Shadow and Light
Diana and MaceVindaloo

The shadows hide many sins. It is
the natural place to be, behind
and under, just out of reach.
Always I stand between the cleansing
sun and light and
my shadow. It's as if the evil in
is in

Could it be the feelings I have, the
feelings which make my master admonish, be
mindful, my padawan ...

I am his padawan. He knows I am good, but he knows
the evil in me. The shadow in my

Perhaps that is not what he sees. Perhaps
he is seeing the goodness in my shadow? He
is my master, he is a powerful man, he
is fair and just.
He would not admonish me for my evil.
He would reward me for my good. I know
him. It is his weakness, perhaps.
The love of his own master, now long dead on
that planet where my love awaits me.

I turn toward a cluster of stars, knowing
she can feel me, my
secret love.
My light, my goodness, yet
the deepest and darkest
of secrets.

Light ... dark ... good ...
evil. They are not arguements on
either side of a line. They are
intertwined, sometimes peacefully
coexisting and

Where does death take over? When does life end?
Does love ever end? It must, because it must start.
Where do I start? Where does my shadow end?

My master, my wife, my master's master -- all
good, all hopeful, all trusting.
All believing in me. All relying on
The good me.
Not my shadow.
my shadow
is more
Every day, I am

Every day, my shadow and I grapple in the
lover's dance
of growth and maturity and
of our fate. Today, I win. But tomorrow,
will. And if he does
am I then his shadow?

I cannot be between him
and the sun,
between him
and the stars,
between him and my darkness,
what will happen to
my master, my
wife, my
master's master, my
me mine, I will cease
to be me. Will I
ever be good if I lose
this battle? Can I
be good if I can't feel the light?
If my shadow
buries me.

The shadows hide evil, or
rather protects it, like
I must protect my
my strength
love, save
me from my shadow.

I will hide, deep, far away
so my shadow does not know.
He cannot find me.
Only love will
find me, save
me, absolve
me, redeem me. My love,
my good.

He will not find me, my
shadow will not know. For a
Jedi knows not love. Ergo
he will never know.

From my shadow, myself,
I hide ...

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