Field Report:
Tyler Florence Book Signing, Borders Books & Music Novi, Michigan
Rosie & Dancing Queen
Illustrated with photographs

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

No. That's already been used.

Last night, in the 'burb next door

Yeah. That'll work.

Susu, the ever-watchful and well-informed, told us a few days ago that Tyler Florence, the host of FoodTV's Food 911 and the new show, Tyler's Ultimate, would be in our area doing a book signing for his new book Tyler Florence's Real Kitchen. Since we are foodies as well as GFFA and HP fans, how could we not go and see him in person?

So off we went to Borders in Novi. We arrived almost an hour and a half early, but others were there afore us. We found spots in the back row of the area where the chairs were set up, but Dancing Queen decided she wouldn't be able to see from that far back. She found herself a stepstool and made her own viewing platform behind a section of shelves (in the science fiction section -- another GFFA link!) but from where she would have a good close-up view.

Tyler had made an earlier appearance at another location (a cooking demo at Panera), but was running late to get to ours. The announcement was made about 30 minutes before his scheduled appearance that he was running about 15 minutes behind schedule. The audience which had grown substantially since our arrival took it in good grace and continued to chat among ourselves about Tyler's and other FoodTV shows.

When he arrived (30 minutes late), he apologized saying that the audiences here had been the largest and best yet on his 20-city tour. He talked for about 25 minutes about various aspects of his shows and career, as well as his experience in writing his first book. Then he took questions for another 40 minutes. He was very animated and funny -- demonstrating how to add ingredients and stir risotto; using his water bottle to illustrate a technique for slicing potatoes ... And he mentioned the Tyler's Ultimate meatball show at least three times. It just happened to be on that night on FoodTV, and one audience member pointed out that we were all missing it to be at the book signing, which amused him to no end.

When it came time for him to sign books, the store staff had organized the procedure very well. We were informed ahead of time to purchase the books before his talk began and had been given a color coded instruction sheet with the procedure for the signing. We were fortunate to be in the first color grouping, or it would have been a very long wait.

Tyler was very gracious and shook our hands both when we came up to the table and when we left and personalized each book we had signed. He also posed for pictures not only with Dancing Queen, but also with others in line who had the forethought to bring cameras with them.

This was Dancing Queen's first celebrity book signing and I am glad that it was such a positive experience for her. If we had not been fans of Tyler before this, we are now!

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