Star Wars: X-Wing:
Lusankya - Chapter Nine

Rating: R
Shadow Chaser

Author’s Warning: This fic is rated R for heavy graphic violence, torture, and imprisonment.

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His limbs felt heavy, and his eyelids felt like sandpaper ... but that was all part of the healing process, Tycho told himself as he struggled to open his eyes.  He saw the faint blurry forms of the medical ward he was in…still white…still full of medical equipment.  Finally getting his eyes opened and working, he noticed that no one was in here and the steady pulse monitor was beeping away in a rhythmic pattern.  By the way his body felt, it was a good night’s rest, but something nagged in his brain that told him otherwise.  It had to be a day, right?  Maybe he would ask the medical Two-Onebee when it came in to check on him.

As he let his eyes roam about, he caught something to his left where a small table had been situated next to his bed and found that an indigo vase had been put there, along with some flowers.  A card had been set up next to the flowers, and Tycho could read the slightly messy script that was his commander’s.  Wedge, you and the others ... he thought to himself as he smiled at the card.

As he turned his gaze from the flowers and the card, the door to his room hissed opened and the Two-Onebee that had been taking care of him shuffled in.

“Good day to you Captain Celchu,” the Onebee said in a pleasant tone before marking few things off on a datapad he had.  “How are you feeling this morning?”

“I can’t really move ... my limbs feel heavy,” he replied, after clearing his throat slightly from the dryness.  “Did I really sleep for a day?”

“Yes sir,” the Onebee replied, “feeling will return to your limbs.  Until then, please do not attempt to move them -- you will gravely injure yourself.”

“But what if I had to defend myself,” the words just suddenly came tumbling out and Tycho blinked in surprise before closing his mouth.  Where in the Sith had that come from?  Why did he say that?

He winced as a lancing pain speared through his head, followed by a murky image ... almost as if he was in a bacta tank or dunked into an incredibly dense swamp.

The Onebee tilted its head slightly, mimicking confusion.  “I do not know why you would need to defend yourself Captain.  You are aboard Home One in a secure medical ward.”

The Onebee shuffled forward and rechecked a few of his IV packets and made some notes before turning to face him.  “Please relax Captain.  I can assure you, nothing will happen.  You do not need to fear any attack of sorts.”

Tycho nodded numbly, still reeling over what he had said before.  He was so lost in his thoughts that he barely heard the Onebee’s next question.  “Huh?  What did you say?”

“There is a visitor by the name of Winter waiting outside.  Would you like me to admit her in?” the Onebee repeated in its usual patient tone.

“Um ... sure,” Tycho replied and the droid inclined its head before shuffling out.

A few seconds later, Winter appeared a smile on her face and walked towards him, sitting down next to him.  “Feeling better this morning?” she asked, tracing a part of his forehead and Tycho nodded as much as his limp body would allow him to.

“Much better now that you’re here,” he said and she blushed slightly.

“Flyboy flirt,” she teased him before kissing him gently on the lips.  In the midst of the kiss, he grinned and captured her lips with his own, lifting his head slightly as not to end the kiss.  Drinking her sweet taste in, he finally let her go and she hovered only centimeters away from his face.

“You did miss me,” she whispered in a breathy voice.

“More than ever,” he replied equally soft.

“Hmm,” she pulled back and gestured to his left, “Did you see the flowers?”

“Yeah ... the others came at night?” he asked, looking at the flowers once more.  He suspected that Wedge and a few of the other Rogues, after visiting hours, sneaked in and placed flowers.  They had to have been real busy if they couldn’t come during visiting hours.

“No, this morning, just before the regular visiting hours.  They said they’ll try to get out of simulators early, but Admiral Ackbar wants them to prep for another mission soon.  He says that General Skywalker needs reinforcements,” Winter replied and Tycho nodded.

“When did the Admiral say they were leaving?” he asked.

“I think in a couple of days.  It’s a hasty mission, but Skywalker reported in that he needed additional forces,” she said, looking a bit thoughtful.

Tycho frowned.  That was odd.  It wasn’t really like Luke to ask for more forces and besides, his former commanding officer was a Jedi and pulled a lot of miracles during the skirmishes they were in.  But if Luke was to ask for more reinforcements then things were probably going badly.  “Is it just the Rogues?”

“No, Champion and a few of the newer squadrons are going too,” Winter replied.

“Oh,” he blinked a few times, collecting his thoughts, “Winter?  Where are they going?”

“The Milagro system,” Winter replied, “but I don’t think ...”

The rest of her words were drowned in a roar that had filled his ears.  He didn’t know where the roar came from, but it sounded like the Wuthio Tri-falls thundering right in back of him and pain started to explode in little bits around his head, growing stronger by the second.  He gritted his teeth against the onslaught of pain ... why was this happening to him?!

“There is also another assignment Commander Antilles,” Ackbar spoke up, “while Captain Celchu is on his mission ... you will take Rogue Squadron to meet with the Dreadnaught New Hope who is located in the Milagro System. Commander Skywalker will be there ...

What the ... ?!

Unable to stand so much pain, Tycho began to concentrate on forcing the pain away, piecing it one by one into a place where he was trying to get it under control.  It was those memories, those foreign unrelated memories that were hurting his head!  Why did he have so many of these flashes?

He was dimly aware of Winter saying his name with concern, her hand resting on his chest as he struggled to contain his memories, his hands clenching into fists as his eyes squeezed shut from the pain.

Just as suddenly, the pain lessened and he forced his eyes open, his breathing labored and he felt exhausted.  What in the name of the Sith was that?!  Gulping air, he steadied his breathing and heart and turned slightly to where Winter had a pensive look on her normally beautiful face.

“What ...”

“I ... don’t know ... how long ...”

“It was only for a few seconds, but ... you had me worried,” she said, before she whispered, “Please don’t do that again ...”

Tycho was inwardly surprised that he was able to move his arms now and placed a hand on top of hers, before sliding her hand underneath his covers, her hand now sandwiched between his chest and his left hand.  Her hand felt cool to the touch, but it was soft and reassuring.

“Your heart’s racing,” she commented softly, “do you want me to call the Onebee?”

“No,” he replied, “not now ... I ... I just want you here for now.”

“Okay ...”

But even as they sat in silence, Tycho couldn’t help but feel something was terribly wrong ... something that would cost him more than his life.  And it had to do with what just happened.

* * * * *

In an observation room hidden from the eyes of Tycho Celchu, Ysanne Isard watched with a malevolent smile on her face.  Grania had nearly screwed up, but luckily the programming they forced into the bratty little Alderaanian had worked almost flawlessly.  Only a little more and then they would release Tycho back into the hands of the Rebel Alliance -- her own little custom made time bomb, just waiting to explode.

She would have to teach Grania a lesson later, but for now, just watching Celchu perform his best as her puppet was entertaining enough.  The hiss of the door to the observation room opened and snapped shut, but Isard didn’t look up and instead waited for the person to speak.

“Director, we’ve found the whereabouts of spies.  Should I have a bombing run arranged?” the voice of her loyal captain, Falco Avin asked.

“No,” Isard replied, still staring through the window, “they will have beforehand knowledge if a bombing run is to be arranged.  Have your top assassins infiltrate and take them out.  I will not accept failures.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Avin replied and the door hissed opened again as he stepped out.

Basking in the silence once more, Isard let a small smile form on her face.  With Sate Pestage gone, Admiral Krennel in his little hole on that Sith-forsaken planet she didn’t even want to know the name of, Coruscant and effectively the core of the Empire was at her control.  She had heard recent rumors that the Rebel Alliance was going to try to make bids to invade the Coreworlds, but even if they did, they would never have the Imperial Center intact even if they did manage to conquer it.

No ... her own little pet projects on the side were going to determine to give that pathetic Alliance a run for their own money.  She was in control, and she would be the ultimate puppet master -- and right here below her was one of her greatest puppets, almost complete.

* * * * *

It was late at night and Winter had left early in the afternoon.  Tycho felt very well rested, but even so, the Onebee insisted that he get some sleep at night to continue the healing process and promptly knocked him out with some medication.  He dreamt a strange dream ... but not as strange ... as he realized it was a memory ...

The Wuthio Tri-falls were one of Alderaan’s most heralded tourist places.  No vehicles of any kind were allowed; instead specialized hydrogen-fueled shuttles brought people from the nearby cities and dropped them off at the falls.  There were a few lodges at the Tri-falls to allow tourists to stay, but many of them were a bit on the very expensive side.

But for the Celchu family, money wasn’t an issue.  Novacom owned a cabin out near the lodges.  A few days before Tycho was to leave for the Imperial Academy at Prefsbelt IV, the whole family decided to take a quick vacation to the Tri-falls.

Taking a deep breath, he smelled the mistiness and wetness of the falls, some of the spray hitting his face as he stood at a platform facing the three falls.  It was a fairly warm summer day, but the falls made it seem cooler.

“Tycho!” the energetic voice of his younger sister Mia startled him and made him turn around to see her in her light blue dress running towards him, her long brown hair a disarray behind her.  She launched herself into his arms and he nearly toppled over, his back hitting the wooden guardrail a bit painfully, as she hugged him tightly before releasing him.

Mia was always so full of energy, he reflected as he grinned at her.  “Hey, Mia.”

“Mom says that lunch is almost ready!” Mia grinned, “You’d better get back before Skoloc eats everything.  You know him.”

“Yeah,” Tycho laughed, knowing that his younger brother, only the sprightly age of nine, ate everything in his path, yet did not even seem to gain weight.  Mia was already a beautiful thirteen year old and one of the smartest in her class.  She was destined to be a benevolent politician, he could see that.

Mia tugged at him to come, but he shook his head, “I’ll be coming in a few seconds, okay?”  He noticed Nyiestra coming towards him and apparently Mia noticed too, as she grinned at him knowingly before skipping back to where the family picnic was spread out.

“Don’t be late!  We’ll eat everything!” she called back.

“Hi, Handsome,” Nyiestra greeted him with a quick kiss on the lips before wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him close to her.  Tycho responded by doing the same and hugged her gently, breathing in her scent.  She always smelled of misty fields and hints of fire-flower blossoms.

They both stepped back after a few minutes and Tycho stared at her, a sudden ache in his heart as he realized the magnitude of him leaving for the Academy in a few days.  He wouldn’t see her until he graduated in a couple of years and by then; he would be a lot older and more versed in the Imperial academic ways.  Of course he would send periodic messages to her and gifts whenever he had the time ... but it wasn’t going to be the same.

He wouldn’t be able to hold her, kiss her, be with her ... and he suddenly didn’t know if leaving for the Academy was the right decision.  Did he want to leave her?  Was his urge to fly for the Imperial forces so strong, strong enough for him to leave her and his whole family behind?

“Don’t ... you wanted so badly to go, don’t hesitate now,” Nyiestra suddenly spoke, reading his thoughts and mood.

Tycho blinked and stared down at her and she smiled wistfully up at him before holding up her hand, the twinkling Corsica gemstone ring glittering brightly in her hand.  A smile crept over his face and he kissed the ring and her hand before clasping it with his own.  It was the ring he gave her for their engagement.

“Remember, even if we’re parted, you and I are still going to be married, no matter what, okay?” she said.

“I know ... but ...”

“Tycho, don’t hesitate ... live free,” Nyiestra said, and Tycho nodded before something about her words caught his attention.  Live free ... ?

“Live ... free?”

Nyiestra smiled, “Yes.  You’re supposed to one of the best fighter pilots out there, don’t let them convert you.”

Okay ... the conversation just got weirder, Tycho decided as he stared at Nyiestra with a tilted head and narrowed eyes.  He released her hand stepped back slightly.  What had gotten into his beloved?  “Ny?”

“The Tri-falls, aren’t they wonderful?” she suddenly gestured grandly, her arms spreading out, towards the falls.

It was as if a holo-projector fizzled and popped that Tycho suddenly found his vision swirling and fading, like snow thrown onto the projection or interference from a nearby jammer.  The Tri-falls fizzled for a second, and then returned to their splendor ...

“Did you ... ?” he trailed off as a sudden image forced itself in his mind.

“What news?  What?”

“Tycho ... Alderaan was destroyed a few days ago because of the rebel forces that had taken the planet hostage.  Everyone on that planet was killed.  Grand Moff Tarkin had no choice ... he pleaded with the rebels to stop using the planet as a hostage ...”

The symbol of the Imperial forces suddenly appeared, then melted as the image of the Rebel Alliance appeared.  It meshed into the Imperial symbol and Tycho had a sudden flash of image of a star field from the view of a TIE fighter cockpit.

>He was shooting; at least that was what he thought.  He was shooting X-wings and A-wings painted with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance.

But how could he if he was still in the memory of him going to the Tri-falls?  What in the name of the Sith was going on?  What happened?  What ...

Tycho forced open his eyes and stared up at the blank ceiling of the medical bay.  His heart raced as he realized that it was all just a dream.  Just a dream ...   “It’s just a dream ...” he whispered to himself, wincing as his voice sounded harsh in his ears.

“Hmmm?  A dream?” a soft feminine voice said by his side and Tycho’s eyes widened in shock as he turned and saw Winter, right next to him ... in his bed and completely naked.

“Winter?!” he said in a slightly startled and loud voice before she hushed.  “What ...”

“I didn’t tell you earlier, because I wasn’t too sure ...” she said in a husky voice that made certain parts of his body respond as one of her hands snaked across his waist, the other tracing circles around his chest.  “General Cracken is sending me out on a mission to the Coreworlds ... and I don’t know if I’ll be coming back.”

She leaned in closer and caught his lips with her, kissing him fully and passionately.  Meanwhile, he felt for her hand draped across his waist and moved it slowly downwards.  Her fingers caught the strings of his pants and she played with them ever so slowly.  He groaned as she caused a myriad of sensations to overwhelm him.  It felt like a long time since they had sex together and his body needed it, he needed it.

He needed her, wanted her, and forced himself closer to her.  As one of his hands helped her undo his pants, his other hand cupped one of her breast and began to squeeze it gently and rhythmically.  She moaned in his mouth as he explored her face with kisses, tracing them up and down her face.

A part of his mind told him that they really shouldn’t do this, especially in the medical bay ... cameras were watching them, but Tycho didn’t care as he drew her close to him, his body pressed against hers.  He let his kisses trace down her neck slowly, making her throw her head back as she whispered his name softly and urgently.

* * * * *

On Coruscant a Trandoshan approached a decrepit looking building in the lower levels of the city-wide planet.  He carried a fairly large pack on his back and hissed at anyone who looked at him in a funny way.

Inside the building, Winter stared at the readouts of the latest findings on Wynssa Starflare.  There was nothing to indicate that the woman was even on the planet, much less anywhere else.  The woman most definitely knew how to disappear -- especially from Isard and from them.  Even with their networks working, they couldn’t find a trace of the holo-actress.

“So?  What do the latest findings report?” her partner, still in the guise of Ella Westerly asked.

“Nothing.  Even Kapp’s having trouble tracking her down.  I think it’s sufficient to say that Starflare isn’t on the planet anymore.  We’ll have to report back to Command about this.  Is there any word on the missing agent?”

“No ... sorry,” her partner replied shaking her head.  “I think its reason to say the Imps either got the agent or they killed themselves.”

“Did Page contact you about -“

A sudden knock startled the two Intelligence agents and they looked at each other before looking at the door.  It was all they got to do before an explosion blew everything sky high.

* * * * *

Tycho knew all of her weak spots, points to make her aroused and he let his hands explore those points.  Running both his hands up and down her back, he hoped that she responded the same.  With her photographic memory, she would know which of his weak spots were...

It’s wrong ...

Why not?  It’s not like Winter and I never had sex before ...

Something is wrong ...

Tycho decided to ignore the warnings in his head.

She would never tell you mission specifics ... she knows that confidentiality is the highest priority of an Intelligence agent.

So, she was afraid of not coming back.

She would never tell you this.  Winter can handle herself; you know that as well as I do ...

But then why?

Why don’t you ask her ... ?

Tycho raised his head a few centimeters above hers and stopped his exploration of her body, making her look up at him in puzzlement.

“Tycho?” she asked in a breathless husky voice.

“This may sound stupid ... but, why is Cracken sending you out right now?  I mean ...”

She smiled, “Tycho, you should know, the Coreworlds are the stronghold of the Empire.  Cracken needs intelligence from there ...   What are you so worried about?” She lifted her head up and kissed him gently on the lips.

He wanted to respond to her kiss, but something in his mind told him that this was wrong.  Something was definitely wrong ... Winter didn’t usually act like this.  She wasn’t like one of the bar dancers who always made pilot’s last-night stands a dream ... she ... wasn’t ...

He turned to his side and flopped onto the side of the bed, letting his arm hang over the edge.  His legs still felt very weak as if he couldn’t move it that well.  Sighing, he could see the frown on Winter’s face, but somehow even that felt wrong ... there was something off about all of this ...

Unbidden images of Winter suddenly flitted through his mind.  All of the missions they’ve worked together on ... from the first time he met her and Wes thought of her as Princess Leia while he knew better than that ...   Working to rescue Sate Pestage ... even before that when they were captured by Leonia Tavira ...

“If it wasn’t going to get us kicked out, I’d pick that blossom for you ...”

“He’s right, I’m not Princess Leia.  Dame Winter at your service ...”

“We’ll get out of here ... somehow ...”

The niggling feeling that had been in the back of Tycho’s mind suddenly exploded into pain that made him squeeze his eyes shut and he forced out a pained gasp of surprise.  Images, so fast yet so familiar, flashed by his eyes and felt sick.


His head snapped up and he stared at Winter with wild eyes.  No ... it wasn’t Winter ... nothing of this was real ... was it?  Her face began to flicker before his vision like the Tri-falls did in his dream.  Winter ... ?  No ... maybe?

“Stay away!” he said in a rough tone as he grabbed the sides of his head, his fingernails digging small crescent moons into his scalp as he gritted his teeth against the onslaught of pain.  He tried to scramble backwards, but only ended up falling off of the medical bed in a painful heap.

But even that pain didn’t register in his mind as he felt like his head was going to explode from the nerves that were shooting off random synapses inside of his mind.  He curled up into a ball, trying to contain the pain as the images kept up their intensity.  Noises, sounding like garble from a shorted comm system accompanied the images.

“Make it stop, make it stop; stop, stop, stop,” he whispered as another wave of pain made him whimper.  He barely noticed that he had crashed into a medical cart, spilling glass and vials all over himself as he pushed against the wall, trying for some comfort to make the pain, noises, and images stop.

MAKE IT STOP!! He mentally screamed and just as if his wish had come true, everything stopped and Tycho opened his eyes slowly and blinked as he saw everything come to focus.

He looked up at the bed he had fallen out of and tilted his head.  Who was the woman who now clothed herself in the remnant of his blankets?  Winter ... ?  No ...   “You’re ...” his voice was hoarse, “not ... Winter ...”

Suddenly everything felt heavy as if all of his limbs suddenly went numb and it was an effort to keep his head up.

The woman who he had thought was Winter suddenly narrowed her eyes and then spoke in a deeper voice, confirming to him that she was not his beloved.  “Very perceptive Celchu.  You actually broke through the programming ... but unfortunately, that will be your last act.”  She held up a comlink and pressed a button.

The doors to the medical room opened and Tycho saw the armor of stormtroopers march in along with another man that was very familiar in his mind.  He didn’t know why, but somehow he knew that he had met the man before ... somewhere ...

“Now ... why such a harsh language?  Especially from a pet?  No, no ... the Director will not like her pets with such language; but a trip through her ward and you’ll be fine ...”

“What ... are you ... talking about?”

“My dear Captain Celchu ... welcome to Lusankya.”

Tycho’s eyes widened with sudden clarity as he knew that the officer who approached him had been the first one to tell him where he was.  He was a prisoner of Lusankya!  This had to be a set up to get him to respond to imperial control ... to make him an agent of Lusankya.

“Ahhh, I see your efforts failed Grania,” the officer sneered at the woman on the bed.

Grania sniffed, “You guys didn’t do much to him before giving him to me, Captain Avin.”

“Oh look, he knows who I am ...” Captain Avin suddenly glanced down at Tycho before turning to the stormtroopers and snapped his fingers.  “Subdue him.”

The troopers moved in and the first blow by the butt of one of the trooper’s blasters caught Tycho across his face.  He felt his head snap to the side and tasted blood.  He tried lashing out, but his arms and legs wouldn’t cooperate.  The only thing that worked was his pain receptors and they felt every blow on him with bright clarity.

He refused to cry out or respond, but prayed to whatever gods existed in this universe that someone just knock him unconscious.  The blow finally came and Tycho fell blissfully into the blackness.

* * *

Author’s Notes: *Wow ... almost a year since I wrote in this story. Hmm ... sorry people, again I apologize and hopefully I’ll be more consistent next time.

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