Zekk Two-Pack
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress' notes: The following is two short scenes staring Jedi Knight Zekk, who strangely has no last name. The first one takes place sometime between the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Dark Nest Crisis. The second one takes place after the Second Galactic Civil War. Also, please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

"Come on Jaina," Zekk complained. "Can I get in on this already?"

Jaina Solo, who was mostly naked on the bed next to him, continued to ignore his pleas. She was too busy enthusiastically making out with Alema Rar, who was underneath her, just like she had been for the past ten minutes. The blue-skinned Twi'lek's wrists were cuffed to a restraining ring on the wall at the head of the bed.

"Jaina!" Zekk shouted at her impatiently, giving her a hard nudge in her side.

Jaina fell halfway off Alema Rar, and gasped as their lips parted.

"Wait your turn, baby," Jaina replied breathlessly as she hungrily returned to kissing her cuffed friend. Her left hand went between Alema Rar's legs, which were entwined with Jaina's. Each of them had a pair of towering stiletto heels on their feet. Alema Rar's were red thigh high synthhide boots, and Jaina's were silver platform sandals. A stack of silver bangle bracelets were on each of Jaina's wrists, and both sexy Jedi had black nerfhide collars locked around their necks.

Zekk stared at the two Jedi in annoyance as he fingered the binders in his hand, contemplating putting them on Jaina's wrists, preferably behind her back. Let's have a threesome, they said, he thought to himself. It'll be fun, they said.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Zekk walked into Taryn's bedroom, paused, and broke out in a grin. Laying on the bed in front of him was his girlfriend, Taryn Zel. She was naked, and chained spread-eagle to her bed. A tight black nerfhide hood with a blindfold was on her head. From the sound of it, she was gagged too.

"Well, well, isn't this a surprise," he said as he closed the door behind himself. He could easily sense her arousal through the Force.

Zekk hastily disrobed as he approached the bed. He sensed her surprise as he climbed onto it. She even thrashed in her chains a bit for him. He took a moment to admire Taryn's naked body, then found the vibrator nestled in her soaking pussy. Grinning, he removed it, and straddled her. A heartbeat later, he entered her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trista screamed into her gag as Zekk fucked her. After having the vibrator on her clit for what seemed like hours, she was so horny, she didn't even care what he did to her. As long as he quenched the fire between her legs ...

Who left poor Trista to be mistaken for her twin sister? Was it Taryn, as a kinky prank? (Or as a prelude to a really kinky threesome?) Was it Trista herself to get her sister's man? (Or as a prelude to a really kinky threesome?) Was it her cousin Queen Tenel Ka? (As a prelude to a nearly as kinky threesome? ) Perhaps it was Zekk's spurned lover Jaina Solo in a bid to steal Zekk back? (Or as a prelude to a ... You get the point. ;) ) I'll let the reader decide which sexy Jedi or Hapan (or someone else) is behind Trista's bondage.

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