I Dream of Her and Hope She Dreams of Me (An Ancient Corellian Poem of Loss and Eternal Hope)
Diana DeRiggs

This poem was originally written in fragments to be inserted into the WEB fanfic of the same title. It outlines the thoughts and grievances of an ancient Corellian god who falls in love with a mortal. She dies, but unlike mortals, he cannot hope to be reunited in an afterlife, and as an immortal god, he is destined to wander the earth and sky separated from his love for all eternity. The poem was finished after the story was submitted.

...knowing not the depth of her love, she flew,
abandoning my flesh, and pulling to her
the source of my light, the source of my depth;
The knowledge of what I should have dared cold solace;
I question the stars; they, too, weep for my loss.

...my days stitch together
as I stand clumsy and grounded
to the when we last shared a pulsing kiss,
for the where that glows with true love's memory.

...and when she was gone, my soul went with her,
that she should want for nothing while my body could not follow.
I wander now a dead man, knowing nothing, seeing nothing,
Till again she walks with me, giving me my life again.

...were it possible to trade my love for metals, flowers, or song,
it would never be possible, for it is no longer mine to trade,
nor would it be possible to stop the flow and ebb
of that which I feel - for her who had left me as she flies.
I dream of her and hope she dreams of me...

...in my dreams she comes, kissing away the weight
of the years from my brow, tenderly touching,
returning me to life,
for a refreshed moment, beckoning me to wait...

...and though apart, we dream to be together.
I dream of her, she holds my soul ransom;
But I lie content, for I know she dreams of me.

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