Ode to the Crockpot

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Your life is insane,
you live by the clock.
You run here and there;
do your errands each day.
You get home exhausted;
your energy droops.
You want to collapse,
but you must feed the troops.

If they must wait even one second more,
they will drive you insane.
They will whimper, they'll moan,
they'll cry and complain.
"What's for dinner?" they ask.
"We're hungry!" they wail.
"Set the table," you answer.
There's no reason to quail.

Before the kids woke,
tonight's menu you knew ...
McD's would not be
the supper venue.
You took out that magical cooking utensil.
With it, monkeys could cook with tails prehensile.
Hmm ... maybe it's time for Rugrats to train.
Cook for themselves to save you the pain ...

The veggies you peeled and you put in the pot.
The meat and the seasoning added a lot.
The timer you set as they came down eyes all ablear.
You fed them their breakfast with a smile on your face.
You pressed the start button and went out the door.
The meat and the veggies, the seasonings and juice
simmer and bubble and cook to perfection.
It smells better than the world's sweetest confection.

The aroma that greets you is savory and delicious.
The children look 'round with hope and suspicious.
"Is Grandma here?" they ask looking 'round.
"No," you answer. "Now go set the table."
They scurry to go and do as I ask.
They're hungry, so it's no difficult task.
Five minutes to set, to wash up, and whatnot.
THANK YOU! Oh mighty, amazing crockpot!

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