The Wookiee Hut News and Weather: 2000 Archive

December 31, 2000
Last fic of the old year! Ees gives us the journal of a good soldier, in Fight for Peace, to be found in Stories & Things! And WAAS lets us link to them, and they to us (yet, we all remain unmarried!) Follow the link, listed under "Links" in Ask Kettch.

December 18, 2000
Kelly Grosskreutz's trans-fic saga continues, with Episode #4, The Return of Snape. What happened to Harry after he touched the key around the owl's neck? Find out, in Stories & Things! Some members of the WookieeHut staff braved the winds of Chicago to see the Magic of Myth exhibit at the Field Museum. We hear it was awesome! Stay tuned for pictures and reports!

December 14, 2000
Wooha, would you look at all that snow! Hoth Nights abound in the 'Hut chatroom. Curl up with a nice Mud Pie, but don't dare eat it! Pokémaniac gives us this inedible version, in Hut Cuisine. Csillag & Diana team up to tell the tale of what caused Biggs Darklighter to turn traitor, in Snapped Out of His Terror, available from Stories & Things.

December 6, 2000
After an invigorating walk around the block several dozens of times, the Hut mailbox received two new stories: Kelly's third episode in her Potter / SW crossover, called The Decision in Stories & Things, and Diana's gift to Pokémaniac, Responsibilities in Wee Wookiees. Try to keep warm!!

November 25, 2000
Happy Thanksgiving Shopping Days, and welcome to the Christmas season! Kelly M. Grosskreutz's multi-part Harry Potter and the Star Wars Relation gains another chapter, with Episode 2: The Moment of Truth. An unexpected, yet familiar, twist ... check it out in Stories & Things.

November 22, 2000
The Wookiee Hut Art Gallery is a fine place to spend a cold, windy day, especially with the addition of two new drawings: The Gentle Dragon by Dancing Queen (perhaps to go along with her story The Lonely Dragon?) and the seasonally appropriate One of Santa's Reindeer by Pokémaniac. Both are listed at Art & Stuff.
Dancing Queen also shares her culinary innovation with Berrilicious Blackberry Sauce (we hear it's great over ice cream!), in Hut Cuisine.

November 20, 2000
Kelly M. Grosskreutz presents The Late Night Meeting, a macabre but satisfying Harry Potter-based tale, in Stories & Things! Susu gives a review for a great "date restaurant, for a certain kind of girl" -- Malony & Porcelli of Manhattan, in Hut Cuisine.

November 18, 2000
The cold front approacheth, and more rib-sticking goodness is revealed! Rosie's Bread Dumplings and Squeaky's Sneaky Spareribs by Susu make hearty meals. See how, in Hut Cuisine!

November 17, 2000
A story was brought to us, an X-Files fanfic by Jennaev, called The Lure of Words, an erotic piece of work featuring Dana Scully. The truth is out there, in Stories & Things!

November 16, 2000
One week to Thanksgiving! Enjoy Dagobah Creeping Crust Cobbler by Rosie, in Hut Cuisine, and relive a little of summer.

November 15, 2000
These cold winter days are just right for a rich, meaty dish with plenty of gravy! And how about a delicious, gooey, crunchy cake to follow? Check out Rosie's Dad's Sauerbraten and Alderaanian Hazelnut Surprise Cake, both by Rosie, in Hut Cuisine!

November 14, 2000
Threepio provides a satisfying treatment of chatroom nemesii, in The Attempt, located at Stories & Things.

November 13, 2000
Isabella Taylor explores the soul of the Princess Organa in Words Unsaid, a romantic angst moment ... and Harry Potter meets his deep, dark past in Kelly Grosskreutz's creation, Harry Potter and the Star Wars Relation, Episode 1: The Tangled Past this is just the frist in a series, both in Stories & Things. Rosie shows off her needlework, in a traditional eastern European pattern. Admire it at Art & Stuff. And while you're there, have some of her surprisingly romantic Laser Brain Casserole, made by a smuggler to ensnare his princess, at Hut Cuisine.

November 12, 2000
Wee Wookiees gains a new story and drawing by Diana DeRiggs, A Lack of Faith. Check in Stories & Things and Art & Stuff.

November 11, 2000
Elizabeth weaves a tale of lust in dark places, with Untitled #1, in Stories & Things. Agony Aunt Kettch takes on a common problem among fanfic writers, in Ask Kettch!

November 10, 2000
Dancing Queen's A Tree-mendous Tale inspires drawings of the elegant Marcella! The two versions of this unicorn are sketched by Diana DeRiggs, and are found in Art & Stuff.

November 3, 2000
Dancing Queen's The Lonely Dragon picks up an illustration of the scary-looking Naytin! Diana DeRiggs' sketches for this and for The Trial, #1 are new additions in Art & Stuff.

November 1, 2000
Happy Halloween, a Delightful All Soul's Day, and a raunchy Day of the Dead! To commemorate, we announce the addition of Csillag's excellent follow-up to SOA, A Promise Kept. Also, Diana DeRiggs, Kirney Slane, and Hohass Ekwesh provide the surprising answer to the question of how Hobbie survived the Battle of Hoth, in When a Man Loves. Both stories are posted in Stories & Things. Party on!

October 29, 2000
Diana DeRiggs has agreed to allow Wookiee Hut to post all Star Wars-based fanfic stories she has written in the past. Check them out at Stories & Things!

October 28, 2000
All six chapters of Csillag's novella, Hobbie's Saga are posted at Stories and Things -- Not Just Another Pilot, The Rescue, The Loss, Second Chance, A Child's Heritage, The Birthday Gift. This "mournful" Rogue Squadron pilot finally gets some respect, in Stories & Things!

October 27, 2000
The WEE WOOKIES section in the Stories & Things page opens with Dancing Queen's two stories: The Lonely Dragon and A Tree-mendous Tale, both non-Star Wars fantasies. Also added are two recipes submitted by Rosie at Hut Cuisine (several members of Wookiee Hut have indulged in the Bantha Stew and pronounce it a masterpiece!) We feast tonight!

October 26, 2000
Sensory Deprivation by Sy Snootles and Diana DeRiggs makes its debut in Stories & Things. Careful ... rated X!

October 25, 2000
Wookiee Hut launches! Wahoo! Thanks to everyone who submitted stories and art, gave advice, kicked the Wookiee, and were generally and genuinely nice. The site is not perfect by any means, but it's definitely arrived! We're launching with stories by Isabella Taylor and by Diana DeRiggs, paintings by Wraith6, with a classic deviled egg recipe by Ees, a restaurant review, and a solution to an age-old problem, lovingly answered by Lt. Kettch!

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