Time Walkin' Rating: PG

And now for a little retro disco trip with TeeKay and Jacen, as they "jive talk" about his little time walkin' habit ...

The plain text is Tenel Ka and the Sith-red text is Jacen.

(With profuse apologies to the Bee Gees.)

You say that time walkin'
is good exercise.
I'm thinkin'
you're tellin' me lies.
I'm wishin'
you'd shut your big gob,
get a haircut
and get a real job.

Aww, TK,
that ain't true.
Why be so mean to me?
Won't you come,
we'll have fun.
We'll visit Grandpa on the Death Star for tea.

You know this time walkin'
has messed with your head.
Last night when
I came up to bed,
you were sleep talkin'
all lovey dovey
with Alema and Danni Quee.

Aww, TK,
that ain't true.
You're being so unfair.
I was just
dreamin' of
a little visit
from my friend Vergere.

Well thanks to ...

Time walkin'
Our marriage is shot.
I used to
think you were hot.
But when I fancy
some nice steamy sex,
you're either with Yoda
or dining with Dex.

Your time walkin'
is driving me mad.
Last week you thought
you were your dad.
And when I wear
a nice negligee,
you get me
confused with Padmé.

Time walkin'
You're never around.
Time walkin'
In some other town.
One day
you'll forget who you are
and come back
as the Emperor.

Calm down, babe,
Don't get in a state.
Is something I hate.
I'm fixin'
to make things serene
Or my name isn't Palpatine ...

Er, uh, oops!

[TeeKay stomps off but gets caught up in a crowd of disco dancing and sequined-cloaked Sith, in wedge heels and bad hair wigs, who spin her around until she stumbles off the edge of the stage and disappears in an explosion of crackling dark Force energy. Meanwhile Jacen can be seen whirling from one partner to the next until, as the music ends, he whooshes to the edge of the stage in a dramatic slide. He poses — on one knee — and grins:]

Time walkin' ... yeah.

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