A Poetic Theorem

The idea for this popped into my head when I was doing a quick re-read of The Final Prophecy for some background on the Yuuzhan Vong. I came across this comment by Corran to Tahiri on page 74:

"The Givin have written a poetic theorem about you, did you know that?"

Now I must have read that the first time and barely noticed it, but this time it rang a little bell. And as the day wore on the little bell became more and more insistent.

For those of you who haven't read
Rebirth, here's a quick summary of the relevant section.


Corran, Anakin and Tahiri arrive on the space station near Yag'Dhul to warn the Givin of an imminent Yuuzhan Vong invasion only to find that the government, the Coalition of Factors, has been infiltrated and the security shield is going to be deactivated. Tahiri convinces the doubting leader, Dodecian Illiet, that the Yuuzhan Vong are a serious threat to the Givin because of their potential as victims of the Shapers. (The Givin have exoskeletons that allow them to survive in the vacuum of space.) So it's Tahiri who's responsible for making the Givin see reason, and therefore I guess they were suitably grateful to her. For this piece I've taken into account that the poet has studied her subsequent history and has drawn some allusions and conclusions concerning her.

So here it is -- my version of the Givin poetic theorem. Imagine that you're visiting a Givin mathematical library and you find a slim little volume of flimsi. You draw it out from a shelf that is precisely labelled in Givin script: Poetics of Mathematical Ideology. You turn the book over, and your mouth drops open as you recognise the name in the title. You proceed to open it up -- and this is what you find.

The theorem of Jedi Tahiri
By Septian Iota

Item, the first. A short history of the theorem in note form:
[This history is an unedited record of my initial work on this project.]
First observation of suspected Yuuzhan Vong vessel noted at Equinox Phase 27000.27, Mid-cycle, Transit of Tertiary Moon, by the poet historian Septian Iota. Approach course relative to space station:

tan y + 8 = -½(x - 8)

Suspected purpose — attack.

Conclusion incorrect.

Identification of passenger: Corran Horn, Jedi Knight.

Much discussion by members of Coalition.

Further identification of passengers: Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila, Jedi students.

Further discussion.

According to Pserdo's Law, differentiation (of species) is possible if

limh→0  f(x + h) - f(x) / h

exists. Limit exists, yet differentiation (of humans) is subject to 98.8% error.
[Inform Pserdo that his equation requires modification. Preferably soon.]

[Further note. Suggest he work on differentiation (of Yuuzhan Vong) in case further incidents arise. Inform Coalition of Factors of this suggestion.]

Simple differentiation (of humans) possible (in adult form only) using geometry. Process — observe body shape. Presence of cones on upper trunk denotes female. This results in basic gender categorisation of

x / non x
where x = female

History complete.

[Recorded at Equinox Phase 27000.28, First quarter, Transit of Tertiary Moon]

Arrival of humans in Yuuzhan Vong vessel has a calculated probability of 1:10,000,000.

Arrival of Jedi Knights in Yuuzhan Vong vessel = 1:10,000,000,000.

Arrival of Jedi Knights informing us that Coalition of Factors' integrity undermined by plot to conjoin with Yuuzhan Vong = probability 1:100,000,000,000,000,000,000.

My interest is whetted.

Digression complete.

Research item:
[Recorded after much deliberation at Solstice Phase 27000.7, Third quarter, Transit of Secondary Moon.]
~Tahiri Veila.

Prime reasons for choice:
1) Ease of identification. [See note above on differentiation.]

3) Gift for persuasive argument. Ergo: Yuuzhan Vong make tools from living organisms. Givin capable of surviving in vacuum. Therefore Yuuzhan Vong will use Givin to create new organisms.

[Effective logic is most appealing. Most humans appear to be lacking in this area.]

[Dodecian Illiet impressed, too.]

5) Example of Yuuzhan Vong shaping. Hence an example of duality.
[I find duality fascinating.]

7) Subsequent history even more fascinating. Conjoined her two aspects — Yuuzhan Vong and human.

[Coincidental with above date.]
I, Septian Iota, have encountered no other life form like Tahiri Veila. She is unique. How can I capture her duality?
Here is my attempt.
Shun not the simplicity, dear reader — only in such simplicity, can true beauty be represented.

The theorem in poetic form according to the convention of the ancient Givin Triptych.

Prima coda:
A time of chaos. Division by factions,
totality sundered by fear into fractions.
Unity fragmented, deceit augmented.

Time0→   Givin totality / t(t→)

Secunda coda:
Salvation by the three Jedi. Alerted
to the threat, the Coalition averted
defeat, escaping ungodly shaping.

Givin totality / Total factions     x     3 / Jedi totality     =     1

Tertia coda:
Unity restored, the Givin rejoice,
relieved Dodecian heeded the voice
of the young Jedi Tahiri Veila.

Tahiri   >   Undifferentiated Jedi   > Dodecian Illiet

Quadria coda:
At Yavin shaped, Tahiri's mind invaded
by another — Riina. Two factions persuaded
to cohabit. We, the Givin, understand.

Tahiri / T + R     =     Givin totality / factions

Quintia coda:
After Myrkr the crisis invoked by sorrow.
Fragile equilibrium. We too know
the constant threat of division.

T→ = R←       Faction 1→ = Faction 2←
R→ = T←       And so ad infinitum

Sestia coda:
Unprecedented integration of both personas
into one. The best of the old remoulded as
someone new. Can we, the Givin, do this too?

∫(T + R)   =   T´

Septia coda — the conclusion:
The new Tahiri.
Greater than the sum of her parts.

T´   >   T + R

By living examples, we learn.

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