Field Report:
Holy Star Wars, Batman! It's a Lego Shrine to the GFFA!!
Meeting Fellow Star Wars Fanatics in Chinatown

Rosie, MaceVindaloo, Diana

We had thought they were a dying race ... Star Wars fans, so proud that they'd put Star Wars toys and models in their shop windows to advertise WE ARE HERE! Bow down and feel intimidated! Maybe not dying, but most have scurried off to find refuge in the Inter(Holo)net.

But lo! In Chinatown, New York City, we found a whole storefront devoted to Star Wars Lego models and toys and other stuff! Of course, we found out that these are "seconds" ... the "firsts" are in "mint in box" condition, with prices like "$300" stuck to them. And they were playing flipcard nerd games. Okay, so we're not quite in their league, but they don't write fanfic, either. We're STILL cooler than them .. says us! We'll see you guys, we said, in May 2005 ... Ep3!

"Farmboy, I don't care who's shooting at us. There is no way you're getting me into that cockpit! And what the heck is a womprat???"

"Artoo... Did young Anakin try to deconstruct you? You look like C3PO before he got his plating! Hey, wait ... is that where C3PO got his ..."

"Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah ... My Super Star Detroyer's bigger than yours..."

"If only they'd let me have a chance ... I KNOW I could go for over $300 on ebay!"

"No fireworks? They're nerds in Chinatown, who the heck to they think they're kidding! Pilot, launch torpedos, I don't care if they're ray-shielded!"

"I did NOT call you a nerfherder! I only reserve that epithet for future husbands, you pervert!"

"The Shrine to a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Really, it's a shrine! Look, it was a LOT of work, and these are all first-issue authentic Lego kits!"

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