Field Report:
The Girl Scouts Invade Chicago
Dancing Queen

Cookies, Cookies will it ever end? Well we sold and sold, and it did end, and WE got the payoff: a trip to Chicago! Of course we had to leave at the crack of dawn to catch our train. Over the course of 5+ hours we went from Ann Arbor to Chicago's Union Station. WARNING: Bring earplugs. Union Station is LOUD!!!! We were right next to a sleeper train. At Union Station we hopped into taxis dumped our stuff at the hotel and went... Shopping!

We went into Chicago Place for an hour until it was time to go to the American Girl Cafe. We decided to have HighTea instead of lunch -- so lady-like. So after that we went back to our hotel to check in. Our rooms were on the 14th floor and we had a pretty nice view of Downtown Chicago. After checking in and resting, we had dinner at Ed Debevics, which was a riot. The seating person had cat eyes and gave the parties weird names. After dinner, my girl scout leader pointed out Spago, Wolfgang Puck's restaurant (Maybe we can go there next time). When we got back, we spent an hour and a half swimming in the hotel's pool -- on the 19th floor -- and then went to bed.

We had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel and went to Shedd Aquarium. The Aquarium was a lot of fun. The dolphin show was especially funny because of the "audience member" who kept interrupting the show with his antics. We did get to see the special coral reef exhibit, but the lines were long and there were lots of school groups there. Of course we *had* to hit the gift shop before we left and it was a great one. We even picked up a purple clown fish for little sis. After that we went our separate ways.

Some of us went to the Adler Planetarium and some decided to go shopping. The Adler Planetarium group got to see a wonderful planetarium show about the whole universe from the tiniest atom to billions of galaxies and how everything is related to everything else.

The shoppers cabbed it back to the Miracle Mile and shopped their hearts out in one of the world's best shopping districts. The rest of us would get our shopping in before our visit was over.

We met up again at our hotel to clean up before walking to the Rain Forest Café for dinner Check out the review to hear about *that* adventure ... After dinner, some people went to Navy Pier to check it out, but it was pretty cold that evening and some of us had enough sense to go back to the hotel and play games or watch TV. A pretty full day, don't you think?

The next morning, we had breakfast in the hotel again. Those of us who still had shopping to do walked down to the Grant Park Mall. It is a gorgeous three story shopping wonderland. On the top floor we even saw the Lego store and some amazing Lego creations. You might even recognize one or two.

Then it was time for us to go back to the hotel to check out. We took cabs back to Union Station where we grabbed lunch before boarding the train to come back home. We had learned on the trip over that the food service on the train was not too great. It was a good thing we had packed our own snacks and still had some left for the ride home. Our group was pretty tired after a very full couple of days, but we would all do it again in a heartbeat! (It was worth all those months of selling cookies!!!)

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