Field Report:
Forest Park Golf Course, Woodhaven, NY


On a wonderful spring day recently when I had a chance to leave work early, I decided to play my almost annual round of golf. Although I played a lot of golf in my teens, and early 20's, and I got quite good at it, I find it increasingly hard to find the time to play. I refuse to let golf control my life and those around me. It's kind of a selfish game if your significant other doesn't play. Of course, if your mother plays, as mine does, you can take her out for a few hours of light exercise and discussion once in a while. Not a bad idea of Mother's Day, maybe. Perfect springtime outing, in fact.

Forest Park: Holes 1 to 6

Forest Park has been my course of choice since moving into the New York City area. It is a public course that underwent some needed renovations in the late 1990's, including some severe work on the tee boxes, and a new clubhouse, which was sorely needed.

Forest Park: Holes 7 to 12

Being a public course, the green fees are very reasonable at $21 for residents of NYC and $26 for non-residents. The course itself is a fairly short course, tight and tree lined, with a lot of elevated greens. Forest Park also has 3 holes with water hazards, which is very rare for city courses. The tee-boxes can get a little chewed up, especially towards the late summer and is sometimes tough to wait behind the hackers ... The occasional views of Manhattan are a subtle reminder that you are not in the countryside ...

Forest Park: Holes 13 to 18

Personally, I think it is the best city public course in NYC, and is worth a look. A diamond in the first cut??

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