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The Unofficial Official Corran Horn Page (unofficial in Lucasfilm's eyes, official in Michael A. Stackpole's) has now entered its fourth year! Corran is a character that has been featured in the X-Wing novels, I, Jedi, and various novels in the ongoing New Jedi Order, among others, just in case you have never heard of him before. The links below will take you to the offerings on the page. Enjoy your stay, and come back soon!

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Biographies Contains detailed information on Corran and other members of his family.

Book Listing Are you wondering if you've read every book Corran, Booster, or Mirax have ever appeared in? Wonder no longer. Contained within is a chronological listing of every book, comic, or short story, complete with summary and availability, in which a Halcyon/Horn/Terrik has appeared.

Editorials My sound-off page. Here's where I post various theories and rants I have about the Star Wars universe, with a focus on the Halcyon/Horn family.

Fanfiction Pretty self-explanatory.

Picture Gallery Again, self-explanatory. (Updated 9/10)

Reviews Contains reviews of Star Wars books, comics, and short stories.

GenCon Reports - Contains reports and pictures from my visits to GenCon 2001 and GenCon 2002. Detailed within are various encounters with Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Aaron Allston, and many others. Not to mention lunch with Mike Stackpole himself!

Author Chat Transcripts Transcripts from online chats with various Star Wars authors.

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Although I may not have created the characters or some of the content on this page (like the pictures), I still would ask that you ask before taking anything from this page. I am the author of pretty much everything on this page, and have put a lot of work into putting this stuff up here for your enjoyment.

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