Merry Christmas, Baron Fel

Inspired by Iella's filk Just Bruise It, we were fooling around the 'Hut one day talking about Christmas filks (like last year's 12 Days of LOTR), and "Snoopy's Christmas" by the Royal Guardsmen became the inspiration for this year's Xmas Filkfest! It also inspired a Major Fel's Chutney recipe and label for the chutney bottled especially by the men of the 181st! Enjoy, and "Merry Christmas, mein friend!"

The news had come out in the Galactic War
Bloody 181st was flying once more
The Allied Command ignored all of its men
And called on Antilles to do it again.

T'was the night before Christmas, -40 below
Wedge Antilles went up in search of his foe.
He spied Turr Phennir and fiercely they fought
Ion cannons his systems fried, Wedge knew he was caught.

Christmas bells, those Christmas bells
Ring out for me and you
Asking peace of the universe
Good will to beings all!

Phennir made Wedge fly down to Elbara Nine
And forced him to land behind enemy lines.
Wedge was certain that this was the end
When Phennir called out, "For Colonel Fel, my friend!"

A box in his hand, Wedge caref'ly received
Wondering what Turr had hidden up his Imp sleeve
To his surprise the box held only some chutney
Wrapped with ribbons and labeled by Fel's old crew, so mott'ly

Phennir then offered a holiday toast
Wedge Antilles, our hero, saluted his host.
And then with a roar they were both on their way
Each knowing they'd meet on some other day.

"Merry Christmas, Fel!" Antilles heard
Comm'd from Phennir's craft
"A gift for peace for all the world,
Good will to a noble man!"

Racing his X-wing back to the Fleet
Wedge calls Colonel Fel with him to meet
The box Fel opens, a tear in his eye
"Thanks a lot boys, and now it's goodbye."

"Wait!" yells Wedge to Baron Fel
"You can't leave, not just yet!
Let me taste some chutney, sir
Before I go to bed!"

Christmas bells, those Christmas bells
Ring out through the lands!
Asking peace of all the worlds
Toward Imp, Alien, and Man!

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