'Twas the Day After Christmas

I didn't actually see him at the mall today, but those gigantic displays in center court where he sits for kids to have their picture taken with him are still up. That's what inspired the filk.

'Twas the Day-After-Christmas,
and all through the mall
All the creatures were stirring — the tall and the small.

The returns and exchanges rush had diminished,
But by no means was it anywhere close to quite finished.

The children were reluctantly dragged away from their toys
While grown-ups searched 'round for after-Christmas sale joys.

When all through the mall there arose such a clatter
Heads turn all directions to see what was the matter.

Folk ran to the Center Court from hither and thither
Great bargains not to miss, they couldn't wait and dither.

When what to their wondering eyes should appear,
Why that jolly, red fur-clad elf and his favorite reindeer.

"Shop Marshall's, shop Penney's, shop Lord and Taylor, and Sears" went his cry.
"Try Best Buy, The Limited. Get out there and buy!"

His arms all akimbo, his voice a loud shout.
The exertion I could see quite wore him out.

Still, he spoke to each shopper that gathered around
"If you wait too much longer, bargains will no longer be found."

Then, his mission accomplished, he slipped quietly away
To fortify himself for another day.

But before he quite vanished, all present did hear ...
"Happy shopping to all! See you next year!"

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