Field Report:
Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit
PandaCat, as told to Rosie
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Our class went to see this special show at the Detroit Science Center. It was about a half hour bus ride. That was fun because we could sit with our friends, but the bus bounced a lot over the potholes on the road so I was glad when the ride was over.

The Titanic was a great big ship what was built in the early 1900's. The people who built the ship called it unsinkable. It was huge and really fancy so lots or rich people wanted to be the first to sail in it from England to America. But a lot of people who weren't rich also sailed in the Titanic. They were coming to America to find jobs. They sailed in third class and it wasn't fancy at all.

The museum people gave each of us cards with information about one of the passengers who were on the boat. My person was one of the ones traveling in third class, but he did survive because he was able to get off the ship in one of the lifeboats, but a lot of my friends got cards with the names of people who didn't survive.

There were displays of things that had been on the ship when it sailed. They were in the ship at the bottom of the ocean for a long time. People didn't even know where the ship was for a long time, but then Dr. Robert Ballard found it. They brought some things up from the ship that we got to see in this show, but the ship is still down there. There was also a huge chunk of ice that was sitting in a tank of water. We could touch it so we could feel how cold the water was for the people who were able to get off the ship.

We also got to see some of the other exhibits at the Science Center. We could try lots of different things so I did. I got to drive a hovercraft. That was lots of fun even though I couldn't steer it to the yellow circle in the middle of the floor. I also got to ride a bicycle that generated power for a small motor. It was a very fun trip to the museum and I will go back soon.

Detroit Science Center
5020 John R Street
Detroit, MI 48202
Telephone: (313)577-8400
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