Redemption has always been one of my favourite stories of the early Jedi era, and I especially enjoyed the way the artwork in the book portrays the development of the fond relationship between Ulic Qel-Droma and Vima Sunrider. I've wanted to write a poetic response to the book for quite a while — and finally the old Muse complied.

I never thought I could fall this far,
never guessed how cold it would be
when I hit rock bottom, how the dark
could smother with such intensity
that to pry away each blanket thread
would sap me, bleed me wan,
leech what little energy remains
in this hollow shell I have become.
Once ignited by the living spark
that fuses all within the Force,
I am the outcast, the blind man,
stripped and stumbling the frozen wastes
of Rhen Var, blighted by ambition,
tormented by memories of the dead
their fire stilled by my own hand.
In this land of light
I am the paradox
living in the shades.
Cheerless, friendless,
there is no respite
for me, except to say
I understand the frigid horizon
slashed and tortured by pinnacles
and gleaming crystal towers of ice
that can only reflect the warmth.
The planet turns, ticking time
through endless day and night,
blazing its silent circuit
around a lonely star.

Then she came riding the sun
like the dawn, painting the sky pink
and purple in profusion, a palette
familiar but forgotten to me,
forsaken by my fall from grace.
Shameless she came, unrepentant,
provocative, but with a heart so pure,
to cleanse the scales from my eyes.
And suddenly I saw it all, remembered
everything, and for one brief glorious moment
I touched infinity and lived again. I was ...
I am ... redeemed.

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