Desert Pearl (for Paddy)
Part of At the Oasis


Backtracking for a moment — this is the poem Tahiri wrote for Paddy one morning not long after she was born.

[Note: the desert pearl is a pale pink cactus flower that grows in the Jundland Wastes. Well, it does in my story anyway.]

                pink blossom unfurling
              bathed in gold
            a hazy halo of villi
        capturing specks
        of light
    so many dimensions
  to this tiny flower
this desert pearl

                    to the eye
                       and yet sand
                          and storm
                          to no avail
                          its roots already firm
                          dig deep
                          withstand all
                          its tiny petals
                        crave survival
                       grasp the precious light
                      the warmth
                    the loving air

                    to the eye
                    so small
                    and yet
                    each detail
                      in miniature
                        with such finesse
                        such perfection
                          to nature's tune
                              basking replete

  tiny pink blossom unfurling
    bathed in gold
     the morning suns
        spotlight you
        cherish you
      their star
    our flower
  our desert pearl

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