Scribbles by Diana

[Based on "Jonathan Jo"]

Teneniel Djo
(A warning kind of poem written by Luke after a visit to Dathomir)

Teneniel Djo
Has a mouth like a bow.
She looks cute but she's full of surprises;
She's after a man,
So take care where you land,
'Coz she'll get you, whatever your size is.

[Based on "Happiness"]

(A happy kind of poem about Jag on the occasion of a date with Jaina.)

Jag had
Thigh High
Nerf Hide
Boots on;
Jag gave his
Dark Hair
A Hasty
Jag had sleek
Black Skin Tight
Pants on —
And that
(Said Jag)

[Based on "Brownie"]

(A confessional kind of poem by Anakin)

In a corner of my bedroom is a great big curtain,
If mum knew who's behind it I'd be in the poo;
I think she's gone to bed, but I'm not quite certain.
(Tahiri isn't certain, too.)

[Based on Pooh's "Tiddely Pom" hum from Chapter 1 of The House at Pooh Corner.]

(A lamenting, vengeful kind of hum made by R2D2 while putting up with C3PO when they were waiting for Luke and Han to return on Hoth)

The more it snows,
[Enhance: thermo circuits]

The more he goes,
[Mute: auditory circuits]

The more he goes,
[Disable: auditory circuits]

On moaning.
Little does he know,
[Activate: blast circuits]

How close he grows,
[Prime: blast circuits]

How close he grows,
[Activate: target circuits]

To exploding.

[Based on "Spring Morning"]

Hoth Morning
(A fatalistic kind of poem by Hobbie}

Where am I going? I don't quite know.
Down to the ice with my shields aglow —
My rudder ain't working, and my drive's just blown —
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know.

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