The Magic of Myth Exhibit

There's nothing like waiting till the last minute ...

I was aware that this exhibit was touring around the country, but didn't pay too close attention to where it would be at any particular time. I had bought the companion book online when the exhibit first opened at the Smithsonian and was quite impressed with it, but I had thought I would not have the opportunity to see the exhibit. Lo and behold! I was surfing the 'net and came across a reference to the exhibit at the Toledo Museum. That was within reach, so into the car we hopped and off we went -- just shortly before the exhibit was to pack up and move on.

I've been a fan of Star Wars since the original release of the movie and an avid reader of all kinds of mythology. What I really liked about this exhibit (and the companion book) was the way it clearly, visually, and graphically explained mythological archetypes relating them all to the Star Wars saga, beginning with ANH and proceeding through ESB and RotJ. And of course, TPM was not forgotten ...

So much for the the esoterica of the exhibit. It was just plain really cool to get up close and see the intricate detail on the models of the ships that whiz by so fast on screen. The costumes and mannequins of the characters were very impressive. Darth Vader and Darth Maul were particularly creepy. When I looked at Vader's helmet, pulled apart to display the breathing and vocalization apparatus, I could almost feel how confining it would have felt to the dying Anakin desperate for a gasp of free air and the sight of his son who had redeemed him.

The dioramas and the brilliant production artwork of Ralph McQuarrie added more dimension to the exhibit showing the development of the appearance of the characters, ships, and landscapes as well as their final realization.

Naturally, this exhibits represents only a fraction of the magic of the Star Wars saga that captured our imaginations, but it is well worth seeing.

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