You Said You Love Me Rating: PG

You said you love me ... you promised me you'd never leave.

These are dire times; I know ...
... I should know.
A promise made one day is
broken the next. Even if the promise is
and heartfelt ... sometimes,
the promise may be broken. Sometimes
with penalty, and sometimes
without, and sometimes
with relief.

Penalty not for you ... For me
— the one forsaken,
left behind — the penalties are
I doubt
they will ever be paid.

Unless you come back and keep
your promise
to me,
I will never love again.

did you leave me? Why
could you not take me with you? Why
would you not come with me?

"I'll never stop
loving you, but you are going down a path
I can't follow."
How dare you utter
such a blaspheme!

If you loved me — truly loved
me —
you would
have followed me ... out of
love. Not out
of understanding, nor out of sympathy. But,
project your dreams into our reality and
broke your promise
to me.
took my future
with you ...

But now, I know
you loved me then, and that
you love me now. You kept
your promise ... I have discovered
a remnant of our love
has survived ... and grown!
I thought
our son
was dead, murdered when you
faded away from me.

But you left him here, so that
I could someday find him
and know that you love me,

"I don't know you anymore.
Anakin, you're breaking my heart."

You broke mine, when you left me ...
you cheated on me
when you died.

You wouldn't follow me ...
you wouldn't stay. But
someday, I can follow you ...

But not yet.

I am still learning
how to keep people from
... dying.
Someday, I will bring
you back to me.

And you are not dead.
Through our child
live ...

I know you love me ... you promised me you'd never leave.

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