Dreaming in Shades of Grey Rating: PG

This is a poem about Jango written from his son's point of view. I hope it captures some of the fascinating aspects of the Mandalorian culture as well as capturing Boba's feelings for his Dad.

Dreaming in shades of grey,
I see him through time's mist,
tempered armour rendered dull and speckled
with vapour clinging, condensing slowly
on the warmth of memory.
The droplets coalesce on amulets,
collect and linger lovingly in grooves,
and then dissolve, leaving in their wake
a silhouette, an imprint of the past: neither
towering giant nor unearthly ghost
... but just a man.

A man like other men — those that is
who see the universe for what it is
in its myriad shades of grey; who face it
without falling prey to delusions ...
who know the simple pleasure to be gained
from a plan well-formed,
from a task well executed.
He was ... a man
comfortable in the guise of the hunter,
a man at ease in his own skin
aiming with unerring accuracy simply
to make his way, to navigate shrewd-eyed
the tarnished paths of a galaxy geared
only for those with the skills to survive.

And survival is a tradition
passed with infinite precision
from man to boy, father to son —
a curriculum of skills hard-taught
until the flesh, disciplined, hard-wrought
earns the armour of the Mandalorian.
Gaining that edge and maintaining it —
that's the hardest thing. It only takes
one misstep, one miscalculation ...
that was another thing he taught me;

and it haunts me still, that dream —
that dream in shades of grey dust
and armour slashed by brazen shafts
of light that can never cauterise my pain.
I lift the helmet, catch the eyes
lost in misty contemplation of death,
touch the flesh already faded.
One misstep, one miscalculation ...
a father's last harsh lesson for his son.

But in the shadowy recesses of memory
beyond the regret, he still rises armour-clad,
and slips through the haze — a silent blade
still capable of cutting to the quick
with that terse humour. And dreaming,
I hear the echo of lessons past
and walk tall in the kinship of this man
as I, too, journey in shades of grey.

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