Downtime's Adult Awards Ceremony
Rating: R / Slash
Gillian F. Taylor

March 2007 saw the Second (almost)-Annual Fan Fiction Awards on the Downtime Boards fan site. The fiction boards of the site are divided in two areas — the Lounge, for general fiction, and Adult Lounge, for all slash and anything rated R or NC-17. This year it was decided that there would be two awards for stories in the Adult Lounge, as well as the more general awards. The Adult Awards had their own, short ceremony, held separately from the main Awards. We now go, live, to the venue ...

[The venue is a softly lit room in a private club. The audience are sitting at small tables that have been brought in especially; dress is 'minimal'. Several interesting pieces of apparatus have been moved to the back of the room to make space, leaving an open area in front of the tables.

Wedge enters, wearing a matching black leather thong and collar set. The audience whistles and applauds as Wedge makes his way to the open space and smiles.]

Wedge: "Welcome one and all to the Adult Awards ceremony. These awards celebrate a different field of writing, but one that makes as many demands of the writer as any other, if it's to be done well."

Voice off-stage: "I'd like to do you well!"

[Wedge grins, and blows a kiss in the direction of the voice.]

Wedge: "In the Adult Lounge writers can explore more mature themes. They may tackle subjects as diverse as the effects of mental illness, torture, rape and differing kinds of sexuality. Not all the stories are serious, or dark; many simply celebrate the love between those of the same gender, or of different species. To present the first award, for Best Erotic Fiction, please welcome Tycho Celchu."

[Tycho makes his way from his table to the open space. He's wearing a thong and collar like Wedge's but in crimson leather. As the audience applauds, he and Wedge greet one another with a hug and kiss, tongues clearly involved. Tycho reluctantly disentangles himself and turns to face the audience.]

Tycho: "Erotic stories are an important part of fanfic. Writers and readers alike get to enjoy fantasies, which may sometimes reveal their favourite characters in a surprising new light. This is certainly true of our winning fic, which charts a complex, and extremely hot, relationship between three men. The winner of the Best Erotic Fiction is 'Guilty Pleasures', by Durell."

[Much applause from the audience as Durell gets up to receive the award. Both Tycho and Wedge kiss Durell thoroughly, and congratulatory hugs turn into multi-way groping, to whoops from the audience. The group hug eventually breaks up, and Tycho escorts Durell back to her table, both looking a little flushed. As Wedge turns to face the audience again, it's noticeable that his posing pouch fits more snugly than before.]

Wedge: "The other award is the Best Adult Fic. This category covers those stories in the Adult Lounge which are not specifically erotic in nature. To present the award, please welcome Wes Janson."

[Wes bounds forward, pausing now and again to pose for the audience. He's wearing a leopard-print posing pouch with a row of tiny rhinestone studs down the middle line, that glitter in the light. He bows in response to the whoops and whistles from the audience, then turns to Wedge. Hugging and deep, slow kissing this time; Wes grinds his hips against Wedge's, then detaches himself and turns to face the audience. Wedge stands very close, slightly to one side and behind Wes, with his right hand out of sight behind Wes.]

Wes: "The Adult Fic category can cover many different topics. Our winning fic is an exquisite piece of writing that displays…"

[He pauses, his eyes widening in reaction to something the audience can't see. He glances over his shoulder at Wedge, who has an expression of studied innocence.]

Wes: "Er, that displays humour, love and tenderness. It cleverly weaves hints of an outer story with inner thoughts of love and life, evoking those…"

[He pauses, swallows, and glances again at Wedge. Wedge stares out at the audience, looking angelic, but sharp observers would have seen a slight movement of his shoulder which indicates that the hand out of sight behind Wes's arse has been moving.]

Wes: "Evoking those little details of character that make the story such a pleasure. The winner of Best Adult Fic is 'Nothing Gained' by djcati."

[Much applause as the award is presented, and djcati suitably congratulated by Wedge and Wes. As djcati leaves, clutching the award, Wedge and Wes kiss again. Wes slips one arm round Wedge's back and holds him firmly in place as he grinds his hips against him. Wedge yields for a few moments, then firmly frees himself and turns back to the audience. He's breathing rather heavily, and his posing pouch is looking rather strained.]

Wedge: "Thank you all very much. The first Adult Category Awards have been a success, and we hope that…"

[His speech breaks off in a squeal as Wes suddenly tickles him.]

Wes: "You're not teasing me like that and getting away with it."

[While Wedge is still helpless from the tickling, Wes adroitly pushes him up against the nearest apparatus and snaps Wedge's wrists into the binders. Whoops and whistles from the audience drown out Wedge's half-hearted protests as Wes grabs his ankles and fastens them in place, leaving Wedge spread-eagled and helpless. Wes literally tears off Wedge's thong and throws it towards the audience, starting an undignified scuffle for possession. Wedge moans as Wes fondles him and kisses the nape of his neck.

The screen suddenly fades to black, and the end credits roll.]

Voice-over: "The closing ceremony of the Adult Awards will be broadcast tomorrow night, on the 'Hot Pilots in Action', pay-per-view channel. The Adult Awards are sponsored by Kleenex. Thank you for watching."

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