Field Report:
Bonaventure Skate, Farmington Hills, MI

There is a resurgence for roller rinks and bowling alleys, it seems. Bonaventure is ... well, there isnt much to review, its simply a skating place. They rent rollerblades, have competitions, teach skating, and fastfood and videogames are available.

The building is like a big purple warehouse in the middle of a parking lot. I don't understand the moose as mascot. The website has really annoying music, like a different annoying loud melody on every page. (Be warned so you don't get the shock of your life when it starts blaring at you. No, there isn't a way to turn it off other than to turn off your speakers.)

It's a teen hangout so some stupid stuff happens. Like if you skate too slow, other skaters will skate right into you, rather than going around you, or skating in the center of the rink, like you're supposed to. I guess that's what happens when you get show-offs in the crowd and no really good supervision.

Noteworthy: they sell really gigantic dill pickles at the snackbar. It's so big they give it to you on a paper plate with a fork. Weirdest thing ever!

Alas, I landed wrong when i fell on my rollerblades and I screwed up my ankle and my knee was numb for two days.

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