Wookiee Hut Field Reports presents:
C3: LFL Archive Exhibit

C3, Indianapolis, IN
Review by MaceVindaloo, Diana

For those of you who were lucky enough to see the traveling Star Wars display The Magic of Myth or the Smithsonian version there were some familiar things to see in the LucasFilms Archive exhibit here at C3, like the models of the Millenium Falcon or lightsabres. But this showing was centered on showing something from each of the six movies in the Star Wars epic, as well as the new stuff forom Ep3.

Our group decided to see the archive on the first day of C3, because one: One of our group neglected to take another to see the Magic of Myth when it was close by, and two: the line was short at the time, which it was never again the whole time during C3. The line was either VERY long, or was closed to any further fans cause it was so long ... We felt lucky to get in when we did.

From the original trilogy, there was things like the Wampa, a model of Luke's speeder, Leia's Hoth uniform, Han's outfit, and the Jawa crawler production miniature. The more interesting stuff was basically promoting the latest movie, so there was a concentration on EP3 materials, though this exhibit was very small and by no means comprehensive.

There was Anakin's Vader armor and Jedi costumes, Obi-wan's Mustafa costume (complete with cigarette holes!), Padmés maternity battlesuit, and the new Wookiees complete with weapons. The group of women in front of us must have been cosplay types. They spent a long time in front of the Padme outfit taking photos of every single detail, especially the buckles and jewelry. Thuogh they did apologize for taking so much time, I felt compelled to tell them that taking 10 shots in the same settings of the same thing would just produce 10 crappy shots ...

There was a complete display of lightsabre handles from all the episodes (not all the Jedi, of course ... we suspect most didn't have custom made handles), as well as Wookiee weaponry. Yeah, we could have stared and gawked for hours ... but we might have been beaten up by the cosplayers!

If and when this show gets on the road, we'll be in line ... again!

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