Mrs. Anakin
A filk based on Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson"

It would seem that a filk glorifying the pros and cons of a younger man falling in love with an older woman should be inspired by the original song glorifying the same. It was also inspired by John Deering's daily comic "Strange Brew" — the caption of one day's offering read, "George Lucas directs The Graduate." The scene is a bedroom, and a fully-clothed young man is facing a provocatively-clad woman wearing a little black dress and Vader's helmet. He says, "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me to 'the dark side.'" And she's carrying a cocktail and breathing rhythmically ...

and here's to you, mrs anakin,
vader loves you more than you would know ...
whoa woe oh!
hold back your tears, mrs anakin
to polis masa, obiwan will take
you away ... keep you safe ...

hiding out in coruscant where none can come to know
meeting up on the private landing platform
two loyal 'droids are mum to master anakin's affair
keep the secret in you: children waiting to be born

and here's to you, mrs. anakin
sooth his sorrows, make believe it's fine
lai lai lie ...
hold onto him, mrs. anakin
don't let his fears destroy his worried mind
by the by ... going bye ...

lying on the divan in your lovenest built for two
he can't sleep, tossing and turning
the air is filled with screaming, sheets all torn up in a heap
horrid nightmares every time he sleeps...

r2d2 and c3po,
they know he loves you more than you can show
whoa oh woe!
what's that you say, missus anakin?
the jedi temple's blaze will burn love away
hey hey hey ... what's that, you say?

your husband's here; how strange on a weekday afternoon
he accuses you of being disloyal
fight about it, shout about it; soon you have to choose
follow him down that path, you'll lose ...

where's obiwan, lonely jedi knight?
padmé turns her desperate hopes to you
boo hoo hoo
when you away, mrs. anakin,
obiwan will keep the babes unseen
on alderaan ... and tatooine ...

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