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Shadow Chaser

Author’s Warning: This fic is rated R for heavy graphic violence, torture, and imprisonment.

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Author’s Notes: The concept of political houses on Alderaan for this chapter and subsequent ones is based off of a very good fic by Diana DeRiggs called “The Rise of the House of Celchu” and can be found on I also want to note an error on a previous Author’s Notes; Grania was the one who shot Admiral Isoto, not poison with a drink. That’s someone else ...I think ... (poisoned drink guy was someone else too ...)

As he settled in to sleep again, the door to his room opened once more and Tycho sat up in surprise, not caring if a wave of dizziness rolled over him. He shunted it away and stared at the person in the doorway.


* * *

Tycho blinked, completely caught off guard at the appearance of the person he would least expect to see. Last time he had heard ... Winter had a secret mission or something before he and Rogue Squadron shipped out ... Or did she have a mission? He wondered mostly to himself ... the memories were still fuzzy prior and during the battle, but he knew that as time went on, he would probably regain them.

“I ... thought you were on a mission?” he asked, his tone full of question and uncertainty.

“I was ... it’s done now ... ” Winter came in with her lithe grace and poise and sat down in a vacated chair next to his bedside. Tycho wondered for a split second if the Onebee droid knew she was in here, but all of his thoughts melted away as she drew him towards her and gave him a kiss full on the lips.

He drank in her sweet taste, letting his mouth explore hers as he closed his eyes. With a sharp pang in his chest, he realized how much he had missed, her, his mission or her mission be damned. They held the kiss for a long moment until both had to part to break for air.

Tycho braced weakly against his bedside, cursing his weakened muscles for not being strong enough to hold her face to his, to look into her deep green eyes and unable to caress her shoulder length snow-white hair.

“That was for scaring me with your little escapade in the battle,” she said softly, a bit huskily, and smiled at him before sitting back slightly, twirling a small strand of her hair in between her long fingers.

“Sorry,” Tycho grinned slightly, leaning back against his pillows once more, letting its cool touch wash across his burning cheeks from the kiss as he leaned on his side and stared at her. Gods she looks so beautiful ... even more radiant than she had been the last time he saw her ... at the promotion party Wedge had held ... how many nights was it ago?

“You’re recovering nicely since I’ve been here last night,” she stopped twirling her hair and rested her chin on a cup made by her hands, her elbows rested on her knees. “Any ill effects?”

“I feel weak ... like I can’t lift anything,” Tycho confessed, giving her a small smile, “I guess I’ve been out for a long time ... ”

“Too long, Tycho,” Winter replied softly, “you were unconscious for about a week and half since you were placed in an immediate bacta solution ... ”

“A week ... and half?” Tycho stared at her, surprised.

Winter nodded, her lips down turned in a sad frown, “Wedge and the others were worried about you ... and I ... ” her voice hitched for a second, “I ... almost thought you died ... ”

“Oh ... ” Tycho didn’t know what else to say, but he didn’t want her anguished expression to linger on her lovely face so he decided to change the subject ... getting away from his near-death experience, which he couldn’t remember, but could some how feel phantom effects of it. It must have been one hell of a battle; he downcast his eyes in thought ... where was it anyways ... “Winter ... where was the battle?”

“The Onebee and Mon Cal doctors told me you might experience some memory loss ...” Winter frowned slightly, “but the battle took place in the Tion Cluster ... where Rogue Squadron had been patrolling since the disaster with Sate Pestage on Ciutric.”

“Yeah ... I think ... I remember a few things,” Tycho furrowed his brow and remembered that Wedge had said something about the New Republic assigning Rogue Squadron to patrol the Tion Cluster borders because of a few Imp uprisings that were happenings there ...

“... You will take Rogue Squadron to meet with the Dreadnaught New Hope who is located in the Milagro System ... ”

The sudden burst of a ruddery voice jolted Tycho out of his thoughts and he blinked rapidly. Where in the name of the Sith had that thought come from? He could faintly remember Admiral Ackbar giving him and Wedge those orders ... or where they from his surface thoughts? He knew that a few people had a tendency to mix up surface thoughts and subconscious thoughts during times of stress ... and to say ... he was under a lot of stress recently ...

“Tycho?” Winter placed a hand on his, bringing him out of his thoughts, “you okay?”

“Uh ... ” Tycho tried to raise and arm to scratch the back of his head, but found it heavy and nearly unmovable, so he settled for shrugging, “yeah ... I’m ... okay ... Winter?”


“I just got a flash ... ” the more he thought about the sudden flash of the memory, the more absurd it seemed to him. He had to be under a lot of stress to be imagining Admiral Ackbar’s voice talking about another Rogue Squadron mission when they were still patrolling the Tion Cluster. “Never mind ... ”

“What is it, love?” Winter looked at him, concerned.

“Nothing,” Tycho shook his head, giving her a smile, “don’t worry. I was just having delusions of grandeur ... just imagining Admiral Ackbar talking to me ... ” He laughed lightly, trying to alleviate the tension.

“Tycho ... ” Winter was now even more concerned, “if you’re starting to hallucinate Ackbar’s voice or even anything else ... you have to tell the doctors ... it might be an after effect of your injuries ... ”

“No ... don’t worry, I feel fine. It’s just that I’ve been under a lot of stress recently, you know ... with all these recent battles and such things,” Tycho shrugged. Now that he thought about it more ... stress was eating away at him. He had been in and out of countless battles ever since his mission to Clipar ... and they rarely got any downtime in between all of that. The only lucky thing was for three of his squad-mates, Plourr, Hobbie, and Wes to get some time and visit Corellia in between all of the battles.

“Yes ... you have been,” Winter noted, a hint of amusement in her voice as her lips curved into a smile, “we all have ... ”

Tycho nodded and tried to give her hand resting on his a gentle squeeze, as much as his weakened, but healing muscles would allow him to, “Do you remember that little joyride in the Y-wing on Axxila?”

Winter laughed, a joyous sound to his ears. “Yes ... all too well! Perhaps during your next downtime, we should spend some time together in the cockpit of a Y-wing once more ... except this time, no shooting at pirates or Imps flyboy.”

“Yes, milady Dame Winter,” he teased her gently.

There was silence after he said the comment but Tycho didn’t mind it as he kept staring at her, his eyes tracing her beautiful chiseled face ... the curves of her lips. He could feel a small force of hunger creep up on him ... a hunger that he knew all too well. He had missed her terribly during his missions in the Tion Cluster, and now, with his near-death experience and fuzzy memories, he knew that she was the only stable anchor he could hold on to, one of the two people that understood him so well to be able to comfort him in different ways. Winter gave her love and devotion to him; Wedge gave his friendship and loyalty to him.

He didn’t know what he would do without them ...

“I missed you, you know?” he whispered to her as she smiled gently.

“Don’t worry ... I’m here now,” Winter replied softly as she leaned down and captured his lips in hers. Tycho kissed with a passion that he had long forgotten, his mouth working over hers. He traced her face with his kisses, exploring her skin and its delicate curves and enticing a soft moan of pleasure from her. In his mind, he curse silently for the lack of muscle power or else he would have held her close to him.

He continued his path towards her ears, nipping the lobe gently before she pulled away slightly, her face flushed, but a brilliant smile on her face. He could feel his lips pulling at the corners as he smiled also.

Suddenly, the door to his room opened with a soft hiss and the onebee droid that had been taking care of him came in.

“Can you stay, longer?” he asked, feeling a deep pain cut through him as he didn’t want to part with her.

“Visiting hours are over, Miss Winter,” the droid said in a clipped voice.

“I know,” Winter replied to the droid before turning back to Tycho a longing in her eyes, “I wish I could stay ... but I’ll be back tomorrow, okay?”

Tycho was very reluctant to let his love go and on sudden impulse summoned strength into his weakened muscles and pulled her down towards him again, barely noticing the startled fleeting expression of surprise and fear, appear on her face before he kissed her hard. He could feel her response as her mouth worked with his, and he relaxed slightly before she pulled away slowly, her breath coming in slight gasps.

“Now, I know what to expect flyboy,” she whispered to him wirily before standing up and backing away slowly, her hand lingering on his.

“Be back soon?”

“Soon, love ... soon,” Winter replied before walking out, only taking a moment to stare back at him before going out of the door. When the door hissed close behind her, Tycho sighed roughly and leaned back against his pillows, a content expression on his face.

It was good seeing Winter again, especially with his fuzzy memory. He missed her terribly and desperately wanted her presence near him. “So ... you going to knock me out doc?”

The droid only looked at him curiously before picking up his arm and injecting a needle into it. “You need your rest sir ... ” the droid’s outline quickly became fuzzy and everything seemed to slide at an angle before blackness appeared in Tycho’s vision. He could feel his eyelids droop close on their own accord ... rest ... seemed like a good idea. Yes, rest was a good idea ...

* * * Outside of the medical ward that housed Tycho Celchu, Winter snorted derisively and ran a hand through her cropped white hair. She hadn’t wanted to get it cut ... she liked her white hair long. It was only on the orders of Ysanne Isard that she cut her hair to prepare for her current role.

“Well?” Iceheart’s deep voice brought her gaze around to rest on the blue-red eyes of her employer.

“He’s completely out of it,” she replied, “he doesn’t even suspect that he’s still at Lusankya. Your drugs certainly did their job.”

“I know ... I tested them on General Carvin before. What’s your assessment Grania?” Iceheart asked, a black eyebrow raised.

The woman who looked like a carbon copy of Winter, Princess Leia Organa’s most trusted aid, smirked, but it wasn’t the smirk of a Rebel infiltrator. This was the smirk of a predator who had neatly caught its prey. Grania laughed lowly, changing her voice from a lilting smooth talk to a slightly rougher deeper one, “Tycho Celchu will be mine. And he will turn to us.”

“Good. See to it that he does or else it will be your head next,” Iceheart replied coldly before turning around and walking away, her booted heels clicking on the metallic floors of the installation known as Lusankya.

Grania watched as her employer walked away before turning back to stare at the door she had just exited a few moments ago. Her hand touched her lips unconsciously ... as she licked it. For whatever it was worth, Celchu certainly was a passionate kisser when he was given the right incentive. She wondered if she could use that ... perhaps maybe turn her job into a pleasurable one in the process. Yes ... that would be perfect. She didn’t have to linger like a plaything as her previous assignment to be Admiral Isoto’s unwilling mistress had disgusted her to no end.

Tycho Celchu, the Alderaanian would become her plaything and she would be in control of his fate. Let Iceheart have her fun…it would be her who had the ultimate say in the Rebel’s life.

* * *

Author’s Notes: *Cackles evilly*. Hee hee…this is such a torture chapter. Sorry it’s so short. I wanna get to the next part. ^_^

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