"When I grow up ..." Rating: G
Thrawn McEwok

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The original document was inscribed: "Written by Ben Skywalker (Age 7)" and was uncovered by Thrawn McEwok in his researches. It is presented as found, with spelling and grammar errors intact.

When I grow up, I want to be a smuggler. I know this isn't what Mom and Daddy want, and I know they wont like me writing this. But Mom always says to tell the truth, and she gets mad at me when I don't, and Nana said this lesson was what about what I wanted. I asked her three times to make sure. Nana is my Droid, by the way. She takes class for me.

Smugglers are people who fly spaceships, and run cargo from one planet to another planet. They have to have guns because there are pirates and bad men out there. Uncle han's ship is a smuggler ship, and it has turbolasers. Its called the Milenium Falcon and its the best ship ever!!!

Smugglers are different from ordinary spacers becaus smugglers have to break the law sometimes. Smugglers carry things that the Alliance wants people to pay too much for, or people who want no questions asked. That was what Ben Kenobi was, who was an old man who I'm named after. He was a Jedi General, and smugglers took him places so he could fight battles, because in a war on, people have to be smuggled across the battles and campaigns.

There are good smugglers, and bad smugglers. Good smugglers only help people when life isn't fair. Bad smugglers are like pirates, and take cargo even when it shouldnt be taken.

Uncle Han is a good smuggler. He fought for the Rebelion, and rescued Aunt Leia from Palpytine and taught Daddy everything except the Jedi stuff. He showed me the smuggling hold on his ship.

Mom used to be a good smuggler, before she married Dad and settled down to become a Jedi with Dad. She still has a smuggler ship, but it's not as good as Falcon. Falcon is uncle han's ship.

I don't know any bad smugglers but I think some of the people we met at Lizil are bad smugglers. They tried to steel Daddy's clothes.

So, that's me. My name is Ben S. and I want to be a smuggler. 'S' is for smuggler, Uncle Han says.

Mom and Daddy want me to be a Jedi, which means you learn to fight with lightsabers, and you have to go round the Galaxy stopping wars, I think. But Jedi school is scary and silly. They have to hurt each other, and pretend it doesn't hurt. Jedi school is near our house on Denon. I don't want to get hurt.

Mom wants me to go to Jedi school, and I think it's important for her. But I think maybe I can be a Jedi after Im a smuggler, like she was, when I'm older. I dont want to go to Jedi school.

Sorry Mom.

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