I love this ship that I am in,
It's served me well through thick and thin.
An X-wing ship made by Incom,
It should have avoided that big, big bomb.
The shock wave sliced right through my bow,
I think I am in trouble now ...
My death may be now at hand,
I'm headed straight right for the land!!!

I wish it had been over the sea,
Darn, now I really have to pee!
A lot to say for my piloting skills,
For I just missed those big, big hills.
The ground approaches to me fast;
I really hope that my shields last!

I try to land inside that clearing
While in my ear, the klaxons pealing ...
I sweat profusely, I taste the salt
My poor ship comes to a smashing halt ...

The hatch pops open, fresh air flows in;
And on my face appears a grin.
My leg is slashed, it is really hurt
The blood drips down onto the dirt ...

So ... in the bacta, I will be livin'
Such is life ... for Hobbie Klivian!

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