Pilot Song (For Wedge) Rating: PG

Some of the imagery in this poem is based on the Dark Horse graphic novel: The Phantom Affair, and the early scene from Wedge's childhood comes from the SW Handbook Vol 1: Rogue Squadron comic.

It was one of those days that live forever:
the hills, lush and green, folding endless
into a distance as huge as the galaxy;
the air earthy, sweetening the palette
with the aroma of mountain grass
moist and cleansed by the morning dew.
And he, a boy, growing sturdy and strong
lavished, cherished by his native sun.

It was the simple joy of the moment:
the warm pelt of the thak beneath him,
the pitch and roll beat of hoof on turf
and he, swaying with the shared rhythm —
a song of union between boy and beast
and land borne buoyant on the wings
of dreams. And his spirits soaring,
and the adoring world falling at his feet.

He still hears the song sometimes, but
it's different now; no longer simple.
The melody is more haunting, layered
with semi-tones of loss and regret.
And the eyes that gazed guileless
into the cathedral dome of the sky
have discovered the abyss, and learned
the warrior's guise of worn indifference.

But the boy is not gone, not altogether.
He catches him sometimes beckoning
from behind the face in the mirror —
senses him creeping through the chinks
in his armoured heart to ride lordly
his dominion from hills to sky and beyond
to the glitter and sweep of stars ...

where his spirit flies on wings of steel
and the galaxy rejoices at his feet.


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