Wookiee Hut Reviews presents:
Star Wars C3: Exhibitor's Hall
C3, Indianapolis, IN
Review by MaceVindaloo

In comparison to the exhibits shown at C2, there seemed to be many more figure and collector paraphernalia on exhibit at C3. Although I am not into this collecting stuff, it seems like many people are ... but being that I am not, most of the content that was being shown was lost on me. Except from a just-looking standpoint, and fortuantely, there was plenty to just ogle!

The stuff I was mostly interested in was the weird shi... stuff ... that people will do in the name of fandom or acquisition. Creating cast metal figures, making characters out of scrap iron parts, that kind of thing. Most were crafted very well, but mostly were way beyond my price range. I'm a fan, but I'm not into being in debt!

There were the general exhibits that probably show up at every conference they can get into. Stuff like Geek Squad, which is a good thing, because we could ask questions and even get quick advice regarding why some of our chat features don't work!

The Master Replica booth was swamped from day one till the time they closed on Sunday. They sell very good-looking lightsaber and weapon replicas that can make light and sound. The light sabers can provide realistic experiences when being used — so you don't need to make the noises with your lips and the clashing buzzing noises when they strike each other in battle. This was shown very well in a demo performed before one of the stageshows, where a sponsored martial arts dojo did a choreographed fight à la Anakin and Obi-wan. They sold out before the end of the con!

I also found the Lego display, Lucas arts and the RPG trading card house very cool, especially on the last day when a mini-Vader knocked the whole card house down with his lightsaber. The exhibitors gave away a lot of stuff (like SW Galaxies games, posters, autographs by authors and artists). Illustrator Dave Dorman had a long line of people waiting for him to do little drawings on the bottom of the posters they'd bought.

Also in the exhibit hall, Dark Horse, Borders Books and Random House / Del Rey had stalls that featured book signings from well known Star Wars authors. During C2 we waited around in long stormtrooper-escorted lines to get signatures, and we missed out on shows and stuff. So this time, we skipped the signature lines, which was a good thing. From what I saw, the lines were bigger than last time.

There were plenty of non-SW based things, too. The most popular appeared to be men's "utility kilts" — more Gladiator than Braveheart, these were made of khaki, camouflage, leather, etc. They came in "beer gut cut" for those guys who insist on wearing their pants below their bellies. They were reasonably priced and many, many men partook and enjoyed the liberating feeling of wearing a manly skirt with many other dorks wearing less "normal" looking costumes. They, too, sold out of stock before show's end, and they were down to measuring people and giving out online addresses or later ordering.

All in all, a lot to see and buy, or just to see. And I have a Christmas wish list several miles long ... ("Dear Santa, This Christmas, I'd love to not make lightsabre noises with my own lips ...")

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