here is Chapter 21 where Luke tries to be a diplomat and tries to be a cad ... and we all know how that ends up, eh? Ivy also dropped off a story which is Untitled, for there really isn't much to say ... it's something we should all be lucky enough to have to suffer through! Both of these "GFFA Fanfics" are in Stories & Things. How to celebrate such news? In a special way, but not too richly, we think. How about treating yourself to a perfect and wonderful pastry from Ceci Cela Patisserie, which is well regarded by those who will be pastry kings! Or for a homier touch, how about a traditional and simple meal of bread and cheese, like they make at Lombardi's Coal Oven Pizza, where the clam pizza will be yummy if not quite an aphrodisiac! The "Noshery Reviews" are in Hut Cuisine, of course. But then, if one runs into some other-worldly immortal type of being, no matter how cute, would have have any appetite at all? Check out the doodle of Legolas the Technomage, from Shadow Chaser's Shadows That Remain. It's "Other Art" in Art & Stuff, yeah baby!

June 7, 2004
This is the day where GFFA content falls by the wayside, and Harry Potter takes over the Hut! Okay, we have one GFFA posting: Lady On A Box, Part 2: Playing Me is Rated NC-17 / Slash, so watch your goodies before you click! You still have to watch yourself when you look at movie reviews because sometimes there are spoilers, and other times the opinions of the reviewers doesn't match your own. But this time, we have THREE reviews for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and for the most part, they are in complete agreement with one another. Kelly M. Grosskreutz, Dumbledwarf & Hermi2, and Diana & MaceVindaloo all opine with thumbs up-up-up! There are photos in the last two reviews, too. And in honor of the Harry Potter movie opening, we have a "Set Piece" and two independent recipes from that world: Longbottom's Long-Cooked Beef Stew Potion demonstrates that honestly, Neville is not incompetent around cauldrons ... he's just frightened to death of Professor Snape! And Neville's Beetloaf further demonstrates that he knows how to stop the teasing. Like in any boarding school, home-cooked food will buy all manner of mercies. And finally, the irrepressible Ollie Jimius is back with his "Carny for Carnivores," shocking the genteel wizards and witches when he is declared The Loin King by those he unintentionally upset. These are all in Hut Cuisine, and the "GFFA Fanfic" and "Movie Reviews" are listed in Stories & Things. Mischief managed!

May 30, 2004
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Remember those who fought to preserve your rights and freedom; in fact, everyone who helped you out, not for money or power, but because they are good, decent people. Chapter 32 of Many Happy Returns has a battle between the obvious victims vs. the obvious bad guys. Dajira defies and attacks her stepfather because it's the right thing to do ... and the Black Knights sustain injuries but are still keen to support Anakin and Tahiri! And in Iella's long-awaited Chapter 39 of The Mantrusian Affair ties this post-Endor tale's intriguing loose strings into complex loops, even as Kerensa makes a decision not to see Wedge (what? hasn't he — and WE — been waiting long enough?? Hooray for a new chapter!). This is the calm section in what will probably be two storms for these "GFFA Fanfic," listed in Stories & Things. A very different storm awaits Major Klivian for neglecting to remember a certain fanfic author's birthday — Oh no! I forgot HER birthday!. It's "GFFA Art" in Art & Things, and we hope Hobbie remembers to fear "Hurricane Csillag" (there are some punishments worse than death ...! That's nothing like the storm a certain ogre fears in Shrek2, where he travels back to his wife's home kingdom to meet her parents! The "Movie Review" in Stories & Things orders you to go see it, now! If you feel like dinner before or after, remember that those trendy places can often be not so satisfying. In that case, you must remember to have a trusty "second choice" where you will always be glad to go. Our pick is Madison Bistrot for classical, lighter French fare. For an intelligent variation on the French cuisine theme, try Kalustyan's Masala Café on the evocatively nickname "Curry Hill" neighborhood in New York City. Too bad the chef didn't remember the aphorism, "do not work with family, especially mom!" At this place, best to forget mom ... but hopefully, Hermione remembers the many lessons of Chef Joaquim Bullshot when she worked in his pastry shop one summer in London. But the best part of all was watching croissant dough turn into a variety of other pastries, and being aple to connect it to the chef's lesson, in Viennoiseries as a Balanced Life Metaphor. Certainly, this "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine is a memorable life lesson, just like Memorial Day is a reminder to be grateful for everything you are given. It's not simply the start of summer!

May 23, 2004
Children often have difficulties understanding their parents, especially when the man you thought was your father is only so in the once-genetic sense. Shadow Chaser is back, and she has sent in Chapter 30 of Shadows That Remain. Father's Day has come early for this "Other Fic" in Stories & Things ... and Leia is having insights into the Sarin/Niras situation that has the men in her life nervous. Renewal's Chapter 20 mostly takes part in the bathroom, but isn't that were all the action is? Find it in "GFFA Fanfic." Certainly, the men of Troy could have used a scrub-down, but then again, hunky sweaty men do have their place! The Wookiee approves of Brad, but not of Orlando. For hunky men without the sweat and grime, look to animé! Shadow Chaser comes through with the promised photos from the Animé Boston 2004 conference -- so her "Field Report" is new and improved, now with photos! (Be sure to mouse-over the photos for captions.) The "Review" and "Field Report" are also listed in Stories & Things. The decor for Rice to Riches certainly seems like it was picked up from some animé, or perhaps from a spaceship? Maybe it really is a spaceship? So go to iHOP instead, it's much more normal and the food is good at both places, according to these "Noshery Reviews" listed in Hut Cuisine. Though you won't get a confection like Serendipity Strawberry Rhubarb Marshmallow Ice Cream in any of those places -- it was invented on the spot by Molly Weasley, of the Harry Potter realm. And how does a squib survive in that universe? He masters the magic of pastries, as he demonstrates in Croissant: Illusatory Magic. Both are listed in the "Recipes" section of Hut Cuisine. And if you feel the Force penetrating you, be sure to Honk If You Feel the Force -- better to vent your FEELINGS through a homemade bumper sticker! It's a piece of "GFFA Art," albeit unintentionally, perhaps? And it's in Art & Stuff -- May the Force Be With You, eh???

May 16, 2004
Poetry is, in many ways, a distilled form of a story or an idea, and can come in many forms, and every culture has a form of poetry in its language and tradition. Witness A Poetic Theorem for Jedi Tahiri, written by a Givin — a species which communicates via mathematical equations. They so respected Tahiri's arguement for them to repel the Yuuzhan Vong that one of them wrote a poem in equation/logic form. It's brilliant! Look at the Iella-authored poem, in "Poetry Stuff," Stories & Things, and wonder in awe at the beauty and logic in mathematics. It's not unlike Han's "told ya so" logic of identifying Imperials on a backwater planet, or Luke's slow realization of why Hataj is so hostile to him, or Leia's acceptance that she did, in fact, lose her daughter. The events in Renewal are still building up, but you can sense Luke is closer to ... something? Chapter 19 is a bit spooky, and a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. In contrast, another "GFFA Fanfic" features the meat of battle — Many Happy Returns, Chapter 31 has Blue encounter the traitorous Jaytee, and no matter what happens to the younger lad, you want him to scream more! But if it's screaming you want, the special effects in the movie Van Helsing are good enough to evoke that very response! It's a new movie review (with photos from the film), in Stories & Things. ANd finally, another type of scream — one of profound frustration at the misbehaviors of a Padawan and is Master. The Hut Cuisine "Set Piece," Do As I Say, My Young Padawan explains just another day in the trials and tribulations of Anakin and Obiwan. And there are good recipes there — a form of poetry for some, too! Enjoy it all!

May 10, 2004
Sorry we're late posting this week, but yesterday was Mother's Day, and we were all doing our duty as good daughters and sons! You were too, we'll bet. Some might even have been meeting the mothers of our significant others, like Anakin did on Mother's Day "Cut Lunch" with the Naberrie Family which is based on a scene that hit the cutting room floor in Episode 2. Jobal Naberrie reminds all of us, including Anakin, of Shmi Skywalker, and that's clearly conveyed in this "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. Or perhaps you took your mother for a sports outing, like to Forest Park Golf Course, a beautiful public course -- which means you can have a nice round of golf with Mama and not break the bank! Want to know more? Then off to "Field Reports" you go, listed in Stories & Things! On the darker side are the risks of potential motherhood, which Leia tragically understands all too well, having lost a daughter already in previous chapters of Ivy's Renewal. In Chapter 18, she senses the deeper loss of motherhood by a woman who had not been alive in 20 years ... spooky, and it should make you appreciate the risks a woman can take when pregnant. Or the risks a beautiful young woman takes when she marries money and power in exchange for bearing heirs ... Diana's first multipart story, Lady On A Box opens with Part 1: Failure. It's Rated NC-17, for rather startling situations and language ... she would have waited and written it out like she usually does, but she realized that there is a strong reference to Erisi Dlarit's mother in the opening part of the story ... so here it is, and we hope you enjoy these "GFFA Fanfics" in Stories & Things. We hope your mothers have less to fret about, because you're a good kid, right?? Happy Day, Mom!

May 1, 2004
It's MayDay! MayDay! Beware of many things, including what happens to Tycho while he's a "guest" on the Lusankya. In the long-awaited Chapter 9 of Star Wars: X-Wing: Lusankya Shadow Chaser details how Tycho fights back as Isard continues her "programming" efforts. In Renewal, Chapter 17, Luke may have undergone something akin to "programming" in previous chapters, but maybe it's different? Are the dignitaries on Yashuvhu toying with him? Is this part of that prophecy? And why is smelling like a Wookiee a good thing at a dinner party?? Check out these ongoing "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things. It's like some ominous music needs to be playing -- "voice of god" type of stuff, like at the Organ Concert: Dr. Matthew Lewis, a "Field Report" about the most beautiful organist in New York and his instrument of choice, listed in Stories & Things. If all this suspense makes you hungry, you might prefer to stay in and make Han's Hot Hyperspace Hoagies rather than going out to Eight Mile Creek where the food is certainly comforting and good, but the service is irritating. Better to have your first mate make these boy-style sandwiches! Both are in Hut Cuisine, as a "Breads & Sandwiches" recipe and "Noshery Review," respectively (if not respectfully!). Enjoy, and stay out of trouble, y'hear???

April 25, 2004
ANZAC Day in Oceania today, commemorating fallen soldiers, whether Hobbits or Elves or their true human counterparts -- Lest we forget. We're a Star Wars site, which has its fallen heros, including one who is part Mad Max, part Matrix, part puppydog, that's Anakin Skywalker! Chapter 30 of Many Happy Returns details the battle, witnessed by the Peace Brigade -- Bomar Tag has so much to lose, but he's discovered he's already lost his daughter ... what does it mean?? But in Renewal, the prophecies are coming true, and it's making everyone kind of edgy, including Leia, who's been branded like a pet! You know that Chapter 16 will contain some rather surprising stuff. Both very excellent series tales are "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Shadow Chaser has almost as big an adventure when she attends Animé Boston 2004 and has so much fun doing so much stuff that she ends up sacrificing her well-being -- way to go, Shadow! It's a "Field Report" in Stories & Things. There is such a thing as American animé, and it was created in the very early 1990s and features futuristic foot fetish model Aeon Flux. You know, we'd bet Mara Jade: Weapon of Choice would make a very cool animated series. And do you know she can cook, too? Weapon of Choice features the debut of meal planning tips, in addition to recipes. The former is "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff, the latter is a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. If you are Vader, you might prefer to eat out, rather than to be subjected to Mara's ire. In a bad mood, he might have liked Carmine's -- the so-so food and bad service would have given him plenty of excuses to beat up on lots of people. Though if he'd gone to Just Like Mother's, he might have gotten all maudlin and nostalgic and strangled someone there ... but anything is better than being sliced and diced by Mara! Those are "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. Mara had better be careful though, never know when you need to activate an alliance. And because we value them too, check out the new Links & Aliances -- one to a Tahiri & Anakin site, the other to an up-and-coming band called PLAGIARHYTHM we happen to like a LOT. Whole lotta stuff, now that we're back from holidays! And remember, don't forget those returned and missing from battle -- you don't need a special day to remember their sacrifices!

April 18, 2004
It's finally spring/summery at 'Hut HQ, so we ran around outside like sun-starved creatures and realized how pale we'd become. Made us really grateful that the paleness was due to a cold winter, rather than to death, a destination that seems imminent for Han in Stoned Rose's While You Were Gone's Part 09. This tale has been several years in the writing -- contact her and nag her for more, because that's all there is for now. Enjoy it, listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories and Things. For another sort of paleness and a love story between the living and the undead, try the Hellsing-based Stay, Immaculata, which is Rated R/slash. It's in "Other Fic," also in Stories & Things. For a more wholesome "admiration" story, the kids in the Harry Potter-based Surprise! Happy Birthday, Professor! decide to throw a birthday party for Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, and serve him many variations on duck -- his favorite meat -- and Ginny invents an apple tarte by accident! Check out this recipe-filled "Set Piece" story in Hut Cuisine, and enjoy the sunny weather, whether you are preparing a party, savoring life, or avoiding -- or not avoiding -- vampires.

April 11, 2004
Happy Easter, Merry Passover, Pagan Egg Day, etc.! The weather was suitably drizzly, but seems everyone was in pretty good spirits. How could we not be amused? For one, Viggo Mortenson's new movie, Hidalgo opened. How could we not love Aragorn in a movie named for a horse? The Huttites ran to the theater, read the review! Others stayed in -- like Han and Leia did. It's been a few days since they'd been alone -- Luke was on the lam and had finally made it back to Tatooine -- so they make some quality time within the Falcon. Chapter 15, Renewal is rated NC-17 for an "adult situation" (giggle), but it's good! Check your age before clicking though, okay?? Same goes for the vampire hunter Animé series Hellsing -- it has nothing to do with the upcoming movie. It's part supernatural, a lot of violence and gore, and a lot good! Check out the review, then get the DVD (if you're of age, of course!). As for coming of age, when was the pivot point when Anakin surrendered his soul to become Darth Vader? We know that boy had serious issues, but how serious were they? Shadow and Light makes a lucent arguement that Anakin knew it was happening, and he took steps to protect himself ... all of today's postings are in Stories & Things: in "Reviews," "GFFA Fanfic," and "Poetry Stuff." Hoppy Bunny Day!

April 3, 2004
Happy April Fool's, whether you ARE one or you just are giddy about spring! Speaking of fools, why are Wes and Hobbie still single? A PG-13 answer, the discussion about Someone Her Own Age takes place hours after Luke and Mara's wedding, but it's not about them. And While You Were Gone's Part 08 is about Luke's sister and her husband ... and their son, and how foolish is the man who wants to come between the three?? If you're going to send a murderer, make sure he really is one! Like in Kelly Grosskreutz's review of Due South: Juliet is Bleeding, a single episode so fine, that it justifies a full review on it's own! The "GFFA Fanfic" and "Reviews" are part of Stories & Things. Believe us, that's much less foolish than the women who followed our favorite Rogues home -- at least they got fed well and got to play games! Stripper Steak & Pink Taco is far more innocent than it sounds ... honest! That's classed as a "Breads & Sandwich" in Hut Cuisine. Finally, the dreams of the young are hardly foolish, though they are likely very innocent. Witness Princess Chippy's drawing of a Starry Eyed Twi'lek ... we hope the Twi'lek got the commission, and didn't end up at Jabba's instead! A "Wee Wookiees" piece, in Art & Stuff. Be a carefree, happy, innocent fool for the whole month!

March 28, 2004
It's coming together, as Ivy's Chapter 14, Renewal has everyone acting as if their situations were almost ... normal? And there are some answers, things are falling together. It's a nice tableau, but it's also kind of scary. "GFFA Fanfic" have a way of coming back in circles, but the journey taken can be exhilarating! In Stories & Things. The tableau at The Kitchen Club isn't normal, but try the dumplings! We swear that doggy roaming the place had nothing to do with 'em. And on a rainy day, the soups at Ban Yai are enough to make a nasty, cold time into something warm and refreshing. Kind of like Bob Evans family restaurant, where the same breakfast is always spot-on. Many "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine mean the Hutties are not cooking much. These days, we are indulging, like Jysella Horn does on her birthday, with her father's execution of his grandmother's recipe for Buttercream: the Best Part of the Cake. It's a cake WITHOUT the cake -- rich, yummy icing all by itself! It's in "Beginners & Fundamentals" since it's a basic thing that must be made properly and according to directions, but it's also a "Snacks & Sweets" entry in Hut Cuisine, too. If that's not enough, Jysella can beg her Daddy for a trip to California Adventure, the new theme park next door to Disneyland. Is it as bad as people surmised? Yes ... but no. Hut kids-at-heart sacrifice their time and brave the crowds to deliver a well-photographed "Field Report," listed in Stories & Things. Hey, "a dream is a wish your heart makes," remember? And that goes for all WookieeHut entries!

March 21, 2004
People change loyalties, sometimes for selfish reasons, sometimes for noble, and some seem capable of doing both, perhaps through self-delusion? Chapter 29 of Many Happy Returns shows how even the smallest players can make a difference. In While You Were Gone's Part 07 a small child holds the key to everyone's happiness -- and their suffering. Both series tales are "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. But in the GFFA, isn't it children who are the vessels of redemption? Booster Terrik thinks so, but he'd never tell anyone, and anyway, he prefers to DO. The "Set Piece" Booster the Babysitter gives recipes for how he kept the many children attending the Skywalker/Jade wedding happy and well-behaved. It's the type of food that your mother might have made, or maybe she never did? Maybe it was a 'droid at the local diner? Places as diverse as Nat's Early Bite Coffee Shop and Bistrot Margot make you realize it probably wasn't mom ... a place like Polly's Bakery Café isn't likely to inspire such cravings, though it takes all types. And in today's "low-carb" concerns, you'd think a place like La Brea Bakery would have trouble doing business, but if you make good bread, no problem staying in business, regardless of whether a planet is in retrograde! These "Noshery Reviews" are all in Hut Cuisine. Long ago in the Gungan's history -- long before such planetary motion was described -- there was a more primitive creature, perhaps a "missing link" between frogs and Gungans? See for yourself: NeanderSponge Gungan, in "Wee Wookiees" Art & Stuff!

March 12, 2004
You know how the song goes: "Breaking up is hard to do..." Oh yeah? We bet it's not nearly as hard as making up! Han and Leia are fighting dirty in Chapter 13 of Renewal; there are shades of a later breakup in the NJO, but in fanfic, it's foreshadowing, the mark of quality storywriting. Honest! Filling in the missing bits of the official canon is always a hot thing on the 'Hut, and Iella's tales are boiling! Sorry for the wait, Chapter 28 of Many Happy Returns results in the start of the showdown -- looks dire, but you can't help but hope for the best. How many dashed hopes are possible?? As for dashed hopes, another tale fills in the 'Hut Arixi universe, is semi-AU, and involves some important questions about Mace Windu's past ... and the future of the galaxy. He gives a Selfish Gift to people he can't face. Why semi-AU? Because the stories on which that tale is based are published by Dark Horse, even if they are not considered mainstream canon. Star Wars Tales are published quarterly, and are annually collected in graphic novel-style volumes, and they capture what we love about the GFFA best! Read the "Review" and "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things.

March 6, 2004
So, who among us is not guilty of having fantasies about two or three men wanting us so badly they'll behave stupidly to have us? It's not all it's cracked up to be, as Leia discovers in While You Were Gone, Part 6. In fact, it gets rather ugly ... Other fanfic situations can be even uglier, as when an unfulfilled desire has a chance to be addressed. Dangled Fruit: Adaam & Eeve is RATED X / SQUICK, so beware! (Meaning don't click on that link if you're going to be sensitive and offended!) Both "GFFA Fanfics" center around Leia, by the way. After all that darkness, some perkiness would be nice! The "Field Report" Rachael Ray Book Signing details how NICE this TV food personality is on a cold, late night in Ann Arbor. All of these are listed in Stories & Things. She's certainly perky and sexy enough to inspire some padawans to find their destiny in the kitchen. Becoming a Jedi Kitchen Apprentice isn't as straight-forward as you'd think; the selection process is arduous and exclusive, but the results are sublime! Check out "Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine. And in Allies & Links, there is a new entry: Arebesh.net, which is the new domain name for Ivy's newly revamped site. Go look!

February 29, 2004
Happy Leap Year! Of course, Wookiee Hutters do their thing more than once every 4 years, but take full advantage of the extra day! How? Ivy dips into Rated R territory with Chapter 12 of Renewal -- violence and sex! A "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Also in that section is a much milder tale, but no less emotional. There is a lot of weeping in Forever Hold Your Peace because Wedge is getting married! But they're not weeping for the usual reasons. To distract them, Wedge should have had the wedding at Medieval Times, where they not only serve you dinner, but ride horses and joust and stab one another to win the crown. This "Field Report" has lots of photos, so many that they had to be animated into mini-slideshows. The food wasn't bad, and one of us got picked to honor a knight! Then again, even if the food was mediocre, the show more than made up for it, unlike at Cooker, where the kitchen ran out of the sauce to go on the fish, so simply replaced it with another one ... at least the chicken stuff and fries made people happy? That last one is a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. Finally, are some late Valentine's Day movie suggestions: Fools Rush In is a sappy, romantic film, and so -- surprisingly -- is American Wedding but they're perfect for lover's day ... and remember, any day is lover's day! Those are in "Reviews" in Stories & Things. Enjoy your leap day, you have plenty to read / watch, thanks to WookieeHut contributors!

February 22, 2004
PrincessChippy has a pre-Easter drawing for us, GFFA-style. Think carefully, and you'll understand the origin of "The Chosen One" -- for one, he is encased, thus needs an eopie to move around. The Chosen One & Eopie shows you what she means -- she's a "Wee Wookiee," but the art is definitely "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. It's now a week after Valentine's Day, hope you've been enjoying it! Iella wrote a belated Valentine from Vua Rapuung to Mezhan Kwaad -- you'll remember that they are Vuuzhan Vong! That breed is certainly capable of love and poetry, and remember when they say hearts bleed for someone, believe it! Heartache: The Young and the Senseless is a "traditional" poem, but it's also a fanfic, so find it listed under both, in Stories & Things. Han learns the joys of a love he'd never felt -- until he meets Baily in Stoned Rose's While You Were Gone, Part 5. Some smoking guns are placed, too! On Feb2, Puxatawny Phil -- the northeast weather smoking gun -- saw his shadow, so there was to be 6 more weeks of winter. But it's been rather mild, almost spring-like, which means colds and sniffles will abound, darn it! So don't go to a place where you can catch a cold; instead stay inside and watch some great DVDs. Sam 'n Max: Freelance Police is not available as a DVD yet, but when it was on FoxKids, we videotaped it while we were at work. Dilbert episodes ARE available on DVD now. Both cartoon series are not kid fare, and you might need to be a bit quirky to think it's truly hilarious ... hey, it's not like you didn't know Hutty tastes! They're in "Reviews" in Stories & Things.

February 15, 2004
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Remember, every story on Wookieehut is a love story ... even if it's a twisted love, which often comes from men you wouldn't expect to be above that sort of thing. Perhaps even from certain CorSec men? See if Arranged Marriage -- a story of a sort of ultimate love -- sits well with you on Lover's Day. In Ivy's tale of Leia and Han, Renewal, Chapter 11 takes place during the festival of "The Lover's Embrace," and the quarrelling ex'es have to play at being runaway elopers to Elrood. We know how Leia is going to take that! But it's romantic, despite the tense intrigue, or maybe it's enhanced by it? You decide! As for decisions, fans at theforce.net voted Here Without You won it's category! All of these tales are "GFFA Fanfic" listed in Stories & Things. Congratulations, Iella! Let's quaff some ginger beer and apple dumplings, like the ones Rosie Cotton gave to Sam Gamgee before he left on his great adventure. Of course, that wasn't all she gave him ... the memory of the Goodbye Kisses were likely a lot stronger than memories of what she served. Enjoy the stories associated with this "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. Or if that's not your speed, you can go to the family-oriented Friendly's or the more salacious Denny's (though as Tom Lehrer once sang, "Filth is in the mind of the beholder ..."). Both "Noshery Reviews" appear in Hut Cuisine. You can't go wrong by taking your sweety to one for ice cream or the other for breakfast!

February 9, 2004
Work, school, stuff ... so busy these days! But not too busy to keep busy with fanfic and dining out! First up, a classic AU "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things -- you know about Han and Leia and Simon by now in Stoned Rose's While You Were Gone (yes, you should run off and read it, if you don't know by now!), and both Han and Simon have made their respective moves for their Princess ... but you're left wondering about Leia's taste in men -- she's luckier than any other woman, and thus more tragic ... Do we even need to tell you that Part Four is a must-read? There is the matter of the son of Han in that story ... speaking of sons, the "GFFA canon" youngest son of Han and Leia suffered an unpopular death. If you have never lost a child, it is impossible to understand the sense of loss ... and in that sense, Leia's grief has never been properly documented, from our POV. But Iella has caught it in her poem, My Baby, My Son, and it's so poignant and rings so true that some Huttites who have suffered the loss of a child couldn't finish it ... It's beautiful, but powerful ... it's a "Nonfic" in Stories & Things. Fortunately, we can thank the maker for AU fanfic, but in Many Happy Returns, Anakin is speeding into danger -- with a captive audience watching it all, in Chapter 27, she dangles us over the cliff -- another "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things! You might need some sustenance to survive, but you can do better than Steak Frites, listed in Hut Cuisine. It's a meaty posting today!

February 2, 2004
Happy Groundhog Day, and according to the big rodent in Pennsylvania, winter is set to last another 6 weeks, so get warm! We know Leia wishes she could get warm ... in Ivy's Renewal, she's set on destruction -- not only within herself and with Han, but stuff, too ... in Chapter Ten, some chillng revelations are made ... can't wait till the next hyperspace jump to the next thought reveals the products of her stressed mind ... and heart. And if you're cold, bet being on Hoth is colder, especially if you're wearing so little that only your raging jealousy is keeping you warm ... Read Diana and Mace Vindaloo's fanfic written on the spur of the moment for this particular day, Ground Hog at your own risk -- NC-17/Slash rating! (Jealousy in Ivy's story, too, and it's not even Valentine's Day yet, woohoo! The green-eyed monster lurks and fumes in "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things.) As for foreshadowing (Gary Trudeau once jested that foreshadowing is the mark of quality storytelling!), if you have a dream that makes sense only after it happens, is it considered a warning? Sometimes dreams are metaphorical, and if you're only 4-years-old, it's not always possible to figure it out ... too bad, because PrincessChippy seems to have foreshadowed the effect of the Armor of Vader, with a twist! It could be GFFA Art, but as she really is only four, it's listed in Art & Stuff under "Wee Wookiees." And Sam Gamgee seems to have predicted when Frodo Baggins would leave for the Undying Lands, but he was in profound denial the whole time. Still, when it came time, he had no choice but to let his friend bid Farewell to the Shire, and he gave him a hamper of food as his final souvenir of Hobbiton. This "Set Piece" is listed in Hut Cuisine, and the baked apples are excellent!

January 30, 2004
We all have to eat to live, and we may as well enjoy it and eat well. That includes warning each other away from particular dishes or steering us to others. Thankfully, the Hut Cuisine "Noshery Reviews" staff have had overwhelmingly positive experiences lately, considering we appear to be feeding serious cravings: indulgent pies at the Little Pie Company of the Big Apple, gourmet pizza (but not the tortilla soup!) at the California Pizza Kitchen, or a beautifully aged Angus steak at the Boulder Creek Steakhouse. Cravings or not, good for any time of month! Speaking of cycles, what goes around is about to come around for that turncoat Jaytee, including an apt nickname in Chapter 26 of Many Happy Returns -- and he deserves it! The LOTR-inspired fanfic Shadows That Remain, Part II: Morgoth also loops Legolas's past back onto him and he discovers he's a tool ... read Chapter 29: Interlude ... a lot happens besides Legolas being pissy. In our final cycle of the day, a love repressed because of it's taboo-ness can sometimes show up unexpectedly, and Wedge and Luke discover they have a bit more in common than they thought. No, it's not slash, it's two buddies having a drink! Don't believe us? Go read For Better and For Worse -- it's actually kind of sweet ... twisted, but sweet ... The three stories are in Stories & Things, in either "GFFA Fanfic" or in "Other Fic."

January 27, 2004
If you were a smart Gamorrean and you thought the clothing you had to wear to go undercover were a wee bit immodest, what would you do to supplement your garb yet not be too out of character? Ask Voort O'Binring: Piggy Wae Hae!, or better yet, peek at his garb! That's a mighty pretty outfit, presented as "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. But if you ask Kyp Duron, it's doubtful that even a cheerful kilt to wear to parties and punch-outs could pacify his mind. Iella's After the Storm (for Kyp) makes it clear that no matter how flippant a man appears to be, the adventures of his youth sometimes cannot be forgiven by anyone -- least of all by the man himself, or the souls of those who fell victim to his idealism. It's a new poem, in "Poetry Stuff," Stories & Things. If you've ever felt short-changed by Han and Leia's reunion in ROTJ (not enough ... you know ...), you have GOT to read Part Three of While You Were Gone ... it'll make you cry, but in a GOOD way, we swear! (And a new guy to hate, too, who could ask for more??) But in Chapter Nine of Renewal, the reunion isn't going so well ... though SOME things seem back to normal. Well, not quite ... seems some New Republic guards shoot like Stormtroopers used to! Both of these great ongoing series are "GFFA Fanfic," listed in Stories & Things.

January 18, 2004
Breaking up is really hard to do ... as our three "GFFA Fanfic" posted this day prove! Gaeriel Captisan discovers that Cosmic Balance doesn't always bail you out, especially if you let Love Letters from afar control how you handle things. In Renewal, Leia discovers that twists and turns never come one at a time, and counting on a sure thing can't always help you. Chapter Eight asks the questions: would you believe that Luke Skywalker is a sneaky, evil bastard? Well, how about General Carlist Riiekien? Will Han and Leia reconcile? Speaking of Han Solo, he's a good guy, right? What if he woke up out of carbonite NOT knowing how Luke and Leia are related, but everyone else did? Part Two of While You Were Gone gets messy, go read it! All are listed in Stories & Things. And speaking of men in general, how do you keep them happy? Wizard and celebrity chef Ollie Jimius tells you how in the Harry Potter universe inspired Cooking School Wizard - Pleasing the Menfolk -- women will like it, too! (Bonus activity: See if you can guess who all the wizards are, disguised in the Muggle world!) Better to meet a cooking celebrity than a beach-bimbo celebrity wanna-be, like at Gladstone's, a seafood place in Malibu. Diana didn't like it, and she tells you why. It's a "Noshery Review," and like the "Set Piece" above, it's in Hut Cuisine.

January 14, 2004
We knew it! That incident with that idiot swoopbiker would end up not only leading to a mushy "aw gee I love you" scene with Anakin and Tahiri, but vengeance -- the stuff of juicy fanfic! By now you should know we are referring to Many Happy Returns Chapter 25. Bomar Tag is about to make a deal, go catch it before it happens! It's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things.

The motorbikes out in front and beside
Rita's Lounge are reminiscent of the type of shack you'd expect to see the Black Knights or the Rancors, only it's a bit too tidy. Maybe more like where the granny of one of those gang members might tend bar? Try the fried fish, it's not bad! And if you want something of similar genetic stock but a better upbringing, check out the "urban barbecue" / jazz club called Blue Smoke. Both listed as "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.

January 10, 2004
Getting back to "normal" life has been awfully difficult for us after all the fun and frivolity of the holidays ... what did we do? Lots of stuff, including deciding that we love beef and all the trimmings ... for a sample, check out some new Hut Cuisine entries. Ivy and Diana have some advice for the hapless Han Solo for what he could have served the kidnapped Princess Leia that might have made her like him more: Tender Loin Han Should Have Served to Leia gets rave reviews, even if it doesn't buy love. But when Major Fel and Wynssa Starflare get married, they need to show off ... but they are both actually simple people who simply love each other. So they wheedle the ambitious caterer to serve high-flying versions of stuff they really love, for a memorable Hoity Toity Hero & Holostar Wedding Banquet -- there are photos, too! The beef tenderloin recipes is listed in "Mains: Meats," while the wedding banquet is listed as a "Set Piece," both in Hut Cuisine. And speaking of love and Leia and Han, new Hut contributor Stoned Rose gives us an alternative universe (AU) look at what might have happened if Boba Fett hadn't managed to get to Jabba after Bespin. Think about it, it's an amazing tale, Prologue and Part One of While You Were Gone is ready to read! Another Han & Leia tale moves forward in shocking and terrible ways, but you HAVE to read it -- for one, Han finally knows the secret Leia has kept from him since he walked out on her ... warning: Renewal Chapter Seven might make you really upset! So run to Iella's Many Happy Returns Chapter 24 for some humor and a look at Bomar Tag being a caring human being -- funny, weird, or creepy?? AND Iella's stories at TheForce.net are still up for popular voting! By the way, her story Here Without You was nominated for best "songfic," where a plot is based on a song's lyrics. AND ... over there, she's known as "Tahi," not as Iella ... now you know! All the stories are "GFFA Fanfic," and are listed in Stories & Things. Hey, not bad for a bunch of people having trouble trying to adjust to a non-holiday schedule after a great holiday, eh?

January 2, 2004
Happy New Year! Not only were the Hutlings reveling, but were also hard at work producing stories, food ... and a new feature! We did some research and found that a product called PicoSearch offers a free search engine. So we're trying it out! To learn more and to get pointers, go to the Keyword Search Page, or simply use the text box and "find it" button on the navigation frame, to the left of this page. Of course, we'll keep on delivering the Latest News & Weather like we always have -- but as of March, we will be posting only the previous two months "latests" on the "current" page, and anything older than that will be kept in the current year's archive, to keep the loading time shorter. In the meantime, the 2003 "Latests" have their own archive page, since it's now 2004! Enjoy the new function, and email the admin droid with your thoughts and suggestions! (By the way, for now, the month of December 2003 is on the current "latest" page, too, so if you missed anything due to the holidays, just go check that page out.)

In the meantime, we haven't forgotten the heart and soul of the Hut -- fanfic and the authors who produce them! Iella has been nominated for "Best Author" honors at
TheForce.net! Go vote for her stuff, which includes At the Oasis (Best AU/ Best Humor in the "Beyond the Saga" category), Many Happy Returns (Best Novel), and Here Without You (Best Songfic)! Go-go, Iella! And for your consideration, she has submitted several more chapters for Many Happy Returns, and in Chapter 23, Tendra meets and gets to vent her spleen at Bomar Tag ... more will be posted in the next few days, so catch up now! (And remember to vote for Iella at TFN!)

Renewal takes on another -- and unexpected -- twist, though we must always remember that no matter how sophisticated Luke gets, he's still a headstrong dork ... Chapter 6 doesn't answer any questions, but the plot thick enough to stand up a spoon! It's a great story, start your new year off right and feed your mind the good stuff!

Shadow Chaser has been busy -- home from college -- and the Hut is the beneficiary of a brand new multi-part fanfic! The
Star Wars: Aftermath - Ruse of Rogues novel starts with the Prologue, and it's a Valin Horn tale. Get started now, because more is bound to happen ... note the PG-13 rating!

All of these tales are listed in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, the repository of good and twisty fanfic!

December 28, 2003
Life is sometimes like a good computer game, where you get points, answers, kills, you can see your goals ... but you're still confused and not really much closer to the conclusion ... Shadow Chaser extols the fun of Knights of the Old Republic RPG created by LucasArts. As long as you remember to "save," you'll make it. And though Luke and Leia make it through the cold swampy planet to get help, the answers don't seem to be helpful. And of course, the closer they get to getting back, the more in danger Luke will be ... yes, you must read Renewal, Chapter Five!! As for more confusion, even though the reincarnated fellowship realize the Valar had indeed reincarnated them, the discoveries they make about their past lives include things like susceptibility to motion sickness ... but that's not as bothersome as the changed skull on Legolas's palm ... Shadows That Remain is back! Part I is over, but Part II is called "Morgoth," and starts with Chapter 28: White City. These are all in Stories & Things, listed respectively in: "Reviews," "GFFA Fanfic," and in "Other Fic." Read and recover from holiday excesses, and indulge in what you really want after all!

December 23, 2003
The Yule Holidays are approaching, for both the GFFA and in other universes! After the destruction of the One Ring, the Hobbits return to Hobbiton -- and Samwise Gamgee gets married! As the preparations progress, Sam decides that the feast would carry reminders of the great adventure he'd shared with Frodo and the fellowship, as well as recipes that meant a lot to him. Wedding Feast for Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton includes long and interesting tales of how each recipe gained its place on the banquet tables, and includes gifts from the other members of the fellowship. Have some punch and stay for the party! Or perhaps you prefer to party with the likes of the residents and staff of the Errant Venture, where Booster's New Holiday: Party Bits and Pieces shows that you don't need an official day off to make it festive. This "Set Piece" gives us a bit of insight into Booster's upbringing, too. Both are listed in Hut Cuisine -- Happy Holidays!

December 18, 2003
We all have heard true tales of people who have children before they've made their peace with the grandparents of those children. And what if on top of all that tension, people accuse you of incompetence or wrongdoing? Then you'd have Renewal, Chapter 4. Ivy has written some clever and profound insights linking one generation to the next ... in "GFFA Fanfic" listed in Stories & Things.

December 15, 2003
When a woman is irritable and she tells you nothing is wrong, it's best not to believe her, but to act like you do, because you don't necessarily want to know the truth, much less handle it ... Renewal, Chapter 3 delivers the message of a tragedy to Han, but will he want to hear the rest of it ..? Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. Things are sticky and too warm for Leia, but in an alternative universe, things are comfy and cozy -- a much more preferable warmth (unlike the seasonably snowy conditions in the northeast US right now!). We attribute the excellent recipes to Tahiri's Way with a Capon, which is based on a meal and punchline central to At the Oasis: Paddy and the Capon. It's a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine, and it's all really good!

December 11, 2003
LOTR: Return of the King will be out soon ... very soon ... and Shadow Chaser is marking the event by completing Shadows That Remain, Part I: Sauron -- Chapter 26: Healing and Chapter 27: Leaving. Things become clear, good soldiers get paid, and you know there must be more ... finish reading it before Aragorn is back! It's in "Other Fic," Stories & Things. Iella's Many Happy Returns starts to slowly explode, and Tahiri is forced into epiphanies ... there is a similarity between her -- post-Vong abused -- and Legolas in Shadow's story ... think about it. Read Chapter 21 and Chapter 22. It'll make you agree that the NJO sucks because they killed Anakin ... It's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. The sagas resolve or progress ... but not completely ...

December 8, 2003
It's officially Christmas holiday season, because in many parts of the USA, it's snowing! From our geocentric POV, that's a good reason to start carolling! Gabbydriel creates a "filk" -- a poem based on a song -- and Diana doodled along: Holiday Homage to Lord of the Rings: 12 Days of Christmas is funny and pretty. Go sing, and get in the mood for the new Lord of the Rings movie (due out in two weeks!) as well as Christmas! It's listed in both "Poetry" in Stories & Things, as well as "Other Art" in Art & Stuff. And Shadow Chaser promises that this part of her LOTR-based fanfic, Shadows That Remain, Part I: Sauron will draw to a close in another three chapters in time for Return of the King! Start counting down and check out Chapter 25: Struggle, where the severity of Legolas's actions are made horrifyingly clear. It's in "Other Fic," Stories & Things. Ivy's Chapter Two of the multi-part saga Renewal also speaks of survival, struggle and sacrifice, this time not by Luke and Leia, but for them ... These are both great tales for your holiday reading list! And if you need a break, go to the Caribbean (like Orlando "Legolas" Bloom did when he made Pirates of the Caribbean), or at least eat some of that great Caribbean food at Brisas del Caribe, where SuSu wonders why a hot area like the Caribbean has food so well suited to cold weather? It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. Finally, "the Culinary Padawan" returns to cooking school to watch Jacques Torres's French Christmas demonstration and seminar. What could be more festive than an edible yule log and chocolates? It's a "Field Report" in Stories & Things. Enjoy the holidays, and read more!

December 3, 2003
Some of us just realized that Han and Leia courted for over 8 years before finally tying the knot! Yeah, a Princess/Councilor and a Pirate/Smuggler together would have caused some waves, but we think it's because they were so close they wanted to kill each other. It happens to all of us, eh? Ivy's adventure tale investigates that turmoil and much else, in the multi-chapter Renewal, Chapter One -- it's a long chapter and completely worth getting into; you'll be clamoring for more! Speaking of teases, a movie trailer is designed to tease, for sure. Kelly Grosskreutz goes a step further and gives us her Review of the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban Movie Trailer and makes moment-by-moment analyses, comparing what can be seen versus the book's details. The movie is not due out till June, but "Something Wicked This Way Comes!" Both are in Stories & Things, in "GFFA Fanfic" and in "Reviews," respectively. Obsession is a great thing, so enjoy!